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How Can I Do This?... have a HubPage account, you know what to do... you even have all your ideas on what your hub will be about... but how can you actually make it work? How can you get people to see your hub? What will attract viewers to your site? Hopefully, these questions will be answered by the end of the page.

How to Increase Hub Traffic

To start, the first thing that needs to be considered is word choice. Throughout the hub, you must make sure you pick words that people would generally search up on Google or Yahoo search engines. For example, when creating a title for your hub, you must keep it short and simple and use words that are commonly searched, that being said- searched in that order.

Also, when adding tags to your site, make sure there are a lot of them, definitely more than two. Make sure you have a minimum of at least 4 or 5. This brings more people to your site depending on what your hub has to do with the words they chose to search on the internet. Tags are a very important item you should take into with a lot of consideration, and is actually overlooked by many.

Even the words in your text written on your hub are important. Make sure to use words people know, and not just words that will make you look smart, otherwise your hub won't get any views, especially since finding your hub page will be that much more harder. You don't want to do that.

In conlusion, the most effective way to increase your hub traffic is to think like a Googler or a Yahooer or any web searcher and think of what you would search to find your hub on the internet and put those words somewhere in the foundations of your hub. With this in mind, and knowing where to put these words, your hub should get traffic in no time.

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Xanthixx 4 years ago Author

I wish I had this when I first started out. May first hubs would be that much better.

Kidgas profile image

Kidgas 4 years ago from Indianapolis

You must have another account since the picture you show is not for your current Hubber name. What is the name in the account that you show? It almost looks like ....writes

Xanthixx 4 years ago Author

Hubpages New Changes In Comment Sections and YouTube Uploads

Brett Winn profile image

Brett Winn 4 years ago from US

Good info, thank you!

howardyoung profile image

howardyoung 4 years ago from California

You should also add a summary to your hub. The summary is used as the meta description in the html header. Search engines display this in the SERPS so you want to make it enticing to get users to click on your listing instead of the competitors.

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