Comparison: Amazon Associates Affiliate Store Scripts

A Review and Comparison of Amazon Storefront Scripts

There are a variety of good Amazon affiliate store scripts available. They range in price from FREE to pretty expensive. Some have monthly or annual subscription fees, while others are just a one time fee for a license.

I will cover the features and differences between them, as well as I can, but it is up to you as to which one is the best.

Which one do you think will work the best for you?

Amazon Associate Affiliate Store Scripts
Amazon Associate Affiliate Store Scripts

What is an Amazon Associate (affiliate) Store Script?

For those that do not know, an Amazon Associate store script is typically a script that is written in PHP.

You would buy a hosting plan (shared, VPS, dedicated, etc), which could be as low as $4.95 per month, and then you would buy one or several domain names. Next you install the script. Follow whatever guides have been written for it, load your products, design the layout, and run a store.

In virtually every sense of the word you could have the look and feel of a normal store. However, in this case, you may not store and ship any of the products listed.

You are a "middleman". You collect a commission on the sale, which may or may not be small, but they add up. You can make a nice amount of money, on an ongoing basis, from these storefronts that you maintain.

The Value that Your Store Provides to the Customer

You are providing a service to the customer. You are not simply collecting money. If you create a store that is nothing more than a bunch of affiliate links, your store would be viewed as a "thin affiliate" by Google, which is a bad thing.

Think about what would help your customer, and provide it.

  1. Your store can and should help the customer find a product, via your careful organization and categorization of your products.
  2. You can talk about and review the various products.
  3. Your store could have a blog, FAQ, forum, provide tips and suggestions, etc.

Sign Up for Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates Program

If you have not already signed up.  It's free.

Associate-O-Matic Amazon Affiliate Store Script
Associate-O-Matic Amazon Affiliate Store Script


Associate-O-Matic is one of the oldest and most established Amazon store scripts. It is well-respected and has many benefits, but like many things has some weaknesses.



  1. Simple Install Setup
  2. Generous Licensing
  3. $99 first year, $20 subscription per year
  4. Supports Multiple Amazon locations, including US, UK, CA, DE, FR and JP
  5. Web-Based Admin Control Panel, with 250+ settings
  6. Home Page Customization, choose from 7 different home page formats
  7. Hundreds of Categories & Subcategories from Amazon
  8. Customize the colors, fonts, images and layout of your store
  9. Powerful Search Tool
  10. In-Depth Product Info, including item attributes
  11. Built-In Cart, keeps visitors on your site until checkout at Amazon (Full Version)
  12. SEO Settings, optimize your store for better search engine ranking
  13. RSS Support, including external RSS Feeds
  14. WordPress Plug-In Support, products can be displayed in blog posts, so that your blog readers can buy from your store

Pros and Cons

All Amazon locations
Many pages are encrypted, so not all aspects are able to be customized
One license, infinite installs
Annual subscription fee
Wordpress Plugin
RSS (Internal and External)
Free version available (limited features)
Affiliate Niche Script Amazon Affiliate Store Script
Affiliate Niche Script Amazon Affiliate Store Script

Affiliate Niche Script

Affiliate Niche Script a really interesting affiliate store script and provides some very innovative features, such as mobile device capability and other affiliates than Amazon.

Affiliate Niche Script


  1. SEO Friendly URLs
  2. Custom Page Titles, Meta Descriptions & Keywords
  3. Built-in Product tracking
  4. Built-in Cart tracking Price Tracking, notify customers about price changes
  5. Amazon Auto Suggest, as customer uses the built-in search engine and type letters in to the search box, the store will query Amazon for keywords and present the customer with suggestions (similar to the Google Suggest feature).
  6. AJAX Shopping Cart
  7. AJAX Pages
  8. Banners / Ads Management
  9. Static Page Management
  10. Custom template themes
  11. Members Area, allows customers to bookmark products, use the price tracking feature, and write reviews, etc.
  12. iPhone Support, the store can display on iPhones.
  13. Google Adsense integration
  14. Ebay capable
  15. One install with multiple domains, easier to manage
  16. Leased License. $14.95 Monthly Payment
  17. Owned License. $99 One Time Payment.

