Guest posting on hubpages - let me write for you!

I have been considering for a while whether or not to offer my writing services to other hubbers. We know that you can gain money from other hubs by using link text with a tracker code. We also know that a really good way of getting traffic coming to your site is to link various hubs together.

We also know that the secret of making money on Hubpages is by building up traffic as much as possible, and it appears that the more regularly you post the more visitors you get. But posting regularly is a pain to many people, they just can't get the time to be able to do it.

Well I would like to take this one step further and merge a blogger's traffic trick with the hub pages community.

There is no limit on the number of links that a hub has outwards, as long as you aren't linking to more than 2 affiliate accounts.

Bring all that together and I am offering, free of charge, to start writing for other people

Initially I don't want to write about anything that I have to extensively research. Although I enjoy that side of things, it can be time consuming. So I am happy to write about anything that I currently have on my own hub at any one time. As I extend my own knowledge base I will happily write to that phrase.

  • Take a moment to check out my hubs and see what is currently on offer.

I will also be keeping a record of all the hubs that I write for others and I will seek to link those hubs together, as well as writing to link in my own hubs - I have to profit from this somewhere! Otherwise I couldn't be offering to do this for you for F*R*E*E

Yes, you read it. No charge.

All that you will have to do, once I have written, is to upload the article according to the template that I will provide. It should take you no more than a few minutes to do so as it will be just copy and paste. If there are any pictures or videos I will include the relevant links. If any pictures need editing in size then I will provide those on another server with a link to them.

If you want to monetize further by using amazon, ebay etc. then I will leave that in your hands.

Once you have published your new hub - and I will be adding you to my favourites list so I will know when you have - then I will check that you have included the relevant in-text links so that I can keep building up the link net. You will be getting links back to YOUR hub as I write for others, all building your traffic and potential money.

All links will use the link function at the bottom of the page, so do make sure that you have your trackers active!

Final thoughts...

As far as I am concerned I want to benefit you guys as much as possible (and me of course). That means I need to be writing to phrases that will really enhance your monetization, and there are particular techniques that I use to be able to achieve that. These I will share with those who want to take part in this activity because you will need to do that research yourself. You will have to do the research, but I will even show you a really cool way of finding what those words and phrases are. It balances high money adsense clicks with strong traffic.

Then there is the automated system that I will introduce you to....

You will have other tasks to do yourself to get the full benefit from this, but it won't take you all that long and I have a full list of things you need to do which I have gleaned from other successful hubbers. It will take you less time to do these tasks than it does me to write for you in the first place!

So what are you waiting for? Leave me a comment to say that you are interested and I will get in touch with you by email. That way I can manage my time and not over commit myself.

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axelwc profile image

axelwc 6 years ago

I am very interested. You may contact me as soon as possible!

Canklefish profile image

Canklefish 6 years ago from East Coast

Quite an interesting offer, and a very well written Hub...

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