For Martie Coetser - Declaration of Light

I met Martie on the internet, over my messy desk. My desk is still messy, but the friendship is one of the best a person can wish for! Martie wrote a poem "Don't let me love you" and I wrote her a comment, a poem of my own. But now I thought "Why not publish it?" Really, why not?

Martie is Fire,

I am Water.

I read it somewhere that Water is the strongest of all four elements -

Fire, Earth, Air and Water.

I don't claim to be anything.

It is just a poem.

But it is not JUST a friendship.


Martie the Venus, I met a man once, he was Cancer (a Lunar Child) and I told him that he did not know where to find me not that he would be looking, but he said:

I found you already

There is no return

To a place or time

Where it is not so.

~ Mark The Philosopher,

The Question Mark

In the spirit of the strongest element of all four, the spirit of Water, I am telling you..

My darling, the daughter of Aphrodite,

I cannot let you not to love me,

It is too late,

You already know me,

I am under your skin.

You have already seen me,

You have already heard me,

You have already felt me,

You already know me,

I am under your skin.

I have already asked your name,

I have already told you who I am,

I have already gave you a smile,

You already know me,

I am under your skin.

I have already sent you a message,

I have already sent you a song,

I have already sent you my flame,

You already know me,

I am under your skin.

Yes, you will love me to death,

Because I am the one

you can play with.

I am the one who makes you think

I am the one who makes you smile

I am the one who makes you laugh

I am the one who accepts you as you are

Without teaching, preaching and editing,

I am the one who makes you feel

I am the one who awakens your senses

I am the one who lets you be alive

I am the one who removes the burden of rules.

Yes, I am the one who lets you love.

And, yes, you will manage all my names

Because without me you cannot live.

My name is LIGHT.

De Colores - Watch for that Traveling Light

Added on October 7, 2012

This song is a later addition to the original hub - it is a very uplifting and a simple song. Martie draw my attention that October (the month I was born) is not only a Fall month, but also a Spring one.

In Spanish - Primavera means spring and spring is so rich in colours and colours is my defining characteristic. I may not have added the clip for all these reasons, but it has two of the elements that I based my poem on - Light and Water. There is a traveling light and the shots dissolve into each other through ripples of water. It's a very beautiful clip and when was the last time I resisted beauty?

© 2012 kallini2010

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Sunnie Day 4 years ago

Beautiful Words...Without light in our lives I shudder to think where we would be...


kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank you, Sunnie! But you are also the LIGHT, you are SUNNIE!!!

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 4 years ago from South Africa

Kallini, what a surprise! You've posted this poem in the early morning hours (of mine), to be, indeed, like the light of a sunrise for me. This is truly heart-touching; you’ve actually pulled my tears.

Every word in this poem is true. Since the very first time I’ve read you, you’ve planted yourself under my skin without even knowing it. At first I was not willing to wreck my brain by yielding to the temptation to interact with you. Because you demanded – and you still do – intellectual thoughts and wise reasoning – while I preferred to relax in HubPages. Just ‘chatting’ while I was waiting for Sleep - my ever evading friend - was my objective. You were in the beginning under my skin like the itch of an insect bite. LOL! Eventually - and don’t laugh – ANGER incited me to interact with you. (And I still feel ashamed, because I’ve tried, unasked and unnecessary, to protect a hubber who should and certainly could protected himself.) And I took my hat off for you for the decency you’ve had to explain that specific action of yours to me. All of a sudden I was able to see your heart, and it was truly ‘love at first sight’. Maybe because ‘It’ looked so much like my own when it was younger. (Keep in mind that I was already 13 years old when you took your first breath, and BELIEVE me, some of us grow vigorously until the day we die.)

Yes, you are under my skin.

I can virtually feel you.

I know you as good as I know myself.

Of course I love you to death.

I can play with you (though not the way I would play with a man under my skin…. Tralalala… Mmm, you and I are as straight as two rugby poles, connected to each other with a horizontal pole called the Internet.)

