Amazon-Philippines Shipping Guide c/o Johnny Air Cargo

Amazon and Johnny Air Cargo

UPDATE: I just wrote a much more detailed post about this over at my blog. So if you want to read that you can head on over to that post: Amazon to Philippines shipping.

Amazon-Philippines Shipping is one of the biggest problems for local (Philippines) online shoppers. Amazon is a great place to buy items that aren’t available here but one of their biggest turnoffs is their policy to not ship a lot of items out of the US.

I’ve been wanting to buy a certain pair of earphones for a while now and when I saw that they were being sold on amazon for half the local retail price I jumped the gun. I’ve never bought anything online before so I was maybe halfway through the purchase process when I found out that shipping to the Philippines was not an option.

Luckily I didn’t give up immediately and through one of the forums I frequent I learned about Johnny Air Cargo.

The company basically caters to people like myself who need items shipped between the US and the Philippines.

How did I do it?

The process is actually rather easy. I found their employees to be helpful and informative.

  1. I called their local branch (Makati Branch 817-0781, SM branch 631-7101) and asked them about the service and what it involves. They actually have a couple of branches here in the Philippines so you can either give them a call or visit one of their branches.
  2. I talked to the employee that they assigned this type of service to and she explained how the whole thing works. I was hooked and so I gave her my email address and she sent me the email address of an employee in their foreign branch.
  3. I sent their foreign branch a query email and the lady abroad replied promptly. She explained that I can either buy the item myself with my credit card and have it shipped to their foreign branch or they can buy it for me and I pay the item price here in the Philippines plus a service fee. I chose the former option.
  4. I bought the Item from Amazon and inputted Johnny Air’s New York Branch office address in the part where Amazon asks for the shipping address.
  5. It took Amazon (Amazon seller) about 6 days to have the item shipped to Johnny Air and then 5 days to ship my earphones to the Philippines
  6. I then picked the item up from Johnny Air’s Makati branch and paid the shipping fee. Mine was only 900 pesos since earphones are really light. They have a standard rate per pound.

During the whole waiting period I was in constant communication with Johnny Air’s employees and they were always quick to reply to my emails.

I'm really happy that I discovered this service and I hope many others will use it too. I am not affiliated with Johnny Air in anyway. I just wanted to share my discovery to Filipinos who might find it useful.

I'm a bit of a PC and gadget freak so its nice to be able to order directly from Amazon and have them shipped here. Local retail prices are usually very high compared to how much these cost abroad even with the shipping fee that Johnny Air charges.

So far this is the only company I know that does shipping from amazon to the Philippines. If i find other alternatives that ship to the Philippines I'll let you all know.

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Coding Whiz 6 years ago

Thanks for this one...

I really wanna buy a camera from Amazon...

This post is of great help. Now, I don't have to worry about the shipping.

gmmurgirl profile image

gmmurgirl 5 years ago from Pilipinas

Hi! Thanks for this very informative hub! Now I know there's an option for me. I'd love to get my hands on some Amazon stuff!

nelo 5 years ago

hi, if you have any questions, you can check us out at

nelo m

johnny air cargo-corporate

Mark Joseph Rivera 5 years ago

Oh thanks for this very informative article... i can finally purchase some PC parts from Amazon. cheers!

jen 5 years ago


is it safe to buy camera in amazon then ship it here in the philippines?

Jeffrey Dominguez 5 years ago

Hi! I'm really grateful for this article. thank you so much for that. i just want to ask why did you choose the former? (though credit card), will it save you more? cause i really have a phobia when using credit cards on online transactions. i hope you could help me. thanks again! my email by the way ( the ph is important

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Really sorry for the late replies, been really busy:

@Jen Yup it should be. Amazon certifies their merchants and will settle any difficuties you may have with the merchant (or so they claim lol). But I bought a fairly expensive set of earphones from amazon and it turned out well. Had a couple of books shipped here too and it was ok as well.

