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Deleting Hubs is Not Straight Forward

Today we decided to delete some Hubs from HubPages. Compared to other sites - especially Snipsly dot com - we have found HubPages to be an under performer. For this reason we wanted to ensure we did not dilute the value of our articles and ensure they could only be read on Snipsly where we receive 80% of Google Adsense revenue. It must be easy to delete a hub you are thinking - why write a Hub dedicated to this procedure?

We thought it would be easy to delete Hubs. There must be a delete button prominently displayed. However, it was not easy to delete our Hubs and no, there is no prominent delete button. Don't despair, although deleting Hubs is made difficult, it can be done. Follow this procedure:

1) Go to you account and locate the Hub/s you want to delete

2) Click on the Edit button

3) Click the Done Editing button - this is found at the top of the Hub in edit mode

4) You will now see a panel at the top of the page on that you will find a tab with Delete on it CLICK IT

5) You will now be asked if you want to delete the Hub

6) Click "YES" on this panel

7)Once you have followed all the above you will see a new page telling you that this Hub is now deleted

8) When you try and leave this page you will be asked if you want to leave this page - CLICK YES and you will be allowed to leave this page.

9) If you now require to delete another Hub you will have to go through this process again, again, and again

Something tells us that HubPaged don't want us to be able to delete our Hubs! That's nothing, we found that it is impossible to delete articles published on Triond where there is a delete button. This is because every time we click the delete button an error message shows and the delete button does not work. Strange that... eh?

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gqgirl profile image

gqgirl 6 years ago from Georgia

very useful! thanks

Enterbackspace3 profile image

Enterbackspace3 5 years ago

i can not find the delete link. I am trying it for unpublished hub. how to remove the unpublished hub.

webtude profile image

webtude 5 years ago

Thanks. I wanted to delete one they called over promotional ( i didn't agree but the pages don't bring me any traffic or income so rather than argue, I wanted to dump it)that had a lot of good info in it. I could not figure out how to delete it until I read this. Much appreciated!

JimmieWriter profile image

JimmieWriter 4 years ago from Memphis, TN USA

Thanks. Needed to delete a new video hub and change over to a regular one. This helped me find the delete button.

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