Travel and Make a Living: How to ‘Google Adsense’ Your Way Around the World

It’s one of those dream situations. Well certainly one that I would dream about had I the inclination! Travelling the world, seeing sights that you never knew existed, and generally being freed from what amounts to a noose around so many necks…that word that appears so often with little full stops after each letter. ‘ Voldermort’ is easier to say…it’s the J.O.B.. Whilst you are checking your bank balance, or even your free home accounting software, you are being frozen out of what could be a potential life style with a difference.

You see, unless daddy is happy for you to spend his fortune, or you have worked very hard for many years this kind of dream remains just that for many. But not all. And it’s not quite so out of reach of the normal human being as you might think, because this thing called the internet has changed the playing field for ever, and whilst some people find that they can now work from home, and only go into the office once or twice a week, commuting a couple of hundred miles a time: some travel the world. The solution is to make money with Google Adsense.

1.  Love to write to make Google Adsense money

Top tip: if you are looking to earn money with Google Adsense, make sure that rather than writing whatever you feel like you are writing for the things people are looking for.   This may mean doing some research.  But it's no different than working for an editor who commissions you to go.  This system isn't for those who want to do it their own way, it's for people who are willing to work with the system, and take advantage of the enormous potential.

It’s true, if you know how to write then you can make money from it. And you don’t need to find yourself a publisher. So what do you need to do to be able to make money from your writing, and perhaps free yourself to travel the world?

This is all well and good, but of course you can’t do anything at all if you don’t like writing. Of course you have to have skills, but you can acquire those. You have to have something to say, but I have learnt that in this connected world there is always someone who wants to hear you. All you have to do really is to be able to find the people who want to hear.

2. Problems of getting published

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When you are a writer it isn’t much fun sending in manuscripts into countless publishers only to get them rejected.  And the point is that it isn’t always the fault of the writer’s talents.  And many a publisher has regretted that they didn’t put their trust in an unknown talent.

Having worked for a publishing company I can tell you that the problem is called the ‘schedule’.  The schedule is the result of a publisher’s hard and diligent work to ascertain what the buying audience want, and then they put out to all their existing writers looking for someone who will create just what they want.  Often the schedule is some 12-18 months ahead of a book publishing.  The problem is that if your unsolicited manuscript doesn’t fit into their schedule then you will be rejected, no matter how good you are.  The schedule is attached to the budget, and the budget is tied to the projects to be published.  Who would want to risk putting a project you’re more sure of to one side and put the budget into an unknown?  Yet that is what thousands of hopefuls do every year.

What you really need is a way of being paid for your writing, in the same way that you would be paid (by commission…then through royalities), without the publisher getting in your way.

Use the opportunities of the internet and create a friendly Google Adsense site, monetized with ads.

1.    This is where the internet comes in.  On the internet you are able to completely by pass a publisher.  And in many ways which I will get onto your way of getting paid is very similar to the royalties scenario.

There are many ways that you can make money on the net from writing.  The first is to be paid directly for producing content.  Anyone can apply to a freelance online company and start writing.  That’s the direct payment method and it’s effective.

However, the best way takes much, much longer.  You can blog.  Not just about the things that you would love to say, but the things that people want to know about.  And you can find that out, and set a reasonable price to be paid for your efforts.  The answer is with Google Adsense.

Understand how you can write and earn from Google

Let’s break down a little what you are actually trying to achieve.  You want to be able to find out what it is that people are wanting to know.  It’s a bit like accessing that publisher’s books and knowing what it is that they want you to write.  No more trying to second guess and send in random manuscripts.

You use the Google keyword tool to do this.  It’s simple enough: use the tool to find out what people are looking for!  Just put in your search words and away you go.  Now of course, any publisher will tell you that you need to be fairly precise and when you start writing for the web you are faced with the same challenges, otherwise you will just disappear into the mush of writing that is on the web.  You want to stand out from the crowd, so to do that you need to write about exactly what people want to know.  So leave behind those short one or two words, and start writing for long phrases that you find in the keyword tool.  But don’t just write for anything, oh no!

There is a lot of chat on the internet about making money from Google, and making money online from adsense.  And most of it tells you that google adsense earnings come as a result of choosing the highest cents per click keywords you can.  I am here to say that just isn’t true.  A much better way of writing is to choose keywords with low competition, but lots of traffic.  You can judge competition in a couple of ways: you can use what’s called page rank of the top 4 sites that show for any keywords, and if they are lower than 2 then it’s worth going for.  Or you can simply look at the little green bar and if it’s really small then you can write.  Your traffic needs to be over 1000 a month to be worth it.  Then include 4 related keywords in your article.  If you write for hubpages you can soon discover just what is worth writing for and what isn’t, and it’s very easy to do!

Finally, once you do know what keywords have value you can start writing other articles to do with that subject and just keep publishing them.  Do you have to be interested in the subject?  No, but it helps.

And if you are a writer with the ambition of paying your way around the globe with a laptop, a dongle and your creativity, then it’s worth going for. 

Earning a living with adsense means being always ready to make notes of inspiration
Earning a living with adsense means being always ready to make notes of inspiration

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viking305 profile image

viking305 5 years ago from Ireland

What an excellent article! I love the title 'How to ‘Google Adsense’ Your Way Around the World'

Yes I do agree with everything you say here. I went down that road for many years of getting articles published in magazines. But oh it was so slow!

Now with the help of the HubPages writing site I can write and publish what I like. I DO love writing so I am in heaven writing and earning a good bit of money from Google Adsense.

I am here 10 months and it took 6 months to finally start getting paid but well worth it.

But like you say here you have to be prepared to learn the rules if you want to earn money writing online.

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