Yes, indeed, you make me think… hard and deep…

Oh, and you make me smile all the time…

And sometimes I do laugh at you and often with you…

Yes, you accept me as I accept you for whom and what you are…. (And believe me, so do all your friends. One day you’ve left a somewhat too straight-forward and actually offensive comment on one of AAZ’s hubs. I felt like ‘explaining’ your good intentions. But he assured me that he was not offended. His words: “Well, that’s Svetlana. Svetlana is Svetlana.” I do admire his ability to accept people as they are.

Oh my, sometimes I do feel like I am forever teaching, preaching, editing… (You know that some people call me ‘Boss’, ‘Sergeant-major’ and even ‘Your Highness’. AAZ even calls me ‘The Hammer of Klerksdorp.” So I am so very glad that you don’t consider my communication with you in this light.

Yes, you do make me feel…. Empathy, love, sympathy, compassion…

You certainly awaken my senses, especially when you send me videos of tango music… I LOVE the passion encrypted in Latin music and dances.

Thanks to you I can be very alive in CyberSpace. You give me many opportunities to be me…

Free and not bounded by rules… (Sorry for those who cannot handle my actions online.)

Yes, Dolores, Kallini, Svetlana, you are the one who let me love and respect YOU….

Mmm, and I must say, although I CAN live in darkness, I can only shine when light falls on me.

Thank you, Svetlana, for being a LIGHT in my life.

You know my heartfelt wish for you is happiness, joy and a special man who was born to be the Light in your life.


marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 4 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

Svetlana Dolores,

I shall be brave enough to follow one of the most beautiful comments I have ever read from my Sista Martie.

I had never see your comment so I am thrilled that you have published this for all of us. I watched your friendship grow with Martie from the sidelines and love the energy you give to each other...the reference to water and fire is spot on.

And now I am grateful that through Martie's interview you and I are building our friendship. I shall be the Air, although I feel I love the other three equally.

This is a fact and not a compliment. Your music and photographs are some of the most dramatically beautiful and appropriately placed around HubVille.

Love this, Teresa

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Martie and Teresa:

thank you for your comments! Due to the overwhelming nature of each of them, I'll leave both of them until a bit later -

I just want to say -

maybe it takes a bit of a courage to be ourselves, our IMPERFECT selves (sounding rude sometimes, as Martie said sometimes even offensive and I am sure that was never my objective, but it happens, I admit),

but it pays off eventually - to step into the Light allowing ourselves be ourselves and grow...and then shine...

I am always the first one to say SORRY.

I don't like hurting others. If I do, it gives me no pleasure.

I am very happy to have you both as my online friends and I hope to meet you one day. No, I KNOW we will meet one day.

And while I'll be dealing with... whatever...

there is one of my favourite songs - from my childhood - the meaning

there is nothing better in this world than

to wander/travel with your friends

and you don't need all the riches,

because the true treasure is FRIENDSHIP:

Wishing you a great SUN-day!

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 4 years ago from TEXAS

It's pleased me from the first to watch the friendship bud & blossom between two of my favorite gals on HP-Martie, my cyber daughter & Svetlana, my admired & challenging friend. Knowing each of you from my own perspective, I can so easily fathom from whence that friendship between you grew! This gorgeous poem & Martie's equally gorgeous response fleshes out its harvesting all the more.

Even with 13 years between you, you're contemporaries in ways I am with neither of you, though I feel & value my friendships with each of you as close girlfriends whom I cherish and with whom I feel kinship.

I loved it when each of you took my Michael under your wings (along with Maria and others of the sistas). An update on him: He's sans meds & feeling great. There's no measure for the support & encouragement y'all gave him, which pleases me so much. He's finally closed the purchase on his house &, last I heard, has been immersed in getting it livable. It's already getting wintry there so I figure he needs to get it done sooner rather than later. Hope he'll be back among us.

