How To Write and Profit With Hub Pages and Adsense

It All Began With Just A Few Cents

How To Profit With Hub Pages and Adsense

I can't count the times that I have read the question, "Can I really make money with Hub Pages?" You'll see them in different Hubs and in the forum. Well I am here to say yes absolutely yes !!! If however you are expecting to make a fortune overnight, you better go play the lottery instead. Becoming profitable with Hub Pages and Adsense is not luck, instead it does take an effort on your part. Notice I said the word "effort" and not a monetary investment. Where else can you have as many sites as you want on the net, have them all listed on Google and all other major search engines and never spend a dime ? If you are a newbie, you'll soon learn that in order to have your own website, you have to purchase a domain name, monthly hosting charges not to mention the monotonous job of submitting your site to each individual major search engine so that it can be found. Another huge positive is that "Google" just loves Hub Pages. By that I mean within 2-4 days after completing your article you will find that your site has already been listed by Google, Yahoo and most of the other search engines that really matter. Which page your article is listed on will depend on you and your efforts and preparations. The following information is aimed at giving the new "Hubbers" a step by step guide in getting started with their new venture. I am 56, not really of the computer generation so if I was able to profit from Hub Pages ,anyone can. There are many more and more informative hubs relating to this subject but hopefully this is the method that I used. Hopefully someone can get some benefit from it, learn to write their first hub and then move onto the more technical and informative hubs.

I guess like most of us did in the beginning, I wrote my first hub without alot of research and preparation and then just sat back and waited for the adsense money to start rolling in. I knew nothing about things like keywords, SEO or anything. I simply wrote my story. Needless to say, The money "rolled" very slowly if at all. I bought every e-book and software that I ran across. It didn't take long until I had emptied my banking account and of course my wife was really proud of "her little man". A few months later I ran across a free article called "Bumm Marketing. This article taught me the importance of keywords and to learn which ones to use and which ones to stay away from. Basically for example, if I wanted to do an article about dogs, don't try and compete with the millions of other people doing the same. Instead narrow my keyword search down to something like how to buy a certain breed of dogs or basic care of a new puppy. This way the competition is not near as fierce. After that I wrote my second article and again everyday I would check my adsense totals everyday. I did begin to see a few cents every now and then, quickly got discouraged and forgot all about my Hub Pages career. But then a funny thing hasppened about 3 months later. I went to the mailbox and got a letter from Google. I couldn't imagine why they would send me a letter, but after opening it I discovered a check for $103.00. I couldn't be more excited than if it had been a thousand. Needless to say this is all it took to get me fired up. I began to read everything I could find about Hub Pages and Adsense. Most of it was too technical for my knowledge level, but I read it anyway. The next article I spent more time researching keywords and trying to find just the right images to fit my article. The money slowly increased and then I went through a painful divorce and I stopped writing again. Funny thing was is that the 3 articles that I had written didn't stop earning me money. It was then that I realized the potential that Hub Pages held. Afterall where else can I make money while I slept from something that I had written a year earlier and really had forgotten about. I also realized that if I put forth the effort, in time this could really help in my retirement years. It's kind of like "planting seeds, forgetting about them and in time they grow with no further effort from me. Now how cool is that ? Finally after getting my personal life on a more even keel I have began to write again and this time I take it much more serious. Although I am certainly not making a bundle, I went from making $100 every 4-6 months to now making approx. $150.00 every month and growing daily. Like I said not a bundle, but afterall all I have invested is a little time and absolutely no money whatsoever.

Getting Better

The "How To Section"

Okay now to the "meat and potatoes" section on how I write. First off I try to think of content that I personally know about. I learned very quickly that my original content always did better than trying to "spin" other "private label articles, that are available everywhere on the net. A good rule of thumb is filling in the blanks to " how to --------" or "how to get rid of ---------". Please don't tell yourself that you don't have anything to write about. No matter how simple or how complex, you do know something that others are interested in learning about. What you do for a living, a hobby, recipes are an excellent scource of subject matter. Check the "Idea bank" on Hub Pages. Take the time to read other people's hubs. You can come up with one idea and write several hubs from that one idea.

After you have decided on a topic, take the time to locate several good images. This also can be free. There are several sites that offer free images but I have found that " Google " has an excellent selection. They offer both paid and free images, they even pay you to upload pictures that you may have taken, so give them a shot. Next I do my keyword research. Again if you do a google search for keyword tools you'll find plenty however I use " Word Stream Keyword Tool", because it extremely simple to use and it requires no downloads. Jot down several good keywords that you can use easily in your article.

