Criticism on hubpages - Take it or leave it

Being overly critical isn't wise

Response to a Q&A

The leaving of insightful comments is what I'm looking for from my viewers, and is the very reason why I even create a single hub, I care not for their scrutiny, I care not for the spelling or as you've stated poor grammar.

I look for reactions and responses to spark a great informative feedback mechanism using the comment section. If my hub scores many comments, It feels like a reward to me for doing a great job, and no matter if its positive feedback, negative or neutral. As long as I now have a sense of true interaction, I simply begin to feel awesome for some reason, and as if my initial mission is accomplished.

To me hubpages is a great system for constructive criticism, but many people have no clue as to do so, or even fully comprehend what it is to be original, insightful, or even have a position on things in life by using their words to support such a stance. This is probably why when you see a comment that has very little supporting structure, it may appear to be of weak foundation.

Leaving Insightful Feedback & Sincerely Meaning It

Feedback is powerful when done with true integrity, and with that stated I make sure to leave people great feedback on their hubs, or if not, I would actually feel as if I may have cheated them out of doing my part as a reader who cares for their efforts. Accountability is another huge factor when it comes to commenting, so if someone just stated something open ended, be mindful that there may be an opportunity for someone to call that person out on it.

Even if it wasn't addressed to the person who responded to such a pointless comment. Hubs that have controversial topics, will tend to draw the most comments, and if your going to join in on any conversation there, you better expect to also get drawn into a heated debate, or discussion between others from all view points.

Exploring Everything in Life



I'm not sure if this is a question or if it was a lecture of some sort. Just because someone hasn't corrected errors in a comment, doesn't mean they're having troubles with their English.

I personally have made many typo errors, and have no problems with English, its more of a keyboard error for me. Being to judgmental is a huge issue here on hubpages, and in life in general.

Don't be so quick to judge others behaviors though, & surely not behind a computer screen, because we don't know every ones situation and or circumstances their currently in. In terms of making it here on hubpages, or as you've stated in this market may actually be purely a random occurrence, because if your truly nice to people, funny, zany, or exciting person, it might make all the difference, & may not matter the way you spell to much or present your info, those same people might just return the awesome gesture.

People might just love your efforts to draw & attract others attention as well as entertain them via hub writing & providing great content, I've seen and read from authors who are all from differing countries, and are very successful on hubpages, plus their English isn't to good in terms of their writing, and commenting.

For those with issues with their English as a second language, no one seems to think there's a problem judging by the great feedback they all receive daily, and also due to the fact of English not being their first language. I don't see a problem with how they communicate neither, its the best they can do, and many of them are learning from us simply by reading our hubs. That was a respectable question, but I don't see its true purpose though.

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Felixedet2000 profile image

Felixedet2000 5 years ago from The Universe

thanks for this information, i appereciate it a lot.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

No problem @ Felixedet2000 anytime, glad to know you enjoyed this hub response to a Q&A.

Made profile image

Made 5 years ago from Finland

I agree with many things in this hub, but I prefer reading hubs that are correctly spelled and grammatically right. That's just because I want to learn how to write English better.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

Yes indeed @ Made, but that part referred to the leaving of insightful comments, not the writing of hubs. That's a whole other hub subject to write about entirely, lol. Thanks for stopping by and giving my hub some light of day.

The Finance Hub profile image

The Finance Hub 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

This is a great hub, I agree with every bit of it! The feedback that we get as writers makes us better and being able to take that is important as well! Glad to have stumbled across this one! Voted up and interesting. Also, I'm glad to see someone else using so many pics to keep the reader interested! Truly great work!

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

Thanks Finance for your integrity, for sharing, and for providing such insightful feedback. I like to see when people can appreciate work I do & anyone's writing works for that matter, this is why I look for comments more than any other thing on Hubpages.

I also love reading peoples hubs, I just wish I had more time to do so in a single day. Some times I simply read entire comment walls to see who's who, maybe I'll write a hub on that next time.

peoplepower73 profile image

peoplepower73 5 years ago from Placentia California

This hub is full of empathy. I liked the way you place yourself in the positon of the both the one criticsizing and the one being criticsized. There is a way of giving constructive criticism. It's called the sandwich technique. You praise the person on what they did that was good; then give suggestion on how to improve, and then praise them again.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

Thanks for the insight @ Peoplepower73, I try my best to be truthful, and honest with everything I do on here, because everything we do is being heavily monitored, and plus its the right thing to do anyway.

I've also made my share of mistakes, and simply trying to create a new trend of being more mindful, and caring as I approach communicating with others on hubpages & anywhere for that matter. It is making me a much better person, I do feel and believe. Thank you for taking the time to share with me, and I'll be visiting you soon on your hubs too.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 5 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country.

