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As a sequel to How to Write Your 50th Hub on HubPages, I thought it fitting to mark my 75th Hub in the midst of the HubChallenge! If you've been reading my hubs lately, you know I broke my arm last month. I wish I could blame my lack of productivity on HubPages on the need to type with two hands, but the truth is, I've been pretty slack around here since Christmas.

As the depression over my injury was weighing on my mind, I told myself as soon as I could type with both hands, I needed to get serioius about my online writing and start treating this business like a business. I knew I wanted to focus on HubPages. My other online writing is certainly not hurting, but I believe hubpages has the best potential for earnings for an online writer in my stage of development.

I've learned a little about search engine optimization and keyword research and backlinks and google rank in the last year, but only a little. I have a full-time job that limits my time for Plan B. At HubPages, I can concentrate on the part that I already know how to do - write - and worry about the techy stuff some other time.

I admit I'm a little disappointed in myself that it's taken more than a year for me to publish Hub Number 75. I'm more than a little disappointed that I haven't reached my first Google Adsense payout yet. But I'm not giving up, and this HubChallenge has been just the motivator I needed to boost my efforts.

I signed up for the 30 Hubs in 30 Days, but I'm hoping to at least complete 35 to bring me to that big 100 mark before the month is over. (I've published 9 hubs in the first two days of the challenge! It's tempting to think I could have gone for the 100 Hubs in a 100 Days, but I know myself better than that!)

In the spirit of providing new Hubbers with cold hard facts about what you might expect at HubPages, I'm going to share some of my stats like I did in Hub Number 50.

In just under 13 months, I've earned only $41.76 from Google and $14.41 from Amazon. I gave up on Kontera, and it seems like I might as well give up on E-Bay. I realized my meager earnings were not rolling over on Kontera. Maybe I should have given it more time, but some Hubbers also seemed to think it was hurting their Google earnings, so I dropped it. I only signed up for E-Bay in December, but I figure you never know when some auction with a nice price tag will be exactly what one of my readers needs, so I'm hanging on to E-Bay at $0 earned thus far.

My first hub published 4/27/2008, Staying In Touch with a Teenage Daughter, is now up to 511 views, catching up with Barbecued Snapping Turtle published just two days later and which was doing better in December.

Most popular with 6428 views is Tips for Recording Your Voice Mail Greeting followed by Inexpensive Christmas Gifts for Teen Girls at 3036 views. The difference in views was smaller right before Christmas, but the voice mail hub was one of my first, published 6/20/08, while the Christmas hub received lots of traffic - you guessed it - right before Christmas!

A relative surprise to me is the traffic for Coiffures Francaises (or French Hairstyles) written during a HubMob 9/9/08 and now at 1535 views. Finally, the success that makes me happiest because I think it's the best written of those mentioned so far, My Spouse Wants a Divorce: Now What? published 5/30/08 now has 1460 views.

My lowest traffic hubs continue to be my poetry and book reviews. I should add that the book reviews are all recycled and out-of-date. Maybe book reviews of current selections would perform better, but I barely have time to read on HubPages, much less read and review books!

When I published my 50th hub 12/04/08, I was approaching 10,000 views. As I'm writing 75, I'm approaching 25,000. I like that kind of growth! That's what keeps me hanging in here!

Actually, that last statement is not entirely true. I like the prospect of earning money at HubPages. I like the whole notion of passive income and exponetial growth. But I love to write, and I love getting to know other Hubbers. I'm hopeful I will figure out the earning part of this endeavor, but many other benefits keep me hubbing!

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DonnaCSmith profile image

DonnaCSmith 7 years ago from Central North Carolina

More power to you for taking on the challenge! You are doing great;o)

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