Thank you for sharing these precious thoughts and feelings, Svetlana. I love it. Your writings are treasures, always. This is no exception - quite the contrary! I'm loving sensing your uplifting of spirits, too. How's your Daniel, BTW?

Hugs - nellieanna

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 4 years ago from South Africa

Dear Nellieanna, your comment is such a wonderful virtual hug. Whenever I read you, I feel like reciting Elizabeth Barrett Browning's poem:

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height

My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight

For the ends of being and ideal grace.

I love thee to the level of every day's

Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.

I love thee freely, as men strive for right.

I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.

I love thee with the passion put to use

In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.

I love thee with a love I seemed to lose

With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,

Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,

I shall but love thee better after death.

You are for me the perfect mother in CyberSpace.

Good to know that Mike is up and about. I am waiting patiently in anticipation to read a word from him. He did manage to make himself adorable up here in our virtual home.

Svetlana, as always I agree with you - because I am just like you - never mean to offend, yet I am doing it sometimes, but always first to say 'I am sorry'. Though sometimes I do refuse to say I am sorry, because I am not when people beg me to confront them with their own offensive behavior. That video you've posted on my wall took the cake. I'll see you around :)

Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 4 years ago from TEXAS

Ah, Martie - that's one of my favorites, too. I made a webpage,with its own title, in my Oasis site featuring just it in 2004. It stands alone - so beautiful. I'm most honored that you associate it with me. I love you, too.

I'm patiently waiting for Mike, too. He is adorable. :-)

Svetlana - I wasn't able to open the lovely illustrations on this lovely hub when I first viewed it. They're open now - and they are just beautiful!

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Dear ladies, I apologize that it takes me forever to answer - but as Augustine put it (I think I should memorize it for the future)

That is Svetlana. Svetlana is Svetlana.

You all know me well enough to admit that I am strange in a weird and wonderful kind of way, so I hope you forgive me for the delay. It is out of love that I want to produce a masterpiece and my masterpieces require an awfully long creative pregnancies.

There is vertical thinking,

there is horizontal thinking and

there is lateral thinking.

Mine is either a mental fog or a ferocious mental base jumping and spiraling around the universe - either way - very unproductive.

So, I have to say many times

"thank you, thank you, thank you"

for your comments.

And, my dear Nellieanna, I am very happy that you decided to come around to the light (it is a Russian expression), when someone decides to visit... I have not been writing anything for a very long time...

Martie and Maria have already had the pleasure of seeing Daniel, he is quite something, but while I am busy coming with an adequate response, you can watch us being rather boring, but courageous -

we are two clowns in the making:

us together

(you can skip the text, nothing new to you)

and there is Daniel giving instructions - he could not pronounce "tutorials" so he kept saying "turtles".

Hopefully, it will entertain you more than any of my comments.


I am sorry I cannot take any credit for being a support system for Michael - I was a bird with broken wings myself (was?) - Martie knows it better than anyone else. I have read couple of his hubs and we had very pleasant exchanges, but I don't think I could have been instrumental in anyone's recovery.

I am very pleased, though, to hear, that he is doing so much better. It is really hard to have those afflictions. Recovery takes a long time, a lot of patience, a lot of faith... I do believe that help comes not in the greatest of numbers, but in closest bonds like mine with Martie.

I don't want to say that my other friends were not good to me ... now I can't even express my thoughts properly... Maybe I simply don't know what exactly I am talking about.

But I am always happy for others, to hear that someone is conquering the Black Demon of Depression calls for celebration

and I am sure as hell happy

to see you here.

The images - I think, there is a delay on HP (my assumption), maybe the moderators do not release a hub with pictures until they look at them under the microscope to make sure I did not steal them hot from the press.

I did not make them myself - I took them from the internet. One time when I illustrated my hub about Daniel with my pictures, it looked too "home-made" and there was a warning about a suspension. "Your hub is too personal". I wanted to say - "Abre los ojos! Open your eyes! 80% content on HP is TOO personal".

My videos are authentic.

They are so authentic, you can barely see me.

I'll be back.