I most like the point you make about, if I understand correctly, content being more important than presentation. We all make typos, errors, and mishaps in print. I am much more interested in hearing what someone has to say than nit-picking how they said it. I have to further agree with your assessment that if you write a controversial hub or comment you better be prepared to hear the good, the bad and the ugly, for you will have to back it up.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

Thanks for being so kind to read my hub here, you addressed these issues I stressed here in such a truthful manor, which means you also see such things in occurrence here. I only address what I see, as I'm both a passive observer of things I feel are being done right, and an active observer of things I feel aren't as well.

Your interest here has been noted and I will be viewing your hubs, for sure, I have a great deal of work ahead of me, but I'll get around to it all tomorrow, I'm embarking on a new Hubpages challenge, its nice to meet you, and can't wait to read from you as well.

My Minds Eye53 profile image

My Minds Eye53 5 years ago from Tennessee

My point I was trying to make was: Aren't we here to learn. The hub that sparked my query had a good hub, but it was hard to get past the many grammar errors. It seemed to me that maybe this person's native language was not English. I did say something nice about the hub and then went on to say that if he fixed the grammar errors it would be an excellent hub. I was not mean in what I said and I was trying to be encouraging because that hubber showed promise.

To make it in any field, you have to be able to take criticism. Yes, some of it is opinion and you have to learn which ones are trying to help and which are trying to tear you down.

I have only remarked twice during my time here with a critique. One was because the hubber made the very mistakes they were complaining about in her hub and the second because I thought he would benefit, because he showed great potential and I hated the idea of him being possibly ignored because of something that was fixable that had nothing to do with his talented writing style.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

I don't think there's anything wrong with offering advice, it actually helps people out in many ways. I do the same in trying to help new hubbers who have no idea what it is they should or shouldn't be doing here.

I like your honesty and integrity you have in what your trying to do for others, my only gripe was in how you expressed your question to the readers, because it appeared to be like a sort of reprimand, or disciplining form of a question, rather than a pure & direct unobjectionable question. So I made this hub to bring such a positional stance I formed out, since it was in fact all about criticism itself, and it also looked like a respectable topic to create a hub on.

Please don't get me wrong, I know that being accurate makes a person appear to be much more professional, and that's for anything they partake in while performing in life, and especially as a writer.

I just wanted to let you know that I think a question in the Q&A should be handled with much more care, and shouldn't act as a means of imposing of ones views upon others, instead the forum section poses a great opportunity to do such things, but this is only a matter of my opinion, and isn't the all time ruling or governing truth to the matter. Its simply a matter of my personal preference, and I may actually be wrong as to what should be done there, or not.

I'm just happy that the message has gotten across to you, since your the author of such a question, and it gives me great honor to know that you truly care for what you're doing here on hubpages.

For that I must commend you for, and I also know now you meant no harm by what you've stated there in the Q&A, thanks for your truest words, and I hope to meet you soon in your hubs as well. @ My Minds Eye, oh and thanks for the motivation to make such a hub as a answer, nice question overall.

My Minds Eye53 profile image

My Minds Eye53 5 years ago from Tennessee

I regret you did not take the question as I meant it. Keep in mind that it was only a question. Thank you for helping me to remember that not everyone thinks like me there-fore may not take it the way I saw it in my head. Next time I pose a question I will be careful how I word it.

I am happy however that it did start a helpful discussion.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

Thank you for being so understanding @ My Minds Eye53, I will definitely give your hubs a look, I just need to work on making some food, I'll be there in a few. Thanks for the clarification here, and until we meet again.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

I suppose those with poor grammar can cover a lot more ground. Our opinion differs there.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

Well this was an answer to a question in the Q&A area that I felt wasn't appropriate to have asked, because many foreign writers will not have proper grammar since English isn't their first language.

This was my argument I posed and not the fact of poorly done written work by people whom are English speaking from birth primarily. @ Pollyannalana, so maybe you missed that part of my hub, I'm not sure, but oh well everyone doesn't have to agree with one another. So I feel your opinion, but I will remain unchanged in how I approach the reading of certain peoples hubs.

You generally can tell who's not an English speaking person from birth by the geographical location their profile states, and then by seeing their writing.

Either way thanks for sharing with me here, and for leaving such an insightful comment.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 5 years ago from US

Well I certainly did misunderstand I thought you were talking to hubbers per se, who are required to know English, and many the worst to misspell or use bad grammar, of course I pay no attention to ones from other countries struggling, some being my best friends here. I won't make that mistake again. So sorry.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 5 years ago from New York City Author

Thanks for clarifying your message you left me here @ Pollyannalana. It shows you care for what you write to people, and its a good thing you do.

It's also good to see that your focused on making things right or should I say pointing out what you feel is important, in terms of writing quality overall, and I commend you on being honest with me here, can't wait to see what kind of topics you write about as well.

Its nice to have met you digitally thus far, see ya soon.

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