How to make people visiting your website or blog?

Every body who have a site or blog dream to see visitors in Que to their site or blog. But they struggle to make it real, and end up dejected. Here are some ways to make your site or blog one of the "Hot" blog or site online.

Before you publish any article, its always advisable you give a read and see whether you are satisfied first as a reader, and how much it is interesting ie., see your article more creative enough before its being published, what is the use in publishing an article that not even satisfies the author.

1. Write original content, rather than picking up articles from free article sites, or from PLR packages. Keep your contents simple and clear.

2.Offer people some great information that is not available anywhere else, or offer something special on the niche you have chosen. Don't be very serious remember even a serious topic can also be presented with humor and entertaining(Be more precise, humorous, instead of some big bla,bla, don't make your content a sleeping dose.)

3.Give away free software,(not the one you feel worthless, and you don't need) as most of the people would like to have some useful software for their system.

4.Conduct contests, sweepstakes. (at-least you can get great ideas on how others think on a particular topic)

5.Have a list of sites or blogs that are related to your niches, linked in your website or blog. There is nothing wrong in linking other sites since people will get a chance to see what everything they want to know from your site, on the preferred niche.

6.Start a free e-zines, normally everybody likes to have information or a tutorial for free.(Almost like a consumer magazine, where people will have content that is related to the article and useful)

7.Have a message board or a chat to link all the people who are interested on your niche to have a discussion, to enrich their knowledge.

8.If you are selling your own product on your site better have an affiliate program for your product.

9.Offer some free samples of your product, for example if your marketing an ebook, you can give them a page or two which you feel will help them for free.

10. Offer them some useful utility/service for free, that may be software, technology, guidance, or a clarification.

11.Keep on updating your site or blog, not only with new content but most importantly with the current improvements in your niche.

12.Be active, always keep a habit of answering to the comments by the visitors, especially if a comment on your site is about a doubt or clarifications.It will improve your credibility and locality.

13. Offer people some Bonuses.

14.Keep your site simple and straight. Do not make people to struggle.Don't be a technical geek.

15. Never deviate from your NICHE.

This is a short list of ways that may help your site or blog to find more and more visitors. Just scratch your brain and you will certainly come across some wonderful more effective ways than this to make people visit your site or blog. In that case let me also know.;-)

Hope you see some light.

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msms profile image

msms 8 years ago

eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

Nice to see i made you speechless!!;-)

Krishna 8 years ago

I like ur suggestion.I will implement all in my music library

eswar profile image

eswar 8 years ago from India Author

You should Krishna, add contents to your blog,since your blog doesn't carry content adds by google doesn't match your title.

jenusan 8 years ago

it has all my favourite stuff on it please tell friends and family about this site please

Artificial Intelligence 7 years ago

Interesting guide. I thank you for creating it and revealing it to the public. Good job!


eswar profile image

eswar 7 years ago from India Author

Thankyou for your comments, Artifucial Intellingence.

Enelle Lamb profile image

Enelle Lamb 7 years ago from Canada's 'California'

Some very good pointers for bloggers/hubbers, the more good copy you provide, the more people will want to read your articles, and keep coming back.

eswar profile image

eswar 7 years ago from India Author

Thanks for stopping by Enelle.

akpobo 7 years ago

thanks bro it helps alot

Rachael 7 years ago

that is some good info about getting people to visit a blog. I just have a personal blog not with any how to's or anything. I started my blog about my family and my journey to become a millionaire. I share about my family and my goals and the steps I am taking to become a millionaire.

Pamela Kinnaird W profile image

Pamela Kinnaird W 6 years ago from Maui and Arizona

You've given me a great idea. Thank you. When you mentioned about the free ezine, a thought came to me which is worth a try regarding a dead end my family have been at on a particular trail we've been trying to follow.

eswar profile image

eswar 5 years ago from India Author

did you tried these ideas what is the result? Rachael.

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