Is HubPages about writing or about the subjects we address?

Hubpages is a great platform for the budding writers. A writer who can write but has never got a place where s/he can show work to the general audience, Hubpages helped such writers. If you are passionate writer and want to express yourself, a hub will be created.


Now the next thing is what you want to write about. There are different types of writer on Hubpages. Many people address social and religious issues by writing a hub and many people make a forum to start an argument on such subjects. As the readers of Hubpages are vast and varied, the local issues cannot be discussed but can be mentioned, whereas issues that come up on Hubpages are for broader audience and are quite generic such as humanity, relationships, beliefs, environment etc.

Similarly there are many hubbers who are constantly writing on the latest technologies, book and movie reviews, where Hubpages is not used for raising the subject but just to introduce such products to the Hub community. On the other hand, there are many hubbers who have shown their creative prowess to write creative hubs. A poem can make you say awesome or a story can tell you what author has experienced. Sometime a creative hub can seek your advice, consolation, appreciation without raising a concern/issue/subject.

This topic “Writing versus addressing” should be very critically examined as both types of hubbers exist in the Hub community. If I say Hubpages is all about raising the subjects/issues, will I be unjust to creative hubbers or reviewers. If I say Hub is all about writing, will I be unjust to people raising concerns to generate awareness in the community. Being diplomatic I can say both, but let me put it differently. Hubpages is all about writing and addressing the subjects. Without writing no subject can be addressed and without subjects nothing can be written.

You might find it as a contradictory statement! but this is true as it all depends on the maturity of the writer. When a writer starts, s\he writes about the general topics and when s/he matures, s/he thinks about the society, humanity, religion, politics; s/he looks at downtrodden and underprivileged and as a result the creative hubs transform into hubs that address subjects. Hubpages is a confluence Hubbers of all ages from a teenager to a septuagenarians and hence you find hubs of a novice writer to hubs of an experienced and matured writer. So Hubpages can be used for both and can be used by ALL

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senyland profile image

senyland 4 years ago from Los Angeles, California, US

All true!

Of course,we do owe it to each other to encourage correct spelling and grammar. You know, the dry aspects of writing.;)

AEvans profile image

AEvans 4 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

What an amazing hub, chocked full of personalities and writers' that you have identified as diverse. I enjoy your writing style and sincerely appreciate this hub. I agree Hubpages is for both the novice and the experienced. I also believe the more you write the more you mature. You are an amazing writer/editor with so much talent. Thank you for also following me. :)

earthbound1974 profile image

earthbound1974 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

All you've written are true. As I've written elementary or intermediate hubs, I am now prepared to contribute on topics that I'm aiming to share my thoughts in the future.

CloudExplorer profile image

CloudExplorer 4 years ago from New York City

Cool hub, just check for some minor errors and keep editing as much as possible, and try to throw in a image here and there as well.

Like they say quality is the key to the web and hubapages is yet one way to unlock the digital doorways for those who are willing to go that extra distance with writing and content mastery. Other then that I like the flow here, and welcome to hubpages.

Oh and of course you can write about anything you choose here, just make sure to follow the rules, don't step on anyone's digital toes here, and every thing will turn out far better then you think.

Its also a truly powerful writers community filled with some amazing writers from all around the globe. Good Luck!

profile image

UrsulaRose 4 years ago

What a informative Hub Article you have written sonison. You most certainly addressed your hub-titled question very well.

I also liked your use of the \ going in this direction when you referred to the immature writer and then you switched over to it going in / direction with regards to the matured writer. I don't know if that was intentional on your behalf or just me reading into it somewhat more than I should have!!!

sonison profile image

sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7 Author


Thank you very much for you appreciation. It came at very right time.

sonison profile image

sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7 Author

Thank you very much. Your appreciation came at very right time. I think you got it right i am trying to expand my horizons as a writer and when you are writing for a literate and learned audience you need to get everything impeccably right.

sonison profile image

sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7 Author

Thanks. Your comment was amazing. I never realised that there are so many great readers at HP. What you wrote in fan mail was very true that we can learn from each other. Looking to be the part of HUB community and read your hubs. Thanks a lot

sonison profile image

sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7 Author

Thanks and i will be looking forward to your contribution on Hubpages.

sonison profile image

sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7 Author

Thnaks for the great piece of advice and my welcome to Hubpages. Please don't mind and can you explain about stepping on anyone's digital toes.

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 4 years ago from United States

This is a very interesting hub and it certainly describes the types of writers we see throughout Hubpages. I think most of fit both of those roles some of the time. For instance, when there is a recipe comment, there is little research or deep thought involved. It is more about presentation and using a good recipe. I don't particularly like controversial forums, so I focus on some of the other great aspects of Hubpages. Your hub certainly made us evaluate ourselves! Thanks.

sonison profile image

sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7 Author

Thanks, i will be honest to you. I have written 11 hubs and was not getting much comments on them. But this hub got me the maximum comments. Thanks for you appreciation and follow.

cam8510 profile image

cam8510 4 years ago from Colorado Springs, CO until the end of March

I really enjoyed your hub. I write because I feel a compulsion to write. I think I have yet to settle into a particular theme or style, although there is one subject that tends to dominate my hubs at present. I love reading on HP. I can sense the excitement people have as they post their hubs. And there is nothing like a flood of comments. Mine have tapered off, but I continue to write and post because of my compulsion to write. Keep up the good writing yourself. Thanks for posting this hub.

sonison profile image

sonison 4 years ago from Heaven 7 Author

Thanks cam8510, your comments are very insightful. But i would request you to call your complusion to write as undying spirit of writing. Don't mind my request.

cam8510 profile image

cam8510 4 years ago from Colorado Springs, CO until the end of March

Okay sonison, "undying spirit of writing" it is. Thanks for the suggestion.

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