@Jefferey It's not that it isn't safe to use their card it's just cheaper to use your own. There's a fee to use their card. Amazon is generally a safe place to buy stuff since they certify their merchants. Just make sure that you buy it through their site.

kat 5 years ago

Hi! Thanks for your post:) How much did you end up paying per pound? Did they charge you more since it was an electronic product? Where can I find their fee costs?

profile image

shoppers-addict 5 years ago

you can email if you have any inquiries for shopping on line through Johnny air

profile image

roel24aezach 5 years ago

Hi guys...Thank you for your interest of using Johnny Air Cargo, Inc. for your shipping needs. We are pleased to assist you!

Just call us at...817-0781/750-3821/09153786886

Have a nice day......

Dyan Aguirre 5 years ago

To truebluewriter,so much did it come up when you are to pay na the earphone plus the service and shipping charge?..

I'm also planning to order an album(cd) from amazon eh. Hope you could answer my question..Thanks..

RichardCMckeown profile image

RichardCMckeown 5 years ago

Nice article.

jonathan 5 years ago

hello is also provide shippings from all over the world for example not only here in the philippines but also at UAE,nigeria,india and other countries?? please send me a PM message at and how it works..

gico 5 years ago

Hi! I'm glad to have found your article. Thanks so much! How much was the earphones you bought? I just want to compare the shipping cost to the product cost.

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Really late reply, sorry all. My item cost me around 8 thousand (Phil pesos) and the total shippin fee I paid to JAC was 900+ pesos.

Re international shipping of Johnny Air, I'm not really sure if they're exclusive to Phil-US shipping routes or not. You'll have to check their website out and ask them for further info if you're planning on shipping an item to another country.

Angelo Tan 5 years ago

Actually, you no longer need Johnny Air for ordering items such as Kindle. See this article:

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 5 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Yup, I think amazon ships the kindle directly to the Philippines.

Thanks for dropping by Angelo Tan

qcaj 5 years ago

Thanks for the info. Ive been meaning to buy some cool items from Amazon.

Kiddomike 5 years ago

Thank you very much for sharing this. I will now consider Johnny Air Cargo for my future purchases.

alf 5 years ago

just made an inquiry with jac. the item is 156 lbs worth $629.00 in amazon, and jac charge for the shipment is $580.00. huh, its almost doubled the original price.

Amazonian 5 years ago

Hi there. What billing address do you use? Philippines or a US one? thanks!

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

hey alf, JAC charges per pound I believe. That's the thing with air freights, it's great for small items that you want to get quickly. But if your stuff is 156 lbs like you said the price is going to be bit high. If you don't need it ASAP then you might consider having it brought here by ship. It's a lot cheaper by it'll take about a month to get here

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Hi Amazonian, they'll give you a US address for their branch over there. I believe they have several of these. You can then request that it be sent to the closest JAC branch here in the Philippines and you should be able to pick it up over there once it arrives.

Gio 4 years ago

By ship? Does that still involve JAC?

Do some items be bought and directly shipped to Philippines?

If so, where does it go?

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

hey Gio, if you wanna go the sea route check out. They also function the same way as JAC except that they bring the package to Phil by Sea so it takes longer. They're cheaper though if your item is heavy.

Nina 4 years ago

Hi! I see that you have bought books from Amazon before. I'm planning on buying 5 books (around 4 kilos). Do you think I should just ship directly from Amazon? Or will shipping from JAC be cheaper?

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

hi nina, if the amazon seller ships direct to the philippines then you should be able to see price computation for the items before you pay for them. Just look at shipping cost and check how much it is. Chances are it'll be cheaper than JAC since the latter company brings packages in by air freight.

4 kilos is about 8-9 pounds and I think JAC charges 5 or 6 dollars per pound, I'm not really sure anymore since it's been awhile since I had something shipped. They might have changed prices. But if it's still the same, you'll have to pay around $45 I think if you use JAC.

Just compare the prices first. That's a little less than 2K if you use JAC. If the amazon merchant has a cheaper rate then go with that.

If you're buying from the same seller it might be lower than what JAC will charge you because the books would then be bundled up and shipped to you as one package. If you're getting them from 5 different sellers thoug, JAC might be cheaper because interstate shipping is usually free for most Amazon merchants. So JAC would then be able to collect all 5 of your books and ship them as one package.

So you will have to consider these options first.

Another thing you could try is THey're cheaper than JAC but a lot slower. You can chec out their site though if you're not rushing.

