hubbing yourself senseless

writers block or idea famine can ruin your flow

If you have spent time recently on reading lots of other hubs and hopping through others, making comments and signing up to follow fellow hubbers then good on you.

Can I say this is a very good way to see the themes and interesting hubs out there however if it is not inspiring you to write your own - and let's face it this is why you signed up is it not? - then you need to take your eyes off the screen for uno momento and do a 360 of your surroundings.

What's the noise in your life right now? What are the aches, pains, high's, lows? Who makes you smile, laugh, scream, cry and why? What is your key skill in life (apart from writing doh!) What got you here? Who's trending and how does 'their story' relate to you and what you do?

Last thing you want to do is reinvent the wheel if that particular hub is already out there, however your perspective and take on life and all that goes on within it are always different to anyone else.

Yes we have similar beliefs and opinions to others from time to time, but overall as an individual you are unique in your mindset and how you go about applying the values and beliefs instilled in you from a young age.

Not only are you unique all your life experience is unique too and believe it or not you can take any situation from your life and bring it to life for your readers. You just need to stop panicking that the stream of hubs you want to publish are never going to appear in your head. They are already there waiting to be unleashed and shared with us all, through humour, serious or a combination of both.

Your hub is overflowing, so hub up and get on with hubbing!

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Website Examiner 5 years ago

Something about this hub calls for a comment. It seems to me that your ideas evolve around writing that is personal in nature, or that has a personal vantage point, which may be closer to a blogger-style of writing than Hubing. Most hubs are knowledge-based articles that seek to get ahead in the search engines. This said, I see nothing wrong with your ideas, and I'm sure you won't have any troubles being productive. Welcome, and good luck!

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gcm0904 5 years ago Author

thanks for your comment. You are right in what you say. I think however the style and persona to engage the reader comes from "who you are". I certainly do not think you have to personalise the hub or the blog or whatever you use by name or specific experience as such. I do believe and have observed from experience, using personal experience can give your writing a slant that others cannot duplicate. If writing comes to you naturally your life can arm you with knowledge to write for others, whether its a particular niche or hobby or anything of interest to anyone. Even the tone of voice you use (which is your own personal tone of voice) is individual and can either garner support and following or completely switch the reader off. Thanks again for reading my hub and giving your views. Much appreciated!

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