Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliates - Whats Best? - A Comparison


Having spent the first few months of my hubbing focusing on Google adsense I felt that it was time to explore another type of affilliate - this happened to be Amazon. Unsure of where to start and how the whole thing worked I started off more than just a little bit slow! It took me nearly a month to figure that Google pay per click, whereas Amazon pay a referal rate for each item sold. I used to look at the "increase your refferal rate to 6% by reffering another 7 products" and wonder what on earth it all meant! Now I am pleased to say that I am happily making reasonable money from each affiliate program and earning have so far been pretty equally balanced.

Which is easier to begin with?

I think that publishing hubs aimed towards adsense ads is easier to begin with. The best way to this is to look at what is being advertised on google, and to make a page revolving around the ad. My best google adsense page has made me over £70 in 3 months. I wasn't expecting this page to be one of my better ones and I was quite suprised when i styarted to seeing the viewings and the click rates! I have many other adsense aimed sites on the other hand that I expected to well, but they fell extremely low on expectation. I have found playing around is in fact the best way to learn. You can read pages that claim to offer you advice, and noticeably there are many of these pages being published on hubpages - but at the end of the day if you read them all you will notice that most contradict each other in one way or another. Everyone has heard of the saying - "Practise makes perfect"... Well don't forget it. You need to try to concentrate on being original and when you have a page title in mind, you should check on

Google to see how many results are already showing. If there is millions upon millions then you are probably wasting your time. The wording of the title is of great importance, but at the same time you need to make sure that people will use your wording when conducting their search.

When should I move onto Amazon?

Once you are comfortable with publishing pages and you are happy with the traffic that is being created, you can start to look for gaps in the internet. If you can find these gaps then you will be laughing - providing you create good pages that will entice people to buy. When creating your page you need to show some salesmanship and really aim towards selling the products. The best results are usually found when a good review of the product is given, and an honest one at that.

The beauty of aiming your pages towards amazon is that you will have double chance of making money, as the google ads will still appear.

Which has the most potential? Adsense of Amazon?

It is important to realise that there is huge potential in both. If you write one off and aim towards just one then you will struggle to make any really impressive earnings. If you have both in mind when making a page then your page will make you more money - sounds pretty simple right? What I mean by this is to take into consideration which ads google are placing and if they are good and you have a gap in the market, AND you have Amazon products that you can sell also, then you have a chance of making a really special page.

After just 2 months of working with Amazon, my earnings had matched that of my adsense ones. Therefore in the long run I think that the Amazon has more potential for earnings - however my best money making page is still through google adsense clicks.

Amazon has matched my google sales because I have been lucky. You do not have to sell the products you are aiming to sell; As long as someone goes through your page first and makes a purchase then you will get your refferal rate. I have experienced some bulk buyers which has helped my refferal rate increase and made me some great one off sales.

Too much talk about backlinks

People tend to spend too much time talking about backlinks when in fact they should be spending more time on making their pages more impressive. Attention to detail and the quality of the information in your hub is most important - this is not necessarily the case however.

It is important to enjoy what you are doing and what you are writing about. If you enjoy doing it, then your enthusiam will rub off on others, and if it takes you a little time to start making money then you will not mind quite so much because at least you will be enjoying yourself.

UK Tax Laws

Unfortunately we are supposed to pay tax on our earnings through blogging and hubbing. You can find out more information on the following page.

Please share with us what program you think has the most potential for earnings.........

Which do you think has more potential?

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Planning and Research

People too often forget about the importance of planning and research. Planning should accumulate for 70% of the time for any project. Therefore if you are making a page that takes 1 hour to make, the it should have taken you at least 2 hours of research and planning before making it.

Spend some time reading and learning about what you are doing and will help you in the long run more than you can ever imagine. The google adsense for dummies book is a little more advanced than the title but is generally pretty basic. Whereas the Adsense Code book is more in depth and for the serious web wizard who wants to suceed is becoming an entrapreneur. Both are great and have some excellent tips and information!


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skye2day profile image

skye2day 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

Well Hello terryandco, Thank you for the 'hot' tips. I have been at this for many months. I believe I will reap a harvest, but it has taken time. I think anything has to be built on solid ground, first. You have great info in your hub and share awesome principals for a strong foundation. I will keep this in mind and bookmark the hub. I know this could have saved me some headache's.

Thank you for visiting my hubs and your gracious comment. Hub pages has led me back to the first love of my life 'writing' It is an awesome community of talented writers.

I have joined your ranks and look forward to returning.

Hugs + + +

babor_7uiu 6 years ago

Wow……. i have nice information in this site thanks webproworld member for sharing this information

sarahsherlock 6 years ago

Great information and a great hub- thanks

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