Loving to Write: My Inspiration for Hubs

I am writing this article after being on Hubpages for a little over 6 months. I am no expert on the subject of writing Hubs. This Hub won’t tell you how to get lots of readers or make a ton of money. I find backlinks and keywords and all the nuances of increasing and sustaining traffic a little confusing and above my level of web knowledge. Or maybe I am just plain lazy. While I understand from reading the postings of others on the forums, the most successful, moneymaking Hubs might be product reviews, niche subjects and hot button topics; I believe that the most interesting hubs to write are ones that you as the writer care about and feel inspired to churn out. I find my most productive writing occurs when I am inspired. And it is writing about what I love and care about that makes me love being a writer. I also love reading the Hubs of others to find out what they care about and how they see the world.

My Inspiration

Where I get My Inspiration

  • Love: Things that I love such as my kitty cat, poetry, aspects of my career and work life, and happy emotions like being in love all inspire me to write. Writing about anything that I love makes me feel happy and as if I could write about these things forever – an endless source of inspiration.
  • Experiences. My life experiences provide me with a wealth of topics to write about and explore from nasty co-workers to money problems. Whatever I am going through has the danger of becoming a Hub one day. When I get really sad or mad, I feel inspired to write a poem or article to explain how I am feeling. The writing process is a great release for any negative emotion I might experience. Instantly after writing it down, I feel like a load has been lifted off of me and I am free to do and think about more positive things.
  • Other People. Sometimes, reading other people’s articles, whether or not on Hubpages, get me thinking about how I feel about a particular topic. Before you know it, I am writing about something that has come into my head. Ideas can come from surfing the web, reading news stories, watching television, reading a novel or simply from a conversation with someone else. I never know who or what is going to inspire me to write.
  • Hopes & Dreams: A great source of inspiration for me is thinking of where I want to be in life. My hopes for a successful future in my career, my dream that my kitty cat will live a long and healthy life and the dream of a happy life free of negativity and hate all keep me writing. Writing about my dreams allows me to envision them as a reality and gives me a way to start to think about a process to implement and achieve my goals.

For me, writing is more than just writing about what I know. Writing captures my inspirations in a moment in time and allows me to look back and see how far I have come in my life and where I am going. It is a way to memorialize all that I love like a tattoo that I can permanently treasure.

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Support Med. profile image

Support Med. 5 years ago from Michigan

Awww! Such a cute little kitty! I agree the best writing is inspired. Enjoyed reading this hub. voted and rated

truthfornow profile image

truthfornow 5 years ago from New Orleans, LA Author

Thanks so much Support Med. Your comments are much appreciated.

RTalloni profile image

RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

It's really amazing to think about how much inspiration is out there!

always exploring profile image

always exploring 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

I agree, inspiration comes from the heart. Thank you.

truthfornow profile image

truthfornow 5 years ago from New Orleans, LA Author

RTalloni ~ yes, inspiration is everywhere.

always exploring ~ anything from the heart is easy to write about.

katrinasui profile image

katrinasui 5 years ago

It is true that inspiration comes from the heart. Keep writing my friend:)

epigramman profile image

epigramman 5 years ago

....so very nice to meet you and not only do you love to write you're very good at doing it too and I enjoy your wide array of hub subjects here ......which makes it both an entertaining and enlightening experience ......

lake erie time 1:23pm ontario canada

truthfornow profile image

truthfornow 5 years ago from New Orleans, LA Author

karinasul ~ yes, it is good to write from your heart.

Thanks epigramman. I am glad to have you as a reader of my hubs.

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether

Voted up and awesome. For me, inspiration for writing can strike me anywhere, anytime. It could be my family, nature, a TV show, a book, a news article, a rock, an experience, or past memories. You did a wonderful job of describing what inspires you to write. Keep it up and always indulge yourself with writing!

truthfornow profile image

truthfornow 5 years ago from New Orleans, LA Author

Thanks for the vote up kittythedreamer.

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