Are there Really any Google AdSense Secrets; That are Legal?

Yes of course it is, why wouldn't it be.

Well,well,well you are interested in Google AdSense I see.

First things first, you will need to realize something before you go any further. This is a business and will need to be treated like one if you are going to succeed.

Something you will learn in this business with Google Adsense is that everyone wants to make money, but not everyone will be trying their best.

These are individuals that put in the least amount of work and expect grand results.

This just won't happen.

Believe me, I know quite a few of these jokers, and they will stop at nothing to try and get ahead.

But enough about that....I am not saying this can't and won't be fun.

You just need to have a mind set that Google AdSense is a Real-Business, your Business.

There is plenty of people out there to lend you a helping hand, all you have to do is ask for it.

Just remember that no-one will offer you help, if you do not help yourself.

Try to keep in mind that this is a goal-oranitated business.

Most individuals like myself set personal goals in terms of how much we would like to shoot for each day in terms of Google AdSense revenue.

Say for example you set a realist goal of $25 dollars per day, do you have a way of getting to that number, a plan of the sorts, maybe even a written way of doing this.

Are you familiar on how you can incorporate Google AdSense into your websites, blogs, or even hubs?

Do you have a plan to do this?

This is why Google AdSense is a business, there are many different ways you could go about it.

Trial and error are the most effective ways to learn what works best for you.

Google + AdSense = Money

Before you get all excited and start spending your money before you even make it.

You will need to realize something, sorry to burst your bubble but it is said that only 1/4 that is 25% of publishers that use Google AdSense make the minimum monthly threshold.

This is very import information to keep in mind.

You might need to read that over a few times back to yourself, or heck even yell it out.

Just so you understand the odds. The odds of winning that is.

When you realize that there is a possibility you won't make any money, you have reached the other 75% that are sitting in the same boat.

This does not come easy, and will not make you a millionaire over-night.

If you are looking for that, then find a get-rich-quick scheme and be prepared to get ripped off!

Sorry, but it is the truth.

There is no such thing as instant- gratification with making money online.

Like I keep stressing and will continue to, until it sinks in....This is a REAL BUSINESS, REAL PEOPLE, make REAL MONEY.

People who do earn income online have methods that work for them that are proven time and time again.

In this business you will have to build up, and will be your sole responsibility if you want to work for you.

Your Time is Money

You will have to set goals and determine how much you would like to make with Google AdSense.

Wouldn't it be great if there was a way you could predict how much money you were going to get on a daily basis.

Time to wake up........

Your dreaming again......

Unfortunately it is almost impossible to know that.

You can however have an idea of which days will be better for you , then others.

Then take what you learned and tweek it a bit. 

Like I said before this is a never-ending learning game.

There is good news though, you do get paid with real money.

I know, I know 5 & 10 cent clicks isn't your idea of retirement. 

But you have to remember that their are other factors involved here.

Keywords and links play a large role in being successful at this business. 

Always keep an eye on what you are doing at all times.

Money will fluctuate with Google AdSense.

Make some one day and not the others. This is typical when you first start out.

What Are You Wanting To Gain Threw Google AdSense?

What kinds of goals are you setting for yourself?

Are they realistic with you just starting out?

Or are they un-realistic?

For me $25-$50 a day is what I shoot for.

Do I always get this? Most of the time yes, and not to brag, sometimes more.

When I first started I shot for $1 a day and didn't get to that for almost a full year.

But with trial and error I achieved my goals.

You can too with some elbow grease and dedication  to ones self.

Believe in yourself and write.

I follow 3 fundamentals that have gotten me to where I am today and that is :


"RRW" building blocks to my on-going success!

Final Note

Put yourself in the right mindset and get serious.

Create a business plan and set goals.

Content should be your #1 priority.


Good could be pretty scary out there....

What about You

How much do you make on Google Adsense a month?

  • less then $10
  • more then $50
  • more then $250
  • $500+
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Comments 4 comments

Neil74 profile image

Neil74 5 years ago

Thank you very much for this hub. Very honest and very down to earth.

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 4 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

Thank you very much Neil74 for your comment.

jenubouka 4 years ago

This was a very motivating and realistic approach on earning with Adsense. I think people tend to want to glamorize the money aspect yet not want to do the work or have the patience to endure a long waiting process to see any real money. You have broken it down and simplified what in fact one must expect in order to actually profit form the Adsense journey.

Awesome hub, Thank you.

christopher9882 profile image

christopher9882 4 years ago from Chicago, IL Author

You are welcome Jenubouka. I did try and give an honest breakdown and realistic facts about Adsense. Yet some tend to think it just happens overnight with any-old content splattered on a page.

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