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Having recently stumbled across, I felt the need to share its existence with everybody who might be a little bit interested! offers the opportunity for users to make a free webpages (as many as you like), and also free blogs. There is no quality measurements and the rules are very open. Therefore you can write about pretty much any topic you like, it's quick, easy and also free.

Free Backlinks with Weebly

One opportunity with weebly is the chance to really exploit the services and add as many backlinks as you like. It is so simple that you can literally create a page and backlink hundreds of sites within half an hour or so.

Google Adsense with Weebly

Weebly does not just have to be used for backlinks! You can use weebly in the same way that you use hubpages or squidoo. You simply create pages and add a google adsense icon, in order to display ads on your pages and generate you revenue. Setting up adsense with weebly is very easy. You simply click the adsense icon to add it to a page, and then agree to add it to your adsense account. Weebly will take 50% of the revenue that you make on your site, which is considerably more than hubpages.

Keywords with Weebly

Make good use of the settings configuration and enter good keywords and phrases. This will increase the traffic to your weebly site, and therefore increase traffic on to any links you are advertising. It again is extremely simple and takes just a few minutes to get your keywords set up and active.

How easy it Weebly compared to Squidoo and Hubpages?

If you get comfortable using weebly you can create pages and blogs extremely quickly. Again, there is no quality requirements, so you can literally make a page with nothing more than a couple of links, - making it extremely quick. Weebly is more similar to hubpages than squidoo, in the sense that it is easy to navigate and to use.

Weebly Page Layout

The weebly page layout is wider than hubpages, and you can choose not to show ads on all of your pages. Therefore you could create a homepage with no ad's and then have all linking pages showing adsense ads from there on.

Domain Names

The domain name also works slightly differently to hubpages and squidoo. If you were to name your page "domainnames" it would show like the following.


When google searches a result, it appears to prioritize words in the first part of a web adress. Therefore it could be said that perhaps weebly have a unique edge when it comes to search results.

Hubpages VS Weebly

Hubpages offers a better PPC revenue and they offer a quality service with great members and a sound community. The services are easy to use but pages produced must be of a high quality. There are certain topics that can not be published. Hubpages has a scoring system for pages and pages automatically update via hubpages on a daily basis, which is good for search engine results! You can follow authors that you enjoy reading, and there is an overall friendly atmosphere between the writers.

Weebly is a simple and quick way to mass produce websites and get your backlinks onto the internet. Quality is not of key importance, but keywords are. There is no community feel like you get from hubpages, however the blogs are a great way to get people discussing different topics whilst posting your links all over it! Weebly takes 50% of the adsense revenue, but has lots of potential for making money online. Weebly could be seen as an example of "clogging up the internet" with pages full of useless information and lots and lots of links. However, if you are working through affiliate programs in order to make some cash, then this is definately worth a look!

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original010 profile image

original010 6 years ago from Egypt

This is really good info, but does Weebly allow affiliate links?

Terryandco profile image

Terryandco 6 years ago Author

Yes weebly do allow affilate link, adsense, amazon, ebay etc... you can also post links as you please.

mulberry1 profile image

mulberry1 5 years ago

Is this the site that does the free websites? Is it one and the same, or do they offer free webpages in addition to websites? (I'm not trying to split hairs, just wanting to be sure I understand Weebly) I think I inquired with them about webpages a year or two ago, and they had a limit of 2 free sites.

pratoocool profile image

pratoocool 5 years ago

This is really good information. I have been using weebly from the past few months and now i am getting more benefits from this.

Thanks for the share.

celeBritys4africA profile image

celeBritys4africA 5 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

I have accounts on HubPages and Squidoo and I am positive I try soon Weebly. profile image 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

perfect very useful for me .

what about goggle , can goggle blog websites or how are rules for goggle website blocking.

for example if i open 30 weebly websites it mean is 15 account it will any problem about my targeted website .

thanks .

formosangirl profile image

formosangirl 5 years ago from Los Angeles

Just opened a weebly account. Useful information. Voted up.

tvturka 4 years ago


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