Funny and Weird Keywords Leading People to My Hubpages

Here are some funny and weird keywords people are searching for and landing on my hubpages.  I have been with hubpages for 1 month and sometimes I wonder why people would click on my page after searching for something so obviously different.  I guess that is why it is important to have a great lead in sentence to suck people in that aren't even looking for your articles.

Landing Page
apple health benefits
A List of Commonly Used Pro Tools 8 Shortcuts on Mac
"google buzz" format links
How to Make it Doing Voice Overs
curly hair pictures
How to Make it Doing Voice Overs
eyes love
How to Make it Doing Voice Overs
how to get illegal cash
How to Make it Doing Voice Overs
chi-chi's recipes
How to Make it Doing Voice Overs
cities to visit in canada
DIY Recording Studio Soundproof Closet Vocal Booth
homemade cnc plasma cutter
DIY Recipe for How to make your own Liquid Laundry Detergent
how to convert rubberband glider to ir remote controlled gilder
How To Download Pro Tools Plugins Free
buy a yard cart online
Collecting Mercury Dimes : A Comprehensive How to Guide

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