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Hub Challenge


I am doing the 100 hubs in 30 day challenge!!!!  I am not crazy I am truly nuts!  Why because I don’t have 30 days.  I have more or less 24 days.  Yikes!

            I will look on the bright side and think how much exercise my hands will be getting.  I was just thinking the other week I needed to do handercises because my hands were looking a little on the stumpy side.  I mean, what woman wants man hands right?  So now, I will get rid of my man hands writing a crazy amount of hubs.

            I am no stranger to the crazy, unusual and weird.   Those words would have been my name if my parents had known my personality before hand.  With that being said, I will begin my insane (a whole new level of crazy) hubs on the beautiful land and people of Israel.

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Sachin 7 years ago

I think ur nuts more than you think you are. 100 blogs in 24 days is 4+ per day. Lets see how you do it.

My Inner Jew profile image

My Inner Jew 7 years ago Author

There is a fine line between genius and insane...and i am definitely genius :)

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 7 years ago from USA

Good luck to you!

My Inner Jew profile image

My Inner Jew 7 years ago Author

Ha ha thanks! Though i am thinking 15 or 30 quality hubs in 30 days. Otherwise i can't do anything worth publishing :(

chicamom85 profile image

chicamom85 7 years ago

Good luck to you, thanks for visiting my hub.

chandanakumarct profile image

chandanakumarct 7 years ago from Bangalore

Great job. Good luck for your hubs.

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