How to Make Money Online When You Are a Stay at Home Mom

Since I am a stay at home mum that makes money online, I often get asked how you can do that so you don’t have to go back to working full time (and thank goodness that I don’t, just thinking about that commute to work makes me cringe errgh.)  Plus I’m not good with people (bosses) telling me what to do, but that’s another story altogether LOL.

So since I was already a writer, I decided that I would make money online by writing articles and creating websites.  This is what I do now.

So if you’d also like to do that too, but don’t know where to start, then keep reading.

I really think that if you are a complete newbie to internet marketing that you should start writing for one of the revenue sharing sites online such as this one HubPages.  There are lots of others as well that I like including,, and  (There are actually many many more but these are the most common and the ones that I use).

From these sites you can earn a percentage share of the advertising revenue from the pages/articles that you create.  HubPages is 60/40.  (You get 60%).  Plus they seem to rank really well for me in Google which is why they are my favourite.

Anyway, one of the first things you’ll need to earn money from these sites is a Google Adsense account. 

So how do you get an adsense account?

If you already have a website online, then you can use that to apply with (they will want to see an example site that you have).  But if you don’t I suggest you go across to and start a blog there.  Google owns blogger so it’s easy to apply for adsense there.  Make at least five good posts of around 400 words each of original content.  (Original meaning that you wrote it yourself and didn’t just copy something else from online).

After that you can apply for adsense either through Blogger or directly to Google.

Once you get approved (it might take a few days) then you can add your adsense id to your hubpages account under the ‘my account’, ‘affiliate settings’ section.  Log in to your adsense account to get your code, which will look something like ca-pub-1234567890123456.

Put your code into the hubpages affiliate settings section.

Right now you are set up to earn adsense revenue from your articles. 

The next thing that you should apply for is an Amazon account.  I make the most money from HubPages from Amazon products that I promote.  Head over to the Amazon associates program page to apply:

They will ask for a website to apply with too.  Either use your website (if you have one) or your blogger blog that you created before.  Wait a few days and they should approve you too.  Grab your Amazon associates ID and place it in the HubPages affiliate section like before.

Your code will be something with -20 at the end of it.

Now you just add an Amazon capsule to your hub and you can earn money from the sales from it.

Cool. You can apply to all the other programs as well if you like. I also use eBay but don’t earn anything with them, and I don’t have a Kontera account so don’t use that.

When you get more experienced you can start tracking your traffic and the keywords that people used to find your hub with Google Analytics but it’s not necessary for earning money from.

And now of course you need to start writing hubs! If you have around 100 hubs then you might be earning around $50 or so from adsense and $150 from Amazon each month. Of course that depends on how much traffic you get to your hubs and the sort of products that you promote in them. I know one lady on hubpages that earns over $1000 a month with Amazon just from her hubpages, so it’s definitely possible.

After you write a few hubs you’ll get to know which of them are money makers and which are not – its great learning experience for when you are brave enough to start your own websites (where you can earn 100% of the advertising revenue!).

Good luck moms!

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Thamisgith profile image

Thamisgith 6 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

Well I'm not a stay at home mum - but it's excellent advice anyway! I can still remember how thrilled I was to see my first Adsense click some years ago. Now I make a lot more money with Amazon than Adsense - but it's a great way to start and to prove to yourself that it can be done. Nice Hub Traceye.

Chin chin profile image

Chin chin 6 years ago from Philippines

Good starting info for moms here in this hub, Traceye. I remember that it was through one of your hubs that I started off learning how to work with HubPages. What I still can't figure out is the how-to-earn with Amazon. Still have a lot to learn, I guess.

traceye profile image

traceye 6 years ago from Australia Author

Ok, I'll do a how to earn money with Amazon hub soon! Tracey :)

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

I too have had trouble earning with amazon although their ads are all on my hubs. Seems noone clicks them. I will look forward to your next hub.

stefanyamarie5 profile image

stefanyamarie5 5 years ago from La Crosse, WI

Nice Hub it was really helpful! THANKS

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