Pros and Cons

iPhone integration
Monthly subscription option expensive
Ebay capable
One license, multiple installs
Member area options
Multiple SEO page title format options
Amazon Auto Suggest
Amazon Product Feed Amazon Affiliate Store Script
Amazon Product Feed Amazon Affiliate Store Script

Amazon Products Feed

The Amazon Products Feed script has one special quality. It is free. You may also really like it's built-in features, especially when you consider the cost.

Amazon Products Feed


  1. Free, yes it's free.
  2. Easy to set up.
  3. Simple, the script requires that Perl be installed on your web host server.
  4. Cross-platform capable, this script runs on both Linux/Apache and Windows/IIS.Flexible
  5. Customizable - change the look and feel of the results through simple HTML template files.
  6. Established - thousands of web sites are currently running their own Web store with this script.
  7. Multilingual, running on stores in English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese. You can change the language by editing a simple text file.
  8. The Amazon store works with US, Uk, DE, JP, CA, FR.
  9. Scalable, meaning you can change a setting to increase or decrease the cache size to trade between speed and disk space.
  10. Suggestive selling, all of the searches are automatically cross linked throughout the search results to increase the chance of sellling.
  11. Fast, many users have remarked that it displays results better and faster than Amazon even.
  12. Powerful search and browse tools.

Pros and Cons

Very simplistic
Written in Perl
Limited features
Suggestive selling feature
Very limited support
All locations
Associate Engine Amazon Affiliate Store Script
Associate Engine Amazon Affiliate Store Script

Associate Engine

The Associate Engine script is a fairly limited script, but does have some nice features.

Associate Engine


  1. Drill-down browse index
  2. Bestsellers option
  3. Includes Buy buttons
  4. Multiple Template Support
  5. Data Caching, for improved speed
  6. Displays up to Date Prices
  7. XML Driven
  8. Support for Amazon US and UK
  9. Discussion forum
  10. 1 year of free updates
  11. $24.95 for first year
  12. $9.95 for each following year

Pros and Cons

Free trial version
Annual license subscription
90-day money back guarantee
Limited options
License allows for multiple domains
Inexpensive compared to most others
Fresh Store Builder Amazon Affiliate Store Script
Fresh Store Builder Amazon Affiliate Store Script

Fresh Store Builder

The Fresh Store Builder is a modern, well supported design and continues to evolve with further enhancements. It is more expensive, initially, than some of the others, but there are no subscription fees. The profits are all yours.

Fresh Store Builder


  1. Complete Control, you set up your own categories and sub-categories.
  2. 100% Automated, products and related information updates automatically
  3. SEO-friendly Design
  4. Uses AJAX, which is the modern, flexible language in which it is built
  5. No Programming Needed
  6. Supports US, UK, and DE Amazon locales, all others coming soon
  7. Powerful Search and Browsing
  8. No Subscription Fees
  9. Google Analytics Integration
  10. Your Own Shopping Basket, which connects directly with Amazon Checkout when customer is ready to purchase
  11. Private Forum and Support Resources
  12. Several License Packages Available
  13. $97, for three store licenses

Pros and Cons

Search Engine Optimized
Not available for some Amazon locales yet
Completely customizeable
No RSS feed capability
Clean, crisp design
Unlimited Supports
No subscription fees
30-day Money Back Guarantee

The Best Amazon Store Script

What do you feel is the best Amazon Associates Store Script?

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mrpip profile image

mrpip 4 years ago

Nice hub!! Good job!

jason 4 years ago

I like to use

Mike 5 years ago

Associate-O-Matic now has the ability to utilize templates, so it can be customized like crazy. The biggest collection so far of premade available themes is located at , all attractively priced.

pcrepairshop profile image

pcrepairshop 5 years ago from

Associate-O-Matic is the best!

Jason Brown 5 years ago

Very cool list of Amazon store scripts! Thanks for sharing.

Cesar Y 5 years ago

I prefer to choose fresh store anyway, nice done...

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Hunter Goodman 5 years ago from Texas

very well done!

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Hugh Williamson 5 years ago from Northeast USA

This is great information and it is presented very clearly.

Nice job.

Clay C 5 years ago

Good post, I'm considering a switch from associate-o-matic. The limited ability to customize the template is a killer.

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    Comparison of Amazon Associates Affiliate Store Scripts

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