Finding High Paying Adsense Keywords

Step By Step Way To Find High Paying Adsense Niches

High paying adsense keywords aren't that high paying these days ever since Google introduced smart pricing in 2006. Nevertheless you can still get a lucky high paying click by selecting high paying keywords.

By the way smart pricing is Google's way of offering control to advertisers who wish to bid separate prices on keywords that will trigger their ads on Google's content network. The Adwords content network carries these adsense ads.

Most high paying adsense keywords are that way because the advertisers are willing to pay big dollars to acquire customers since the customer can be worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

These markets include insurance, real estate, law, medical and especially if its targets a particular region. eg. Los Angeles tax attorney.

Find High Paying Adsense Keywords Easily.

Okay I'm going to take you step by step through the process that the people with the 4 and 5 figure adsense checks use to find high paying adsense keywords.

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1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Go to the Google Adwords External Keyword Tool.

This is the tool that Adwords advertisers use to look for keywords and to find estimated bids and keyword competition.

Once there, Click on the Site Related Keywords Tab.

2. Get Data To Analyze

Now when you enter a website in the url field Google will scan the site and pull the most relevant keywords it finds. Google analyzes the data and returns results for Costs, Search volume, Search trends and Advertiser competition.

What will make this work and help you find high paying adsense keywords is to enter a site that has a lot of original and varying content.

Authority sites like,, article sites and even hubpages can be used here.

  1. Enter the home page of the site (here I use as an example)
  2. Check the box to include other pages linked from the homepage
  3. In the drop down box, select "Show Estimated Avg CPC"
  4. Enter a high figure like 50 or 75 (this is measured in US Dollars (I use 50))

3. Get High Paying Adsense Keywords

Click "Get Keywords" and wait until Google finishes analyzing the webpage.

Google will return keywords found on the site and group them in related batches with the bids in one column and search volume. The other data won't do much good for adsense users.

Wow, just look at all those high bids, huh?

Buy High Paying Adsense Keywords?

Its amazing the things people do to make money on the internet.

People want information and may not know where to find it. Others take advantage and and sell them stuff thats available on the internet for free.

Don't buy high paying adsense keyword lists. Now you know where to get them for free.

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Dinesh Sameera profile image

Dinesh Sameera 8 years ago from Sri Lanka

Thank you very much kpfingaz. I never know about these keywords. But now I have a little knowledge. I went to that side and found some worthy keywords for my blog site. Now I can build up my site more gainfully.

Again Thaks a LOT.

jmichaels59 profile image

jmichaels59 8 years ago from Hinesville/Savannah, Ga

Well, good info, I didn't know about several of these. Good Hub! Here is one that is FREE and allows a person to see what keywords are being used, on Google, by possible "competition" and see what might make a person money. Oh, by the way it is FREE, totally.

Henry 7 years ago

I certainly agree with the premise that most anything can be found online for free including high paying adsense keywords list. Much like water, why do most people pay for bottled water when tap water is free.

It really boils down to convenience and how much your time is worth in the big scheme of things.

robertsgr profile image

robertsgr 7 years ago

I use in my high paid keyword research, and this is a very useful tool. They also have a free list with the highest paid keywords.

Laddoo. profile image

Laddoo. 7 years ago

This was very useful!

realestateladi 7 years ago

Hi there,

I'm new here and wondering, once we have this information, what do we do with it? Do you build a hub around one of the high paying keywords? I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I'm just not getting it.

Also, I didn't find nearly the high-paying keywords you did and I even used the website in your example.


kpfingaz profile image

kpfingaz 7 years ago from ~~~ Author

Its possible you didn't have all the settings as I described and data changes after a while. Still you should be able to get high paying keywords by using any website that has a lot of different content.

scheng1 7 years ago

Many high-paying keywords are too specialized. Most of them have something to do with attorney, insurance, loan.

vamp6x6x6x 6 years ago

Thank you hopefully this info will help me earn on my gaming site.

profile image

dailygrind 6 years ago is a good place to find out popular searched keywords and figures the adsense income potential for the organic traffic from those keywords.

It does a lot of realistic math for an adsense estimator.

Saibee 6 years ago

Hello...i'm from India and made a blog 4 adsense on a high paying keyword but even after several clicks i have just earned a it because of the link location...

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