My 100th Hub and Earning Money Writing Hubs

My 100th Hub

This article is my 100th hub for HubPages and I am frankly amazed to be writing it. When I first started with Hubpages I jumped in headfirst by participating in the 30 Hubs in 30 Days Challenge. Just to see if I could do it. Well I didn't. I was about maybe four or five hubs short and I was exhausted. Writing 1 hub a day is a challenge, especially if you don't write for a hobby. In addition Life happens, so there were days that would go by and I didn't write a hub but I would mentally think, Okay, you have to write four over the weekend. I also couldn't think up things to write about because I wasn't used to it. By the end of the 30 days however, I had hubs that earned money. Not a whole lot of money but it made me want to keep writing. Just to see if I would get more. And it did.

So what I have I learned regarding earning money writing Hubs so far? Here are my observations.

  • Write a lot. There's no way of getting round it if you want to make money.
  • Your first 25 hubs are going to suck.
  • Learn about keyword search.
  • Write about what people want to know.
  • Write a commercial hub with your customer in mind.

Attribution: Community Commons
Attribution: Community Commons
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Write a Lot of Hubs

A neophyte like myself a year ago had no clue at all about Internet writing or Internet marketing, let alone HubPages. A year and 100 hubs later I can say that I know a little bit more about writing hubs and earning money. The major learning is to write a lot. You need to write a lot in order for Google to find some of your work. You need to write a lot so that you know what topics work for you. You need to write a lot so that it becomes a habit. Writing a lot helps you to explore how best to create content that will attract readers. Writing a lot is how you find a topic that you enjoy writing and may be profitable for you. Writing a lot of hubs is the vehicle that allows you to earn money via Google AdSense and Amazon ads.

I think I've conveyed the importance of writing a lot.

Write about anything you want to write about and publish it. In my opinion, it's one of our greatest freedoms. And when you write, consider the reader. Have reasonably good grammar and correct spelling. Make the page attractive, easy, and inviting to read. Put in pictures. Make it interactive by including polls. The great thing about HubPages is that it allows you to do all that. Now having said that, the hub doesn't have to be perfection and it doesn't have to have the most perfect grammar. Don't obsess over it. When you have nothing more to say, edit it. Then edit again. Then run a spellcheck and read it over so that it make sense to you, publish it. It's no good writing and working hard over a hub that nobody gets to read.

Your First 25 Hubs Stink

Well not all of it will stink but it won't be as good as your next 25 and that's okay. One of the things I've learned about writing hubs is that some topics will be more popular than others. And I couldn't predict which hubs would get read more often than not. I find that grand. Because I would write about a topic that I didn't think anyone would want to read about only to find that it was more popular than the one I thought people wanted to read about. And that hub would make money. Or if it didn't make money, I found that the reader would go to another hub that would make money. Life is funny that way.

I also learned that I needed those first 25 hubs to find my writing style on HubPages, to be a better writer, and to create a more effective hub. So don't be too exacting. Look at it as a way to explore about yourself as a Hubber.

Keywords, what's that?

I am not a keyword guru. I'm not even sure I'm spelling it right. But it is important that you understand the importance of keywords and how Google uses them. Google makes money by matching ads to the content on the page. Companies pay Google a lot of money to put their ads on the appropriate page that will cause the Internet reader to click on those ads. How Google determines appropriateness is finding appropriate key words in the body of the text. So, if you wanted to search for red elephants, you would type in the Google search "red elephants" and you would get a listing from Google all the sites that involved red elephants. The advertiser pays Google to put in ads on that list page about red elephant T-shirts, red elephant zoos, red elephant dolls because they are willing to bet that if you have an interest in red elephants, then you might be interested in buying a red elephant t-shirt. So the key words that the advertiser pays for is "red elephants".

What does that mean to you? Those key words are worth money not only to the advertiser but to you. If you write about "red elephants" in HubPages, then Google wants to match you with the advertiser who wants to appear on the same article that writes about "red elephants" hoping your reader will click on their ad. Each reader that clicks on the ad means that the advertiser will pay you a certain amount of money. That's how you earn your money.

So, when you write about a topic, you want to find out what are the key words that will bring you the most money per click. Because if you write about "red elephants" and the click value on that word is $1.25 in contrast to the click value on "elephant", which is $.05 then you will want to use "red elephant" in your text a lot more often in order to be matched with the appropriate ad.

There are a lot of articles on HubPages that write more in depth about this so I would recommend you do a search on keywords on HubPages.

What kind of hubs do you like to write?

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  • Fiction
  • Poetry
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Write About What People Want to Know

When you write your hub, learn how to write it from the perspective of the reader. You write hubs because it brings you pleasure. Internet surfers go to Google, Bing and other search engines because they are seeking information. If you want to earn money as a Hubber, then consider writing your hubs around topics that you like and Internet surfers want to know about. For example, if you like to write about cooking, then one of your topics might be about how to make the best pancakes. Because there are people out there who want to know how to make the best pancakes. Then you might want to write about restaurants that make some good pancakes. Because there are people out there who only want to eat pancakes but not make them. So part of being successful, it seems to me, as a Hubber is to write in such a way that people will be attracted to the information that you have within your hubs.