Wishing you a great day,


Nellieanna profile image

Nellieanna 4 years ago from TEXAS

Dear sweet Svetlana - I'm thrilled to 'come around to the light' to see you! A fitting expression for a "Declaration of Light"! It seems rather familiar to me, and I seem to know its nuance meaning, but I'm not sure from whence!

Anyway - I've been so dilatory of late about getting to all my favorite people's hubs in a timely way, it's surely just as well that you've not been too active, else you'd have noticed my lack!

I'm flattered to receive such a delectable reply to my comments! I have missed you!!


I agree with so much you say about Michael. It does take a long while to emerge from depression, and a close bond does worlds of good - perhaps it's the key. I'm honored to be that person for him. He sets the pace for the most part. A pretty solitary lifetime conditions how much togetherness suits him. Mine's been rather solitary, too, so I can understand.

But then, there's much to be said, when others respond and find value in the person, if he's lived 6 or so decades feeling he had none. Joining HP was his decision, totally. I didn't push it. The spontaneous reception from all you empathetic folks did much for my Michael. I'd asked a few folks to visit his site once he joined, but the majority of folks with whom he connected discovered him on their own or among themselves.


I can't fathom there being 'too personal' writing which comes forth from a writer!! Everything one expresses is subjective, personal expression, even if it's about a war on the other side of the globe. It's tainted by one's personal slant. So maybe if one writes directly about one's subjective situation, it's the more honest. But maybe not so commercial, huh? (yawn. . . ) If I were to be evicted here, I'd just go on being who I am the way I am. Perhaps I need more concern about the rumblings at the top? I seldom pay them much mind. (A sort of Texas expression).

Whatever, your images are extra-gorgeous and always unusual! Having the knack of finding just the right images is a major talent.

The u-tube videos I include in my hubs get delays, too. Must click 'edit' several times and coax them up again before they finally linger longer. I'm surprised my home-made videos of me narrating poetry haven't been challenged. Maybe they're just used to me & my iconoclasm, or they extend me a 'senior citizen's' dispensation! haha.

Haha! Love the earthquake in Toronto! Cute. And Daniel could captivate a class lecturing on 'turtles'! He's a charming feisty kid who could easily grow up to be a fantastic teacher. Thank you for sharing!


RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 4 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Hi Kalini - what a brilliant piece! I do think its one of the best poems I have ever read.

I'm a water sign too! I am also such a big fan of Martie's - I loved everything about this hub! Up and everything!

mckbirdbks profile image

mckbirdbks 4 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Svetlana, this work reached the heights of literature.

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 4 years ago from South Africa

Well, I am very happy that I've decided to come around to the light to read the comments of my favorite friends. I don't normally do this - only because I don't have enough time available for this particular component of hubbing.

I've read this poem of yours again, Svetlana, and I really feel honored and kind of wrapped in a warm, soothing light.

I remember times in my life, sitting in the darkest corner of my garden looking at the stars, feeling like the only and loneliest person in the world struggling to get on top of overwhelming dark emotions. Now I actually know people on the other side of the world who went through the same rigmarole and some of them are even still going through it. It is one thing to read books and poems and articles about this sad state we so often find ourselves in, and another (most wonderful) thing to interact at the same time with the author. We are so privileged to have this wonderful opportunity. My father who had died in 1989 would have enjoyed the Internet so much!

I wonder what are we going to miss. What is the word for transporting a body in less than a minute to another country? Imagine we could do this? How scary! But so were space traveling in comics and the landings on the moon once upon a time.

I hope you are all enjoying this second day of October - the most beautiful month in my country ~ in the middle of Spring :)

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

My dear Martie - I'll try to be as concise as I can - I meant every word in this poem and, especially, the dedication, but I could not be MORE unhappy about its form.

That's why I can't get past the Comment #1 - I still did not get back to your heart-felt letter.

One of the lines that bugs me enormously is "I am under your skin" - LIGHT does not have the property of a bug, nor do I want to be like a bug... I wanted to re-write or write something new...

