Content Farm List and Why Search Engines Like Google Often Hate Them

If you are one who follows tech blogs and websites like Mashable, TechCrunch etc., then you have probably read about it. That Google has decided to give less love to content farms. If you are not so sure about what content farms are, let me tell you the names of the sites that are often mentioned on articles discussing content farms. They are – Associated Content, eHow, article directories like Ezine Articles, Demand Media and yes our very own Hubpages.

The reason why Google is doing this is that they believe that the quality of content produced by content farms is not that good. To be honest with you, I don't blame them at all. Right here in Hubpages, it is not unusual to stumble upon a hub that is just plain silly, inside and out. The grammar is hideous. The hub just doesn't make sense. If I have the ability to delete other people's hubs just because I can't understand what those hubs are about, I probably deleted hundreds of hubs by now.

When I learned that Google is tweaking its algorithm and that one major reason for such revision is to deal with content farms. I got worried right away. I'm just starting to write here on Hubpages. I currently have less than 25 hubs. I am yet to earn a penny from such articles. And now, this is the kind of news I get to hear from Google? If you are writing for Hubpages, you should be very worried as I am.

This algorithm-tweaking thing is happening one way or another. In fact, I have been sort of expecting Google to do it. Google is just being Google. This is yet another way of making the search experience of its users as good and relevant as possible. Google is doing us a big favor. If I am Google, I would be doing the same thing.

The term “content farm” isn't supposed to be a negative term but because of the not so excellent content that most “content farms” have, it's become synonymous to bad, unreliable and worse spammy content.

Content Farm List

Site Name
All Experts
Yahoo! Answers
Answer Bag
Wonder How To
Articles Base
Associated Content
Question Hub
Mail Archive
Fix Ya
Expert Village
Find Articles
Experts Exchange
Ezine Articles

However, Google has stated that it won't just block or demote the rankings of sites on its result pages. It still depends on the millions of people using its search engine. Think of it as a rating process. Searchers rate the sites they arrive to when searching as either bad or good. Those sites that receive mostly bad votes will become candidates to become blocked or demoted.

Hubpages has hope after all. It's simple, if people don't vote our articles down, we'll be perfectly fine. The problem is that we have a lot of really bad articles floating around the site. So if we hubbers want our articles to be found via Google, we should focus on creating more and more quality content that people will find helpful thus convincing them to vote those articles up instead of down. The more good content we create, the deeper the existing bad content is buried and the less chances Hubpages will be down voted.

So if you love writing for Hubpages. If you are earning a substantial amount from it. If you don't want Google to block or demote it on its listings. It's time to work. Time to write those excellent articles and hubs that will blow your readers away. And one more thing, please have fun while doing it..:)

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