Hubpages Challenge

Day two

So, Hubpages challenged me for a hub per day. I'm not so good with stick-to-it-tiveness. But I do love a challenge. So go ahead, Hubpages, throw down the gauntlet. I'll pick it up. Hubpages is a motivator, a dessert topping and a furniture polish, all in one. Or something. 

I like writing. I have three projects going on right now, kind of big ones, and naturally I find that I need to take a break from them every so often. Otherwise I look up and the day is half gone, I'm still writing and I haven't had lunch. I get in the "zone" of writing and even though I think I'm being productive, I've just turned into a writing robot. "Must...keep..typing...must... think... of/..another....synonym... for..."great".....oof.

At least on Hubpages, I get to write what I want to (although one of my hubs has been banned for adult content, and i still can't figure out why). Note to self: ask Hubpages moderator again.

Anyway, day two. And I'm already doubting I can do it, but I am going to try. Really. Making money writing online or through craigslist ads ain't too shabby. I'm at least making a list of potential topics. And when I'm done writing some copy about brake pads and rotors today (now that's some scintillating copy, lemme tell ya), maybe I'll even start tomorrow's hub. Or write a poem about how I feel about my bathrobe, in iambic pentameter, and that can be my hub. The opportunities are limitless! Woohoo! ;)

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ejazahmed2609 profile image

ejazahmed2609 5 years ago from Abu Dahbi, UAE

Definitely its a bigger challenge from Hubpages side. I would like to say thank you for following me.

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