Beginners Guide to Writing Hubs

I've been writing Hubs with Hubpages for 4 weeks and I believe I am doing good for now. As a hubber I'd like to keep the general quality in Hubpages up because each hub effects the quality of Hubpages.

There are some new Hubbers I find interesting and they have their stories to tell but they aren't used to Hubpages format so they are making significant mistakes.

-Spelling Mistakes

This is the most annoying and common but the easiest mistake to get over. If you are writing something and you are expecting people to read that you should at least pay some attention to basic rules. All you have to do is copy and paste your text to Microsoft Word and run a spelling check. There are also many easy and fast spell checkers like :

-Writing too short

This is a common mistake I see in beginners. I guess they should have a look at other hubs first and have a notion of how the hubs are written. Most beginners start writing posts with answers to requests. The request section is great for inspiration but don't mix it up with Yahoo answers. Hubbers answering those questions are expected to give a detailed and informative answer not a comment like "yeahh I don't know what is that but I have heard it once."


Hubpages are great opportunity for earning money but that doesn't mean you should place ads all over. For example I don't aim to sell anything from Amazon for this Hub so I don't place an amazon capsule.

-Banned Content

There is an option asking you if the content of the Hubs complying with Adsense policies. You should be cautious about your content. If you are banned from Adsense once there is no turning back. You can check my post :

7 Important Tips to Prevent You From Getting Banned from Adsense

If you can avoid those common mistakes and spend some afford for your writing you can easily be a good hubber and start earning money.

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Maylinda Arons profile image

Maylinda Arons 8 years ago from India

Thank you for this hub, very helpful stuff :)

gr82bme profile image

gr82bme 6 years ago from USA

Wow, 2 years ago. Where have I been. Good hub

ErinPittman profile image

ErinPittman 5 years ago

Thanks for the info!

purpelypink profile image

purpelypink 5 years ago from India

Thank you :) it's helpful

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