This thought passed in my troubled brain before I published it, then you confirmed it - that the association is very clear. And I thought...

and you know my thinking - the Niagara Waterfalls - there is no end in sight...

and every day I think - I have to get back to my comments at least, I have to get to my comments...

in the meantime - my mood (which I now KNOW is tied to my ENERGY) is plummeting down and the energy goes the same way.

I am expecting a guest from Montreal (I still don't know whether she'll come or not) and I need to do something about my house - I still don't sleep in my own bed...

The reason she is coming is El Congreso Number Next - but you know that last year HAPPINESS caused my demise and decline, this year I am nowhere near being ready for any dancing - I am limping like an 142-old veteran of tell-me-what was the war back then?

In 1970, oops, 1870 Lenin was born. It is him who would have turned 142.

An old Russian joke is to say "I am a veteran of Battle of Kulikovo" (it took place on Sept. 8, 1380) - yes, that is how old I feel - my body is on strike, I've been limping for a couple of weeks...

How's the picture of this Eternal Light?

However, to give you something more palatable than my eternal complaints, I tried to look up the Battle of Kulikovo and, guess what I found?

There was a hero by the name Peresvet (I know these Russian names!)

for you to pronounce it, you might try inserting "i" in front of every "e" - Pie-rie-sviet -

it would be a nice name for Daniel, actually

the guy became very famous for a entering into a combat with the enemy


Alexander Peresvet, also spelled Peresviet (Russian: Александр Пересвет), was a Russian Orthodox Christian monk who fought in a single combat with the Tatar champion Temir-murza (known in most Russian sources as Chelubey or Cheli-bey) at the opening of the Battle of Kulikovo (8 September 1380), where they killed each other.


You know those Asians (Tataro-Mongols) - they were brutal. Not that the Russians were the pillars of humanity back then, but Tatars were worse.

You see? If not my light, but his... Peresvet is Slavic first name, but it became his last and his first "Alexander" means the defender of the people. Well, good for him. Let's think that I survived some battle and I am still here - at least under my own skin - making absolutely no sense.

P.S. When I make very little sense - it's a hint - I'm tired and beyond frustration.

There is some song - I found it to be strange

I think this is the modern attempts of the government to instill the feeling of patriotism, but old patriotic songs used to be much better - this one has the quality below the baseboard.

I don't know what I am talking about, but at least I don't feel so guilty anymore for being silent.

Lots of love and hugs!

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

My dear Martie -

I am completely unable to handle my comments in a way that I would do normally (let alone the best way - the idea that I had in my head). Since I entered the phase of the mental fog again, I know you will excuse me - instead of building up ever-increasing guilt (the guilt and dissatisfaction is still here), but I decided to approve all your comments (not to hoard them) and send you a virtual hug.

42 Reasons why I chose this particular song:

1. I never thought of October as a spring month - but it is both. The song is about the Spring = Primavera in Spanish. I especially love the word "vera" because in Russian it means FAITH.

2. De colores - colours and now you can almost have a perfect pronunciation of Dolores.

Dolor de mis dolores

Color de mis colores

Amor de mis amores

Flor de mis flores

I love the way it rhymes.

3. There is a traveling light in this clip.

4. Shots dissolve through water somehow - I loved the symbolism.

5. There are calla lilies in the clip that I claim to be my flowers.

There. 42 Reasons (the rest you can come up with on your own!)

So, the virtual hug - a bit of light

and you can see the lyrics on this web-site (you cannot imagine a simpler song!)

Love from Canada

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

My dearest Teresa:

As I am trying to release all my comments and change my habits... first let me thank you with all my heart for your support. By the way, you are not Air, you are FIRE. Just like Martie.

I was actually referring to our Astrological Signs, so the Fire Signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. I am living practically on Fire - my mother is Aries and my son is Leo, but I am sort of used to it.

According to the astrological predictions - well, it is too hard to say who is my best combination, so maybe at the moment it does not matter.

