How to Increase Your Adsense Earnings on HubPages

In the last few hubs that I’ve written, I’ve mainly been talking very generally about making money with HubPages. Some of them are quite general indeed and don’t offer a whole lot of information, and I’ve done that for a reason – to increase my adsense earnings.

But since I’m in a generous mood I thought I’d write a hub that was actually useful for readers looking to increase their adsense HubPages earnings. So here it is.

Now I’m going to assume that you already have an adsense account and have set it up in your HubPages affiliate settings (if you haven’t you can read how to do this at the stay at home mom make money online hub that I wrote yesterday).

Finding High CPC Keywords

You next step is to write hubs with keywords that are both easy to rank for, and also have a high cost per click (CPC) amount.

Let’s first go over the general areas that earn the most money with adsense. Probably the most well known and well paying keywords are from the areas of:

Insurance and Accidents (particularly motor insurance), investing (such as forex), weight loss, education and internet marketing.

Physical product keywords also do well.

Now we need to find out the CPC of those keywords. Pop over to the Google Adwords Keywords Tool and plug your keywords into the top. I’ll use the term bicycle for this example.

In the drop down box Views (top right of the keyword list) and then customise columns, select the column Estimated Avg. CPC.

You can sort by Estimated Avg CPC by Clicking on that column heading so you can sort by the highest CPC to lowest.

When I did the search, I can see that bicycle insurance has the highest CPC at $4.29.

What is a good CPC to choose?

Anything over $1.00 is usually a good CPC for me to choose but sometimes I’ll go lower. You can drill down again if you want to get more keywords.

Now I’m guessing that ‘bicycle insurance’ is a highly competitive keyword (most insurance keywords are) so I might not choose that one. From the list I particular like’ bicycle trailer’ as it sounds like I could write a good article about it.

So there you go, how to choose good keywords to increase your HubPages Adsense earnings. Next hub I’ll write about checking the competition to see if you can rank your hub high in the search engines, and other ways to get traffic to your hub.

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hospitalera profile image

hospitalera 6 years ago

Sorry, but that is really only half the story. You forgot to mention how to evaluate the competition for a keyword, which search volume it has and what is the best way to monetize it. Oh, and not to forget, if the writer knows anything about the keyword in question or just re-writes content already present on the internet. SY

traceye profile image

traceye 6 years ago from Australia Author

Totaly agree ;) But I like to keep my hubs short at around 400 words so I could only cover one thing. Those topics will have to be for other hubs. Besides I need to keep some secrets for that scammy ebook I plan on writing for Clickbank one day - LOL.

sarmack profile image

sarmack 6 years ago from Washington

You consideration in keeping your hubs to a shorter length, is appreciated! It is difficult to gather all the information in longer hubs and, frankly, I get bored and move on to the next when they are really long!!!

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

I agree with sarmack - longer hubs are tedious unless they are reaaaalllly interesting. Thanks for all the tips traceye. I will try to find the CPC concept more.

pertibha321 profile image

pertibha321 5 years ago from india

ya that may be right but still when you give 50 and take 50 back its not sign of an honest writer.i hope you are earning good money with adsense may be more then with me but i suggest you to be honest in writing and give as much as much you can to your readers.Hubpages is not to make money only i think or is it?

traceye profile image

traceye 5 years ago from Australia Author

Huh? Are you saying that you think a writer isn't being honest if they are paid for their work? I will have to disagree with you here. And of course Hubpages is to make money - you do see the ads on here don't you. Someone earns money if people click those ads. That is either you or Hubpages. If you wanted to write without earning anything then you would choose a clean blog yourself and add no form of monetisation at all.

Look I'm all for the struggling for his/her art writer but honey I want to get paid for what I write.

Doesn't mean that what I write is false though. Just means that if I write a kick ass article that advertisers are drooling over themselves to be a part of, I want a share of that income.

You should treat your writing with integrity and expect to be paid every penny for it too.

Debbie Snack cake profile image

Debbie Snack cake 3 years ago from Iowa

I totally enjoyed reading this hub; and I appreciated the input you have from your research...I'm new at hubbing and I hope to see more people reading my hubs someday too...Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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