HubPages, why I've come to really like it here


HubPages, why I’ve come to really like it here

In all honesty, my initial reason for joining hub pages was to get back links to my website. I have to admit overtime that became less of a priority. I spend more time on hub pages than I do on my site. (Some business woman I am,LOL) I have really come to enjoy hub pages for many reasons:

1. It is a fabulous community with extraordinary writers.

2. I have developed a new found love for writing. I have discovered that while I may not be that good at it, I truly enjoy doing it and I have a new goal of becoming better at it.

3. I have read many hubs that have inspired me in different areas of my life. Some hubs actually leave me with the feeling of the choo choo train that said yes I can, yes I can.

4. It has opened my eyes to a whole new world. Broaden my horizon which in return makes me less and less closed minded.

5. Emotionally rewarding. It is a place where I can express my thoughts and feelings instead of keeping them boggled in.

6. It helps me to practice what I preach. By writing and seeing things in print it helps me continue my journey of being a better person, living a better life and spreading the message of hope.

Every morning when I wake up, I pour myself a cup of coffee check my email and click on the list of new hubs. It is so relaxing; every hub leaves me with a different impression. Some bring a smile to my face other's a tear. Than there are other’s that make me laugh so hard I almost fall of my seat and spill my coffee and of course we mustn’t forget the ones that make us say “ Oh really, I didn’t know that." I am always amazed when I read certain hubs like the one's from Cindy vine she blows me away with her talent and then there is Creativeone59 who’s hubs are an inspiration,Tom Cornet, my goodness so many others.

So although, my site is not getting major hits and I’m not seeing any money coming in from here, I stay because I enjoy it and when it comes down to it for me that’s what counts the most.

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BkCreative profile image

BkCreative 7 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

Hub Pages is a great place - I feel good here too.

I like having control over my work - a bit of freedom to revise, update, remove - and I cannot complain at all about residual income. To me this is so necessary. While your work is out there it should always be working for you - and not a one shot deal where you write - earn a few bucks and your work is gone forever!

And I have the opportunity to interact with so many other writers - it's like belonging to a writing club - a great benefit.

Thanks for this hub!

Madison22 profile image

Madison22 7 years ago from NYC Author

I still learning my way around the income aspect of it all. I'm certainly not going to give up on the area, you're right it is necessary. Thanks BKCreative!

prasetio30 profile image

prasetio30 7 years ago from malang-indonesia

I never find the site like Hubpages before. I get a new friend and we can support each other.I can helping people by writing useful tips. We all family here. I hope you feel the same as I am. Welcome to Hubpages my friend!

LeonJane profile image

LeonJane 7 years ago from Australia

Totally agree with you Madison22, hubpages inspires me to write more and to try and improve my writing as I publish.

Madison22 profile image

Madison22 7 years ago from NYC Author

I agree prasetio, it is a great community here!

Madison22 profile image

Madison22 7 years ago from NYC Author

Thanks LeonJane! It is very nice to actually enjoy doing something versus just doing something because you have to.

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