I chose the song "De Colores" having you in mind as well - speaking of colours - I only have to write about it!

A big hug,


P.S. I find it funny somehow that the word "dolorosa" (painful) rhymes with "rosa" (rose) and the rose colour they call "color de rosa". Of course, in songs, rhyming is everything.

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 4 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

Svetlana Dolores,

I am thinking of a favorite quote: "If there is peace within yourself, there is room for another mind." (anonymous)

One day you will get a "sign" and I suspect "he" will be perfect for you.

I'm "cool" with being Fire! Rest well, my dear friend. Love, Teresa

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Yes, Teresa:

One day... one day...

I can't say much lately, but speaking of life being capricious, there is a song

"Such is life" (there way too many songs with this name, oh, I wonder why?)

The repetition goes "Who cares?" (Que importa?)

and the refrain:

Such is life


sometimes black

sometimes rosy

Such is life


it takes you up, it throws you down...


No wonder I like it!

I hope it makes you smile!

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

My dear Nellieanna:

I am so glad that you came to this corner and I thank you for your very supportive (supporting?) words, well, the words of support.

I am not so much of a CHALLENGING friend, more of a CHALLENGED.

I just can't get anything right. You have been a tremendous help and a pillar of support for Michael and I know so because last year when I least expected you made all the difference in my life - with the contest. I have learned that with proper help and deliberation I can overcome my own reservations and achieve something.

And you always were a friend - whether we read each other or we don't. I cannot keep up with my own life, let alone reading others. I have read the interview with Sunnie Day and I agreed wholeheartedly with every word, yet there was a certain pang of envy (an emotion that I rarely entertain) - Sunnie is very productive and I am ... well, you know - I produce nothing but intentions.

Ok, not to complain again. I am trying to change or I am trying to make the changes in three areas - Heath, Time (time management) and money. Teresa (Maria Jordan) advised me to start loving myself - that would be a project on its own (but I will probably tuck it within Health thing).

The rest... I don't know.

Where do you have those videos where you narrate poetry? I haven't seen any - can you send me a link?

Thank you for your kindest words about Daniel - the earthquake is in my troubled head and I certainly hope that he will grow up a balanced person despite me being me. Who knows? Maybe he will be a teacher. He certainly loves giving instructions. The only thing he does not like is studying. But that is for his students, right?

This year he has a new teacher that everybody loves - a young man who prefers a hands-on approach. I certainly hope that he can relate to boys better and be a more realistic role model than any woman - even if she is the super duper unbelievable best!

Love and hugs,


kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank you, RealHousewife, for reading and leaving a comment. I don't think I did such a good job with a poem, but it was a response written without much thinking (over thinking) and the emotion here matters more than its rather poor form. In writing, everything is a treasure - every impulse - as long as we can catch it for future consideration.

Have a nice day,


kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Mike, thank you so much for your comment. I think the most important feature of this "poem" is that it actually published. Since I publish next to nothing - publishing anything is an achievement.

I have heard that you illustrate and publish books now. How marvelous!

MartieCoetser profile image

MartieCoetser 4 years ago from South Africa

Svetlana, I am smiling from ear to ear. Goodness, we are so much alike we could have been a Siamese twin – analyzing every word, every letter…. The Niagara Waterfalls, indeed - - there is no end in sight.

I am sharing my thoughts – provoked by your comments – but I don’t expect you to reply immediately. I’ve noticed that you’ve grabbed the bull (comments) by the horns and by now you must be drained. So just put this comment of mine in your pipe and smoke it slowly….

"I am under your skin" - LIGHT does not have the property of a bug… TRUE! But light – in particular sunlight - is vitamin D – light through the skin, nourishing the entire body. What about pigmentation? The skin absorbs light…. Something for you to ponder. And don’t change my poem. Yes, mine - you’ve written it for me and I LOVE every word as it is. Don’t change it! But you may write me another one :)))

I don’t understand why you are not sleeping in your bed. I suspect the reason to be the source – or connected to the source – of your depression. Why not write a hub about this? You and your bed!

