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Grouping Your Hubs

Linking your hubs with your other hubs is an important thing. Such links help the readers to visit your other hubs on related subjects, and at the same time it increases page views. It also helps to increase you page rank in search results.

Linking Hubs or pages is very easy.

There are three ways to link a Hub. First is to create groups of your hubs. To create groups, follow these steps:

1. Go to My Account

2. Under Hubs Tab, you will see a box at left. Click on Groups link in the box

3. Click on Add New Group and type group name. Then click on Add Group button. The name should be related to the subject of the Hubs under the group. You can create several groups according to the subjects on which you write.

4. After creating a new Hub, it will appear in Orphan Hubs Group. Click on Orphan Hubs, Then move the cursor on the new Hub and drag it to the appropriate group

Grouping your hubs will link each of your hub in that group to neighboring hubs.

Grouping creates links to neighboring hubs (above)
Grouping creates links to neighboring hubs (above)
Linking a text in the text capsule
Linking a text in the text capsule

Creating Links Within Your Hubs

To create a link to your other hubs, just select the text in the text capsule you want to link. Then click on the link button. A box will appear. (See the image below). Just insert the link in the Url box and click on Insert Button. Always Copy-Paste the link instead of typing it. It will avoid errors.

Linking Through Link Capsules

You can link your Hubs using link capsules. A great benefit of linking through link capsule is you can add summary of linked Hubs to each link.

To link your Hubs by this way, just follow these steps:

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Lisas-thoughts101 profile image

Lisas-thoughts101 4 years ago from Northeast Texas

Thanks, jainismus

This was very easy to understand. I have been trying to figure out how to link my hubs to each other and I finally understand how to do it now. I really appreciate your step by step instructions. I have read another of your hubs and enjoyed it as well.


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