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For what an audience ?

Star 8, I too am relatively new to this Hub thing, at 4 weeks, and can't account for the difference in scores, except to state to me what seems obvious, you probably need to write more, and with a little more focus.

It has been my (albeit, very limited) experience that picking a subject to write on is one of the harder things to do in creative writing., thus, with one exception, a not particularly popular piece about a bit of a sailing adventure I had some years ago, I have found that a good prompt is to answer one of the many interesting and challenging questions posed by those brighter (to me) souls who have the synaptic energy to create the questions in the first place. My hat is figurateively, off to them, because answering a simple question, or a complex one for that matter, seems a good way to get going.

One is not limited to being the first to answer a question either, any number of opinions seems to be acceptable.

My humble opinion, probably worth exactly what you paid for it, is that you may well be asking the wrong question. These Hub things seem to be a smorgasbord of ideas and writing prompts, the makings of a veritable orgy in word and thought, and it seems like you may have stopped at your first offering of thin gruel, rather than let the creative juices flow and the sauces to simmer and burst forth with the aroma of a well thickened stew.

Keep at it. The age old adage that practice makes perfect is no where better founded than in the evolving written word.

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Sa Toya profile image

Sa Toya 6 years ago from England

Cheers I needed this- Was thinking about giving this hub thing up

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