I love the picture in here of Eternal Light. All of them my colors.

Pronouncing Peresvet is easy for Afrikaans-speaking people, as the ‘ie’ sound – (sharper than the English ‘ie’ in ‘field’) – appears in almost every sentence. Or is this not your ‘ie’ sound?

I have an aunt named ‘Vera’

Re Fire-signs. Aries is cardinal fire (could be quite dangerous and destructive), Leo is fixed fire (comforting like the sun and in a hearth), Sagittarius is mutual fire (important to all). Maria controls me! She keeps me in line… Lol!

Thank you so much for the virtual hug – I love the song…all the songs.

Take care, Svetlana. Just go with the flow. Don’t stress because you are not able to carry out your intentions. Let it grow. Eventually they will all flow out of you, naturally. Relax! Take every minute as it comes and just try to enjoy whatever comes. This should be your challenge – to enjoy whatever comes, the good and the bad – conquering the bad is exciting, challenging your own abilities…

@ 9:30pm, SA

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

My dear Martie - I will try avoiding hoarding comments in the future for the simplest reason - I do respond best on my first impulse. "Later" never comes.

There are three comments that I still keep - two of them yours and one from writeronline from 10 months ago and 8 months ago - so, no, I don't think that approach worked.

However, funny as it is I would have never come back for the Declaration of Light if not for the comment that I was keeping. I was tracking something from the past and I came to remember it.

So, who knows what is best?

But still, hoarding is not always the best option.

I don't feel exhausted (yet), I do feel better and it is my mental fog that drives me nuts because it is precisely my inability to concentrate, to organize, to follow through that are the cornerstone of my condition. In that case I have to let go because nothing works anyway and then all the hell breaks loose. I can't tidy up my room, then the stuff mounts, then I don't have time or motivation or clean up properly.

I don't know exactly how I let all he stuff pile up on my bed, but then I just could not sort it all out and I moved to Daniel's room. He decided that he preferred sleeping in the living room in front of TV. I have to say that I have cleaned up some and it is not that much left to remove, but I am psychologically incapable of putting everything in one big pile of a floor - even though it suggested. Because if I do that - the pressure to remove the pile would be lesser than to clean the bed surface properly. The pile would be there for yet another year. I don't think the scenario is very tempting.

And so I started the battle in earnest - exactly as you said - find the root of the problem - what creates it and how to tackle it - even if I have to play tricks on myself.

And, no, I am not putting deadlines - the latest development - a to do list per day should not have more than three things - but those should be doable. Anything completed should give me the sense of accomplishment.

Regarding the poem - I did not come to the "light causing skin cancer" association yet - but I was not really going to change it - what is written is written and like a dancer who lost the beat, the rhythm, skipped a few steps - I have to catch it again in real time.

Whether what I said was to my own satisfaction or not, you know what I meant and I meant that our friendship is very important to me.

I am glad you liked the song - the words are so primitive, but the melody is very cheerful and it is just like my poem - so what it was not perfect? Maybe later when I get my strength back, I'll be able to write better.

Enjoy the springtime,



TheDailyMessenger profile image

TheDailyMessenger 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV


You know, you're an amazing poet, I didn't even notice this poem. It was perfect, can't wait to see what else you have in store.


kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank you, TheDailyMessenger!

I am very high on intentions and low on output like Coleridge (I hope I spelled his name right - a poet with a high potential who fell pray to his addiction to opium and other wonderful habits).

But I think you are willing to explore my hub space (as far as "poetry goes"), the two of my favourite things is


Thank you very much for your visit, I greatly appreciate it!

Have a nice day,


Toronto, Canada

Oct. 7, 2012, 19:04

TheDailyMessenger profile image

TheDailyMessenger 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV


I will check them out,and if you wouldn't mind. check out my story on here too, let me know what you think.


kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

I checked out your story - I write sometimes my "poems" in a cascaded style - just thoughts - line by line not necessarily rhymed - you can try it for something that feels more of an intention to create a story than an actual story yet...