For 4 kilos though, which would cost roughly around 2,000 pesos, I'd probably just pay the amount to get my stuff in less than two weeks by expedited shipping or JAC.

Hope that helped.

Reid 4 years ago

Hi, I'm looking into using JAC for an item that I wanna buy from amazon. I'm not experienced with buying and delivering from overseas. I've already been given their rates. It seems cheap--from what I heard; shipping is expensive. What I wanna know is: Do I only pay JAC their rates and be done with the purchase? I don't have to pay separate for other services like shipping, taxes, customs, etc? JAC told me to pay P1,200 for their services for my purchase of a 2lb $250 piece of electronic device. That's all I need to pay to get my item, right?

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Hey Reid, Yup. That's what happened with me. No extra duties, taxes or stuff like that.

Just the flat fee that JAC charges. I believe they already have a standing arrangement with customs and I think as long as it doesn't go above a certain weight then you're fine.

I only paid 900 something for my earphones. But I remember them having a 2 pound minimum charge so I suppose they raised their rates already.

Virgie 4 years ago

Hi, may I just about the custom duties?

Say you paid for the freight at JAC, will the custom people still charge you with taxes when the item/s arrive here in the Philippines?

I'm planning to purchase a boardgame at amazon kasi...

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

As far as I know for so long as your item doesn't go over a certain threshold, I'm not sure if it was weight or cost, might be the latter, you don't pay for duties.

I didn't. I think JAC handles the back end of this one so you just pay them what they quoted you usually.

Jake Mek 4 years ago

How about Has anyone have experienced it?

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

sorry Jake, I've never tried that one. Maybe someone else can help you out.

Mb 3 years ago

Would you know if they provide the same service for amazon japan purchase? I've read about the use of Tenso but tenso uses the express mail service which im trying to stay away from because it goes through customs and I've heard a lot of crazy stories about them and i don't want to be a victim.

Thank you.

Also, if i may ask, what earphones did you buy? Because it is headphones that im going to buy

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Hey sorry man, I don't know about how it'd work for a delivery to japan :(.

And I got the triple fi 10s, ultimate ears.

Mb 3 years ago

But if it's from the US, we can already not worry about philippine customs? My item would just be 10k max if ever. That's just really my problem. Im sure you've heard bad stories about them.

If i use, there's also no problem with customs?

Thanks for the help!

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

Sory for the late reply, yeah I've heard about the problems with customs but with my last shipment using I didn't run into any customs problem. I don't know how it is now though with the whole tightening up thing that I've heard in the news. But since JAC and are pretty big (JAC especially) I'm assuming they already have some arrangement with customs so my guess is they're less likely to be barred for any normal shipped item.

Amazon 3 years ago

Hi, I want to try Johnny Air Plus.. Then there's Johnny Air Padala.. Are they different? what do you use sir?.. I chose JAC PLUS..

also, btw, when I order from Amazon, ofcourse I entered the address of JAC for the SHIPPING address(as they instructed).. then Amazon asks 'is this address also your billing address (the address that appears on your credit card or bank statement)?'.. I chose 'NO' and I entered JAC PLUS address. How relevant is this BILLING address? *I used my master card for paying*

truebluewriter profile image

truebluewriter 3 years ago from Manila, Philippines Author

I use the plus one pero parang pareho din lang sila ng padala.

And re the billing address, you should input the one that's for your card. Whatever the billing address for the card that you use is what you'll be typing here so it'll probably be your home address here in the philippines.

And how relevant is it? well I've been able to buy stuff even when I made a mistake with my billing address so sometimes it still works even if you get it wrong. I think they use it to verify the identity of the card holder whenever there's something wrong

Ruben 3 years ago

I have a question!

Ano po yung "Air Freight Rate" na ginagamit nila as the exchange rate?

At bat mas mataas ito sa exchange rate?

Elektra 3 years ago

Hi. what should I put on the "City" if i'm just living in a province. should I put my province name?

arnel 23 months ago

can my cousin buy an air rifle in the U.S. and ship it thru JAC? Is there any problems will i encounter in the custom or is it possible to ship air rifle since it is for sports purposes only. thanks

franz 21 months ago

the same question i wanna ask. is it possible to ship an air rifle US to Ph thru JAC

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