How to Make AdSense Money & Receive A Google Cheque Every Month

"Not everyone here publishes a hub to make AdSense money."

Let's face it. There are millions of AdSense publishers out there and only a fraction of them make more than $100 a month to receive a cheque from Google.

If you are not receiving a monthly cheque from Google, either you are not interested or you are not doing it right.

Here, you may find your answers to make consistent income with your hubpages.

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So You Want To Make AdSense Money

First, Google AdSense is not a quick and easy way to make money.

Give yourself some time to build up the experience in writing revenue generating articles. For the lucky publishers out there, they might take 3 months or less.

It took me about a year to receive a cheque from Google every month - consistently every month. It was a long and painful journey. That was several years ago and the only technology available freely was HTML editors which enabled me to publish simple static mini-sites.

Now, with Hubpages, you'll probably take fewer months to earn that monthly cheque from Google.

The secret to making people click at those Ads by Google voluntarily is quite simple.

Know your target audience. Be as specific as possible.

For example, let's say you choose to write about advertising. You will quickly realise that it is too broad a topic. The term advertising does not easily let you focus on solving any one problem specifically and to match them to some service providers who have solutions to your readers' problem.

Instead, you may want to drill down to a more specific niche:

advertising > online advertising > pay-per-click > AdWords

Now you can create a hub to address the concerns of new AdWords advertisers and then Ads by Google related to "AdWords Reseller", "AdWords Consultant" and etc. will fill the AdSense box.

Being specific will require you to do some research:

  • Keyword Research
  • Advertiser Research

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Keyword Research Tools

Don't be too concerned about high-paying keywords.

Instead, focus on keywords that command a reasonably amount of traffic. Use Google Suggest or Yahoo Search Assist. The top 10 recommended search terms should be a good starting point.

You will have a better feel of what are the likely search terms used by your target audience after using some of the keyword tools recommended here to research on your topic of interest.

A Short Keyword Research Tutorial

Let's say we are going to write about a specific online advertising topic: AdWords.

A quick keyword research using Google Suggest, Yahoo Search Assist and AdWords Keyword Tool will yield a list of adwords related search phrases:

  • adwords advertising
  • adwords tutorial
  • adwords campaign
  • adwords keywords
  • adwords training
  • adwords tips
  • etc.

Also, we see that the term "adwords" is related to words such as:

  • ppc
  • google ads
  • paid search

**You will want to use as many related words as per your editorial requirement in your article on adwords advertising.

Armed with a list of "adwords" related search phrases, we will proceed to the next stage - Advertiser Research.

If your answers to the previous 2 questions were "Yes", how much is your monthly Google check?

  • > $1000
  • > $500
  • > $200
  • > $100
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Advertiser Research

This is the easier part. We want to find out how many advertisers are there for each of the search phrases in your research list.

Go visit these ads and see what they have to offer. Find out as much information on these advertisers as possible.

Remember, you are trying to match your target audience's concern/problem to the advertisers' solutions.

Organise your article into capsules so that information related to each of the important search phrases are presented in a logical manner.

For example, you will write a capsule each on AdWords Tutorial and another capsule on AdWords Campaign.

Remember to fill in the title for each capsule. You may even want to embed the search phrase in the title.

"Ideally, you want to write your article based on keywords with commercial intent. For example, you will be better off focusing on keywords such as online florists than flower because the former has higher online commercial intent."

Will Your Readers Click at the Ad Voluntarily?

Google forbids you to ask your visitors to click at the Ads by Google.

So does it mean you are left with no option but let "luck" determines the outcome?


You could provide useful content to address the initial concern base on the search phrase and at the same time leave the end lingering. Expand on the topic and open up the horizon, Make your readers want to find out more and they will click somewhere in the page.

Using the same AdWords advertising example, if they were looking for adwords campaign, it is likely that they want to find out more about adwords tutorials or adwords training.

Your readers will have to click something to leave your page eventually - be it the back button or a list of your recommended links or the Ads by Google.

Remember, you only need to make more than $3.33 a day to guarantee a monthly Google cheque.

So you don't need thousands of visitors to your hubs everyday, you just need about 30 real people who are interested to find out more about what you have to say to make that monthly cheque from Google.

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SEO 7 years ago

Hi Shi, Nice article. Very informative

William KHo 7 years ago

Good stuff, Shi. But till now I still do not know how to use put Adsense on Hubpages to make money. May be you can put up an article on this too.

hcshi profile image

hcshi 7 years ago from Singapore Author

@William Kho You don't have to manually put AdSense on Hubpages, the ad will automatically appear if you did not change the default settings. What you need to do is to enter your Google Adsense Publisher Id. If you need help to apply for an AdSense Publisher account, go read Shalini's hub on "How to set up Google Adsense with Hubpages and Earn Plenty with Adsense?" in the Resources capsule above.

raider23 profile image

raider23 7 years ago from San Francisco

Hey great Hub

It is good to see someone who is realistic about making money from Adsense

It takes time and comes in little pieces. It is sickening to see ads telling you that you can make thousands a month from Adsense

Good job

raider23 profile image

raider23 7 years ago from San Francisco

Hey great Hub

It is good to see someone who is realistic about making money from Adsense

It takes time and comes in little pieces. It is sickening to see ads telling you that you can make thousands a month from Adsense

Good job

linjingjing profile image

linjingjing 7 years ago

Make Money With AdSense Get Monthly Cheque

I am in favor of

Express profile image

Express 7 years ago from India

very informative hub really...

Tiptopcat profile image

Tiptopcat 7 years ago from London, UK

Great information. I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my earnings. Many thanks

Info Help profile image

Info Help 7 years ago from Chicago

Great job on this article, very informative. My husband and I have just started a website that we have google adsense on. I am waiting for the benefits to start rolling is our site where we have compiled information as well to assist others in making money online. Please take a look and let me know what you think :)

hcshi profile image

hcshi 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Info Help,

I think it will be a great site with minimal advertisements. It look spammy with too many ppc and display ads.

joemontanah 7 years ago

Hey hcshi great hub. I was just wondering how to put your hub on google........... Or does it automatically go there.

hcshi profile image

hcshi 7 years ago from Singapore Author

Hi joemontanah,

Thank you for visiting my hub.

Did you find this hub on Google? What keywords did you use?

Paulipopo profile image

Paulipopo 6 years ago from Abuja, Nigeria


You have demonstrated knowledge of how to make money with adsense.

I have been having problems myself for a while but have come to realise that being more specific with your hubs addressing problems people face in real life is the way to go as far as making money with adsense is concerned

blbhhdcn profile image

blbhhdcn 6 years ago

very informative article. Thanks!

Google adsense does really make sense isn't it?

Here's another way also on making big money at home!;

amylela profile image

amylela 5 years ago from Malaysia

thnks for sharing such an informative article!

nitesh srivastava 4 years ago

hi hubpages i have my own website but problem with my website google snatched more than 20 time ads from my website. if u have solution how google retain ads on website please tell me.

Jimmys Money blog profile image

Jimmys Money blog 4 years ago

great Hub.

business-stuff profile image

business-stuff 3 years ago from India

Helpful post how you get monthly income through Google ad-sense.

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