How To Create Adsense Channels For Individual Hubs

Adsense with Hubpages

One of the main advantages that Hubpages has over many other writing sites is the ability to use your own Google Adsense account to track your earnings.  You are able to see in near-real time how your articles are doing, and what income is coming in.  

Adsense, like most of the other Google products, give you an array of ways to manage your articles.  You can create custom channels to manage individual articles.  The major advantage to micro-managing your articles this way is if in article has a much higher CTR (click through rate) than the rest, you can pinpoint which it is and copy it's layout for other articles.

If you are not yet comfortable navigating Adsense, spend some time with it and read the help sections on Channels before beginning this task.

Getting Started

For the sake of keeping this article fairly short, I'm going to assume that you already have a channel set up to track all of your articles together.  If not visit the Hubpages FAQ regarding Adsense to learn how.

Log in to Adsense, like you would to check your stats, and click "Adsense Setup" then "Channels" to get the channels screen.

Create URL Channel

From the "Channels" screen click on "URL Channel" to switch from the default "Custom Channel"

This brings a box that allows you to enter the URL's that you want to track.  It's helpful to have two tabs open here.  One with Adsense and the other with your Hubpages account.  Now copy the URL of each article that you want to create a channel for into the box, hit enter to make a new line for each.

When finished click "Add Channels".

Check the screenshot for more details.

You're Finished!

You've created your new channels!  It may take a couple of days for the channels to report properly and you won't see anything on the dashboard until there is some action on that channel.

Micro-manage away!!

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earnestshub profile image

earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

Thanks for this clear easy to understand hub. Well done!

The Empire profile image

The Empire 7 years ago from Napa, CA Author

Thank you very much!

andrewagmacker profile image

andrewagmacker 7 years ago

Very good! I was looking for that more did not know who gave it to channel url. Already using Adsense on my sites.

Thank you!

The Empire profile image

The Empire 7 years ago from Napa, CA Author

I'm glad I could help!

bayareagreatthing profile image

bayareagreatthing 7 years ago from Bay Area California

Thank you for the step by step instructions- you made it very easy to set up!

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