Human Sandwich(LOL)


Try substituting the baby in image one with a CHUBBY ARM!
Try substituting the baby in image one with a CHUBBY ARM!

Ever tasted a human sandwich ?

Ever tasted a human sandwich?

You know every family has one of those dark secrets that they wouldn't share it with anyone except family. Well, as a young kid we had lots of those so called " Dark Secrets ".You are lucky today for simply I am going to share with you one of our families darkest secrets. So, sit in a comfortable position and enjoy the nice yet most importantly the free ride into my family history.

When I was a kid my older sister, who was like two years older and I would share a bed together. On one cold night, i woke up screaming out of pain shouting! Until that night it seemed like an ordinary thing. She would keep me warm at night, or even hug me when I had a terrible dream. Yet, I never thought of the consequences until that night. The same thing that almost cost me a piece of my arm! "You idiot !what the hell do you think you were doing it hurts!"

For the first instance that would sound harsh, but it is really funny. I mean, my sister was dreaming of a gigantic sandwich , got overwhelmed , and she thought it to be REAL , so she caught my "CHUBBY ARM " as she calls it, and plunged her SHARPENED teeth into my arm. It hurt, and I remember hitting her hard because it felt like having a bucket of cold water poured on you during your sleep. Unaware of what happened screamed out of pain all those mean words that mom thought to be disrespectful .Now I feel it to be such a joy to remember these days:D "IT'S one am in the morning what are you think you are doing?" I remember mom shouting at us in a terrible manner. And I also remember dad having to wake up at four am to go to work .So it was a terribly funny night! (LOL)

I remember screaming even louder " She bit my arm!" .My older sister laughed her guts out until she fell out of bed and I remember saying" You laugh cause you don't know how painful your teeth are. But if I bit you , you would be crying too! IT's NOT FUNNY!"

Thinking again, now that many years have passed I think this memory among many others are what keep us happy when we feel life’s hardships all over your shoulders.

Actually, it is really funny. And such memories make my day a  lot better. I still can feel her teeth plunge into my MEATY CHUBBY ARM and every time i remember that event i laugh out loud without any reason. I so miss those weird moments .Now, that i am almost grown up , i could look at the past and laugh my guts out.

                          The end

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blondepoet profile image

blondepoet 7 years ago from australia

LMAO haha this one gave me a laugh, picked me up so early in the morning to wake up a little more definetely

Uriel profile image

Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon Author

Thank you blondepoet, :D:D:D:D

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