When deciding on your title always try to use your main keyword in your title. This helps the user to find your article on Google. Now if there is one thing that will cause you to fail over everything else that would be distractions. Once you start your article stay away from your email account , shy away from clicking on advertisements, that will certainly stop your progress in its tracks. After finishing your hub, please take the time to proof read the article before publishing. As I said earlier after publishing, you should see your hub listed on Google in 2-4 days hopefully on the first page. Like anything else the more you write the better you'll become.

Next comes promoting your hub and this is where I will stop. Reason being there is one hub already written that I can't begin to improve on and that hub is titled " How I made $1000.00 In A Month With 13 Hubs". I myself have started following his directions and my traffic has exploded so please check his out.

In finishing just remember there is always something that you know that someone else needs to know, take the time to find the correct images and do your keyword research and most of all start writing and don't allow anything to distract you because in time your little nest egg will begin to grow. I know this is a very basic hub but again it is aimed at assisting the new hubbers. Good luck to all of you.

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tipsguru profile image

tipsguru 6 years ago

Inspiring hub.......OMG

redwards54 profile image

redwards54 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Thank you for reading and the comment.

Good luck you you.

onlinecashdigest profile image

onlinecashdigest 6 years ago from Manila, Philippines

Your story is really very inspiring, I am starting to get frustrated with my own blogging efforts but you have shown me that one should not give up. I am glad I have discovered Hubpages just recently and I immediately found that it is such a nice medium to bring your thoughts and ideas online.

redwards54 profile image

redwards54 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Good for you and thanks for the comment. I have tried MLM, and everything thing else out there with no luck. An old friend told me if you want to ever make any money just start writing , someone will be interested. Good luck to you.

IndikaT profile image

IndikaT 6 years ago from Kandy,Sri Lanka

Inspiring hub. Thanks a lot.

Paula Andrea, MA profile image

Paula Andrea, MA 6 years ago from www.mode of cosmic

Wow! What powerfully insightful information. So approachable and applicable. I have been at a loss, the entire time on Hub pages, as to how to make any money. (I still don't know for sure) But, your encouraging words genuinely inspire me to keep doing what I do. I simply write what I know and love. I really appreciate this 'down to earth' information. Best to you...

redwards54 profile image

redwards54 6 years ago from North Carolina Author

Well thank you Paula. As I wrote, so many people first think that you have to write something really technical. Actually all you have to do is write about something you know. I wrote one article about how to make vegetable beef soup. I think it is about 2 paragraphs long and that's it. However last year during the winter I had several days that I actually got approx. 200 hits in one day. I have learned to write articles that begin with

"How to do ________ or How to get rid of _________ . I have found it is the simplest of articles that do the best. It can be about anything, a recipe, a review about a movie that you saw or a review about anything else, it doesn't really matter. Also if you learn to use long tail keywords you will find that it is pretty easy to be listed on the first page or even the first position on the first page of google. Just remember these articles are like seeds that you plant. Just write them and forget them. As I said it is pretty cool to earn money while you are sound asleep and in time it will only get better. If you see another hub or website that you think is good and it has to do with the same subject matter as yours be sure and link to it, it will help your rankings with google. If there is something that I can help you with, feel free to email me at " ". If you do be sure and put " Do not delete " in the subject box, so that I open it. Also , I don't know if you'd be interested or not but I do know of another program that is free to join and very easy to do that I have made good money with, if interested let me know.

Thank you so much for your kind comment. Good luck Paula....... Rob

*mona profile image

*mona 6 years ago from Florida

Thank you fo sharing the meat and potatoes, I've been starving for a couple of months with only a nibble here and there about how this works.

firman afandi profile image

firman afandi 5 years ago

a very motivating hub, voted up

CharlesWells profile image

CharlesWells 5 years ago from Nashville, TN

Insightful hub. Include an Amazon capsule to make more money.

Roseline 5 years ago

This is very good information and I am going to give it a try I can do with the extra coin

lucybell21 profile image

lucybell21 4 years ago from Troy, N.Y.

I am not the best writer, but what I write is my own work, I can't even hit the 1$ mark a month. I have heard and read about people paying other people to write for them. I just want to make it on my own, and really I can not find time to start my own blog, just to much on my plate.

katyzzz profile image

katyzzz 4 years ago from Sydney, Australia

Few cents sums it all up for me, I shall make this hub a favourite so I may berre learn from it, you've picked a winner on this one.

MargaritaEden profile image

MargaritaEden 4 years ago from Oregon

Great inspirational hub, gives me hope that maybe one day I will actually make dollars not just cents :) Thank you.

Johnf460 20 months ago

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