How google is optimizing the pages

How google is optimizing the search results??

The google is the word that was spelled mostly by the internet users every day.

More than facebook the google is always special for users.

Secret of google's success is always its speed and stability.

The new upgradation in theior service pand programming codes make the web easier and more easily accessible.

During this time the most web developers are trying to create websites and blogs to make money by placing google ads in thier website...

These are all the ways google givs us the way to have a better life.

What still i need is Information

google's optimization is the technical process that is carried out by the google and its search bot and technical algorithms which will check every web pages available on the net.

how spiders enter my site

The google spiders are the only way  used by google to reach every websites.

these spiders are nothing but a peice of programming codes. these codes will have certain algorithm and limitations.

when google spider find a webpage it will digg to the links in that page.

after that it will go through those links previously diged and then capture the links in these pages.

This process is repeating until the world stops. (i think so)

This is the way

By this way google optimizes every pages and it returns a good page results every time

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