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I normally try to find the best real world examples of things I make a Hub about, and this one caught my eye one day while I was on the forums. A writer was fed up that their article wasnt getting any traffic at all. They thought people earn money on Hubpages by other writers clicking on their ads (wrong). Here is the scenario, this person didnt grow up knowing English as a first language and was wondering why their articles wasnt getting traffic from Google. The article in question was titled:

Does A Hamburger have a HAM in it?

"Try writing something that people are searching right now"

Free Traffic and Titles
Free Traffic and Titles


Lol. The reason why you dont get any free traffic is because all your hubs arent heavily searched. Try writing something that people are searching right now in demand and try to write a lot about it (Not just 200 words.) Label the pictures, the videos, the rss feeds, everything properly. Add proper tags to it that have to do with the topic (but dont over stuff them.) With that all done, and with the best spelling and grammar you have, you should be able to get more views from search engines. Always remember, your the writer and should know a lot about the subjects you write about, and though your writing you need to prove you know a lot about it. If you write about dogs and tell me they have 2 eyes, fur, 2 ears, 4 legs, and a tail im not going to want to stay on your hub or even be interested in looking at it past the first paragraph. But if you draw the reader in, and really get them to look at your hub and read it, it will result in better ads and a chance at better clicks!(enhanced revenue) Also the title is key! Not to bring you down at all but to use one of your articles as an example, you have one titled:

"Does A Hamburger have a HAM in it?"
That doesnt want me to read it at all... The word hamburger has "HAM" in it and most people know that its made out of cow meat not pig meat. Its stuff like this that makes me want to laugh because its too simple minded. I would expect a titled like that from a 1st grader and not a Hubber. Try something like "What makes a hamburger...Do YOU know?" That would at least be a better look at the topic and may at least give me a chance to ponder... "Hmm...I wonder if that will teach me something I didnt know."

Hope this helps,


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sarovai profile image

sarovai 6 years ago

Good.Newbie's should understand this subject.Thank u for sharing.

KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

KoffeeKlatch Gals 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

It's so true, you have to write about a subject people are looking for. Good job.

2besure profile image

2besure 5 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

This is something I did not know when I first started writing online. Great information!

pratoocool profile image

pratoocool 5 years ago

Thanks, thranax for discussing such a useful stuff.

vinsanity 5 years ago

This is some good stuff for the noobs (including me!) here on hubpages.

BennyTheWriter profile image

BennyTheWriter 5 years ago from Northeastern U.S.A.

Awesome advice! Kind of hilarious, too!

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