Do you have a lot of feedback?

TheDailyMessenger profile image

TheDailyMessenger 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV


Not as much as I would like, that's why I ask people there opinion about my stories, and where they can improve.

I purposely put a lot of feeling behind the story, so that it would give The Scarlet Knight more life. This is the very first part of my story, I want the hero to grow as he becomes more of the true guardian of Metron. he is only a student in school but, he wants to be a symbol of hope for the people of Metron.

Even as things start shifting in Metron, he feels that he must do something for Metron, whatever the future holds for Metron, He feels he must stand and fight, for the best of Metron. and eventually become a great guardian.

Um... and about what you said, the last part of your comment what do you mean?

" that feels more of an intention to create a story than an actual story yet..." . Thanks again.


kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

What I meant was that I did not see a story yet and I thought that maybe it is only a draft, your intention, a thought...

You know how we write notes sometimes, line after line - almost like sketching and develop the whole picture.

Writing is fun and yet sometimes it is not easy.

I have never took a course in any writing, so I don't know how to write fiction, but I would assume that you should practice writing short stories first. They are difficult but the best examples of short stories are fairy tales - there are problems, there are super powers, heroes, villains and they are always relatively short - children will not sit through a saga.

But what do I know?

Best of luck,

TheDailyMessenger profile image

TheDailyMessenger 4 years ago from Las Vegas, NV


I know what you mean, and again your right, so instead of writing a story, focus on writing short stories for now, kinda like writing children books, instead of novels, yep that makes sense. Thanks for your advice, I really was listening to it. so anyway... ttyl


Aisha Jilani profile image

Aisha Jilani 4 years ago from Lahore

lovely poem, and interesting pictures... Keep it up :)

voted up

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank you, Aisha!

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 4 years ago from Nashville Tn.

Between your Declaration of Light, and the magnificent comments left by those who love both you and Marti, this is by far the most remarkable and outstanding hub ever written.

To say that I am captivated by it all is an understatement. I'm locked in a sublime rainbow of words and emotions.

Thank you with all of my heart! Hugs.

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 4 years ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank you, vocalcoach, for a very touching comment. I have just read that people come to HubPages to write and make a dime (some may make more, but not me), but eventually they stay because of the community. I almost read (into it), that most people don't end up making enough money to justify the effort, but they stay because of the support and friendship that they find here.

I have stopped writing, but I have never fully disengaged from HP - maybe for that reason - I met friends here that feel very special to me and Martie is one of them.

Clearly, I am not the Queen of How To-s - I just feel uninspired to write about things in general, call it a gift or the misfortune of being "too personal", but that is the source of my motivation.

Thank you for your kind words - they have brightened my day.

A.A. Zavala profile image

A.A. Zavala 15 months ago from Texas

Beautiful poem regarding a strong woman with sensibilities. Written by someone worthy to describe, in a poetic sense, what Martie is about. Awesome!

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 15 months ago from Toronto, Canada Author

Thank you, Augustine, for visiting and leaving a comment.

Martie is indeed one of kind - at least for me.

She is unlike any of my friends from the past and at present - not that I have any.

She always comes to the rescue despite the hazard or being blinded or burned.

I don't know what D.'s teacher thought about my "Wedding Dress" present - both unusuality of the gesture and the content. Unlike Walt Whitman, I do not sit content, I wonder.

But what makes me sleep at night is that Martie had given me the stamp of approval before I delivered my half-baked masterpiece. She responded to the 2nd draft even before I could send her the 3rd one and it was only a few hours between them.

I believe that instead of writing some "poetry", I owe her a big thank-you story.

As far as my writing goes - it's a challenge - I don't like anything written previously. I've outgrown the style, the content, the mindset. There is even no need to rewrite it - take it down and write new stuff.

And once again, Martie was right - she kept telling me that this will happen and much sooner than I think.

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