Me? On the HubNugget Wannabe List?

How was I chosen?

HubPages has a designated HubNuggets Team of six that chooses the top ten hubs of the week from new Hubbers.They are Ryan Hupfer, Shirley Anderson, ProCW, B.T. Evilpants, Patty Inglish, MS, and Ripplemaker. These fine people read a great number of Hubs before selecting the ten finalists.

A new Hubber must have joined HubPages within the last 60 days and must have an author score of 75 or higher. These are called HubNugget Wannabes.

Then he/she is entered into a contest to pick the top 5 Hubbers for the week.

I must say I was shocked and humbled to be chosen. I consider myself just an average writer who likes to share what I have learned with others. My Hub selected was "Recipes A to Z....."H" is for Hor d'eouvres.

What Next?

All your peers on HubPages and anyone else you know gets to read the chosen 10 Hubs and vote on which one they like best. Then the top 5 are chosen and appear in the weekly HubPages Newsletter. This, in turn, increases traffic to your Hub, increases readership and increases your fan base.

So the idea is to promote your Hub. Tell everyone you know to vote for you.

So please go to the following link and vote for your favorite Hub.

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