Is Hubpages Overrated?


Is it possible?

Could it be that the website we love so much is overrated? Is the site as good as we think it is? Well I agree it is and so does many other hubbers so it may be good. But some people believe otherwise.

The usual suspects to these beliefs are those who aren't making the money they thought they would be making so they automatically assume the website is a scam. To explain, Hubpages is a writing community for writers to share what they know and love, all while enjoying themselves by obtaining features that are available only at Hubpages. Sure, there may be multiple streams of income just waiting to be tapped into, but its the writer's job to work and make sure that many people get to see the content they publish.

Traffic is a friend of Hubpages. Some times, this traffic may show appreciation to your hubs, and other times you may be left out in the dust because someone managed to get to a particular topic before you. Its a kill or be killed type deal. Accept its more of a "write or get written off". Lol...get it. Whatever, the point is you have to stay on top of your game.

What's the best method to write for Hubpages?

The best method when writing for Hubpages is to follow your schedule. If you have enough time to write 100 hubs in a matter of days and possess the discipline necessary to achieve this near impossible goal, then by all means pursue it. If you can only afford to write a couple of hubs a month, then make sure the content is rich so it will be picked up by search engines, hopefully increasing the number of visitors you receive.

Hubpages is all about traffic. If you have traffic, you have nothing. There can't be a hub that has never been visited, its impossible. Too many visitors come to this website. There is always someone out there that has similar interest in the hub you have published. Just keep writing and hope that the visitors start rolling in sooner or later, because visitation to hubs is inevitable.

Sooo what about Amazon?

Personally, I feel Amazon is the worst affiliate program of all the programs hosted on Hubpages. This doesn't mean its a bad program, it just means that the other programs on Hubpages generate more income for me. My main money maker is Google Adsense, which hosts ads on my hubs whenever I publish one. Hubpages is perfect for Google Adsense because of the large quantities of traffic Hubpages brings, then the perfect alignment of Adsense ads on each hub makes it easier to get clicks.

Need Help?

For new hubbers, things can seem kind of hard. For those who are new here and want to know more about the website, simply ask your fellow hubbers or read Hubpages and find out.

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