How To Attract Traffic To Your Site : Hubpages, A Better Bet

How to attract traffic to your site.

How to attract traffic to your site? This is the most important question. There are also lots of answers for it too. Increase contents, keywords, backlinks, participate in forums, chain mailing, social bookmarking sites and many others. It is easier said that done. I am speaking from personal experience. For amatures like me, getting search traffic and to rank on the first search page is not that easy. I also have a little idea about key words, tag, and key-word repetitions. Still I am not able to attract traffic to my site. It is not that simple, believe me.

What about blogs? A blog is more restricted in contents, and its posts are treated like newspapers' reports which tend to become outdated after some time. Then no one cares to read about them anymore. Blog tends to be very localized, limiting the traffic. So it's not a very good vehicle for making money through adsense. Unless of course, your blog is one of the top blogs in your area. Lately, I found that the popularity of blogging has waned. Most blogs are now "ghost towns", including mine. In fact, facebook has now become the most popular social medium in the internet world. So you can forget blogging as a vehicle for attracting traffic.

What about paid websites? I used to have one paid website but it' was not attracting search traffic. According to my internet Guru, I need to have 500 pages to make Google take notice! I think I only had less than 100 pages. Unless you are like my Guru who is a top class internet marketing expert, you and I can only wait for crumbs. By the way, I have discontinued my paid website, and now I concentrate on Hubpages to attract traffic to my site. There are thousands, if not millions, of paid websites. Unless you are very good at website designing and very knowledgeable in its technicalities, I bet you will not get very far in this field.

So, how to attract traffic to your site?

How to attract traffic to your site : Hubpages, the better bet.

I found that the best bet is to write in Hubpages. It is the best "complement" site where you can take a ride along its high page ranking to be on the first page on the search engine. I am an amateur, and I may be wrong in this assumption. I just feel that with Hubpages, I stand a better chance to be noticed in the "internet search" than to use "stand alone" sites. Perhaps some of you out there can give more advice on this topic. I have been with Hubpages for four years already and enjoyed every bit of it. You will find the following plus points in Hubpages. For amateur like me, I find the templates very user-friendly. The program is also very simple and direct which takes you through step-by-step to set up all the necessary functions to get started. You will be surprised how your articles will appear in Hubpages. All my articles are very well presented professionally, all to the credit of the Hubpages program. Of course, in the final analyses, you need to write quality articles to get them rated as "featured" by Hubpages. Getting "featured" means your article is of an acceptable quality that Hubpages will "release" into search engines like Google and Bing. Then your traffic will start increasing in due course.

My monthly earnings have increased steadily over the years with Hubpages as my mentor. Believe me, without Hubpages, I will not have come that far. And the best part is that I don't have to keep track or liaise with the advertisers. All my earnings are now incorporated into Hubpages "Ad programs" and at the end of each month, payment is automatically credited into my Paypal account. That easy and convenient!

By the way, you too can enjoy writing like me by just signing-up with, and at the same time earn some extra money. Find out how, and to sign-up, just click HERE @

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shazwellyn profile image

shazwellyn 6 years ago from Great Britain

Yes, I feel like this too! The only way for the small guy to get on is to be part of a complete community. Thanks and well done!

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author

Hope we can be both successful in due course!!

Thanks for the encouragement, Shazwellyn.

agvulpes profile image

agvulpes 6 years ago from Australia

Good Guy I am with you on the fact that HubPages is about the best and easiest to use website. An added bonus is having HubPages with an Alexa ranking of just over 200 this makes it a lot easier to get indexed at Google.

I feel that other sites should still be used so that we can build our backlinks!

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author


I am concentrating on HP. As my other paid website had no traffic, I had deleated it. I am slowly transferring the contents to HP. As I am not comfortable with the paid website especially the technical part, I am now very happy to be free from the constant worry that my site may malfunction and have problems which I am unable to solve.

Thanks for visiting.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 6 years ago from Malaysia Author


Just visited your Hub. But not enough time to read even your profile. But it is certainly very interesting. Will definitely visit again, and "follow."

Be seeing you.

john gibson 5 years ago

Great hub bro,this is great help to improve page rank realy...more help natural backlink

Alladream74 profile image

Alladream74 4 years ago from Oakland, California

Hubpages has proven to be very reliable in terms of traffic,I find that articles I spend time on do really well.Thanks

TIMETRAVELER2 profile image

TIMETRAVELER2 3 years ago

Another thing I like about HP is that it teaches important information to online writers that they might not otherwise learn. I do think you did the right thing by coming here, and I hope it pays off for you.

Good Guy profile image

Good Guy 3 years ago from Malaysia Author


I am very grateful to HP for the extremely user-friendly template. Without HP I won't be where I am now in the internet-writing community. And yes, it has certainly paid off financially with monthly pocket money for me.

Thanks for visiting and comment.

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