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We are on our way to understand the various blogging platforms available to our use.
The second one which we are going to discuss are the sites which are referred often referred as User Generated Content Publishing Sites, Online Publishing Sites, Article Directories, etc.

The two most promising and highly rated websites are

1. HubPages

2. Squidoo

I highly recommend you create accounts on both of them. We will be discussing on them in more details in the coming posts.

The advantages of these Online Publishing Platforms are following:

1. Everything is on Auto-Pilot Mode. You just have to submit the content and you are fit to go.

2. These sites have their live communities which help you get instant recognition.

3. They are highly optimized for SEO- Search Engine Optimization. Frequently their articles find themselves in the top of the Search Engine Page.

4. These sites incorporate in them features of Social Networking Sites.

5. They also have Forums, Tutorial Team and others which help a newbie to get accustomed to the Online writing environment.

Let us look at the following disadvantages as well:

1. They share revenue from your writing 
     Yes they have this sharing policy in which the revenue generated from your content will be share with the site. Most of the time it's around 50%.

2. You have marginally less control over the content. The posting are moderated by the Website Moderators, usually this is not a bad thing but you may sometime feel little _______

3. You don't have your own web domain.

4. You can't install gadgets and incorporate HTML in your webpages.

For more it's advised you visit the above sites and find for yourselves.

Amplify BlogJournal

Interact n Amplify

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BakerRambles profile image

BakerRambles 5 years ago from Baltimore, MD

Thank you for your helpful hub, I'm new here as well and learning just as you are. I voted up and I'm following.

BlogJournal profile image

BlogJournal 5 years ago from Blogosphere Author

Hi Cyber

Linking is of the Advantages but instead of a Squidoo account you can start your own blog as it offers more customization options and is different, also you can link as well. The thing with sites like HubPages and Squidoo is that you have to put little extra into creating following and increasing visibility in forums etc.

Cyber Scribe profile image

Cyber Scribe 5 years ago from Cyber Space

The benefit of writing on HubPages and Squidoo is that you can link your HubPages writing on Squidoo and vica versa.

BlogJournal profile image

BlogJournal 5 years ago from Blogosphere Author

Thank You - vocalcoach

for taking your precious time to give me valuable feedback. This really helps and provides satisfaction.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

I appreciate knowing the advantages as well as the dis-advantages. I haven't registered at Squidoo yet. Still trying to make that decision. Well done and rated up! vocalcoach

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