Now, this doesn't mean that you only write hubs that are informative, but this is what will earn you money and in addition to those hubs, you can write hubs that are satisfying to you. It is those money-earning hubs that will allow you to write the more creative hubs. Now that's my opinion. You can write purely creative hubs and not earn anything, but that's your choice to make.

Write Commercial Hubs with the Customer in Mind

There have been a lot of discussions in the forums about how to increase sales with their Amazon ads. What seems to work for me is to write commercial hubs about a specific thing. And here is where you can write creatively with a commercial hub. You write a hub about a specific thing and feature several products that are that specific thing but have variations and point out how the one variation may be the thing that the Internet shopper wants to buy.

Let's say that I am an Internet shopper and I am looking for Mother's Day gifts. But I am looking for a specific Mother's Day gift, I am looking for a silver charm bracelet. You will want to write a hub that will capture my attention. So you will write a hub that has silver charm bracelets that you can find in Amazon or EBay. On that hub you will have several types of silver charm bracelets. One might have double link chains, another might have a modular link chain, another piece has a rolo link, while this one has arrow links, so they are all silver charm bracelets but with differences and write persuasively about the great thing about each piece. I decide which one I like and I click on it. You tailor the hub to attract a particular shopper. Your hub essentially does a lot of work for the shopper because they don't have to go running around looking through tennis bracelets, gold bracelets, cuffs, byzantine bracelets, and the like. The great thing about this is you can write so many hubs that help the shopper in this way. In addition, once they've committed to buying something, the shopper tends to buy a lot of things not even related to their original search in order to take advantage of a shipping discount.

I knew when I wrote my 100th hub that I wanted to give back something to the community that has helped me write more than I thought I would, and has helped me earn money along the way. I hope this hub is helpful to new hubbers in their journey through HubPages.

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Comments 19 comments

nicomp profile image

nicomp 6 years ago from Ohio, USA

Well done. Congratulations on 100 hubs. Keep up the great work!

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

Hi nicomp! Wow, your response was fast, I just published it! Thank you.

Army Infantry Mom profile image

Army Infantry Mom 6 years ago

Congrads on your 100th !!! Thanks for sharing your experiences and tips,..

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

Hi Arm Infantry Mom, I'm glad you found it helful.

Shawn Scarborough profile image

Shawn Scarborough 6 years ago from The Lone Star State

I am bookmarking this hub, it has a lot of helpful information. Congratulations on your 100th hub!

ceciliabeltran profile image

ceciliabeltran 6 years ago from New York

This is cool. I think I'll write for money from now on. LOL

Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 6 years ago from USA

This was a good hub, but I was a little worried about that one paragraph. You are going to show up well at Google for "red elephants". LOL

BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 6 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Yay! 100! I mean Yay 101! And yes those first 25 hubs - yow! I had to go back and clean up some - but it's good we can do that on hub pages.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

Shucks Shawn, thank your for the nice boost!

Hi ceciliabeltran, if your writing earns money, it's just icing on the cake. Definitely give it a try.

Hi Barbara! I'm hoping I'll be the first on google search for red elephants LOL!

Hi BKCreative, thank you and I cringe at some of the things I wrote during that first 25. Here's to more successful hubs for both of us!

Ladybird33 profile image

Ladybird33 6 years ago from Georgia USA

This is very realistic and perfect for all. True when you say your first 25 hubs suck because our of my first 25, I had one producing...sad fact but very true. Love what you wrote this, great job!

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 6 years ago from The East Coast Author

Thanks Ladybird, here's to us and our next 100 hubs!

CarolineChicago profile image

CarolineChicago 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

Great hub! Good hints, realistic advice. Voted up.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast Author

Thanks Caroline, for the kind words.

nikitha p profile image

nikitha p 5 years ago from India

Great hub, very well written thanks for sharing this.

Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 5 years ago from The East Coast Author

Hi nikitha, I'm glad you found it worth reading.

hotwebideas profile image

hotwebideas 5 years ago from New York

Flightkeeper, great hub and voted up. I also gave you feedback of useful.

I just read this hub and am almost at 50 hubs. I am just shy about 5 or so, but I will be there next week and then I can shoot for the goal of 100 hubs. The money is starting to come ;)

Thanks for writing this hub.

wordsmith2418 profile image

wordsmith2418 4 years ago from Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Excellent information! I have basically been trying to decide if I will continue writing hubs. Your article is very encouraging. Gave me ideas on how to write hubs that will be more successful in searches. Thanks!

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

flightkeeper, this hub is for keeps. As helpful to the old hubber as for a newbie. You have touched upon and explained a variety of factors to check for and while writing hubs - all to make the ever elusive money.

I would just add sharing of others' work-hub in this case. It works wonders.

Sharing it, voting it up and useful.


Flightkeeper profile image

Flightkeeper 4 years ago from The East Coast Author

Thanks for the read rajan jolly I'm glad you found it helpful. It's discouraging for the beginner but eventually hubpages works out.

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