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If a major company like Saatchi & Saatchiwere to be approached by a company and asked to advertise that company, there is very little chance that they would either be expected to provide their services free of charge, nor would the advertising agency turn around and not charge them. 

There would be a deal struck that would revolve around a service which would be to direct customers. 

So lets break that down a little.

The customer

First let us look at a customer.  A customer wants to find some information or a product, probably a product in terms of a bricks and mortar store.  They aren’t quite sure where to find it.  Perhaps it goes one step earlier, perhaps they have a need, a problem may be and don’t know how to solve it.  Then they see a board with an ad on it.  I have noticed that it is very unlikely that a person who is NOT looking for a product will be enticed to explore a product unless they already have a need for it.  For example I am about to turn 40, and my wife noticed the other day that I have a slight puffiness around my eye.  It may be a skin problem, or it might just be that I am getting old.  It’s amazing how I have suddenly started to notice the number of eye products on the market for men who want to relieve aging eyes! 

So need and ad work together.

The company

Secondly we have a company who is making a product.  In my case it is actually an eye balm manufacturer.  Having done some extensive research they have been able to develop their product, but how do they make sure that they are as efficient as possible at getting the people who then have made the product to know about it?  Simple: advertising. 

But they don’t have lots of money to just tell EVERYONE about their product, it is far better to focus.  

Irish Cream?

Another example.  Just recently my wife took advantage of applying online for a sample bottle of a coffee flavoured Irish Cream.    And they sent one out!  Free.  Ahhh, but hang on, they were being clever, surely?  Only the people who actually wanted to try the drink would apply.  And those very people were the one’s who they wanted to sell the product to.  You already have what is called a warm contact, or a possible sale.

Will you, Won't you?

In the marketing industry very crudely there are three types of people.  The never-wills, the always-will, and the might-do’s.  Don’t bother with the never-wills, because they never will buy, and not matter how much you throw at them they won’t be interested.  Equally the always-wills will always buy your product, they actively search it out. It’s the might-do’s that you want to capture.  Those who have a need but haven’t decided either which brand or where to get it.

 To these folks the advertising agency steps in.  They determine who the might-do’s are.  They find them and they take that product and stick it in front of their noses and say ‘how about this?’ 

And they get paid for doing that.  They do research, they put colours on it, they put the right words together.  They even test that that will work before huge amounts of money are laid on the line to promote it!  About 40% goes into research and development, even in marketing.  

What this means for Mr Adsense man?

What does this all tell us?  Well as adsense marketers we are doing the same thing, or at least should be.  The only thing is, that we are not paid unless we do a good enough job.  We are paid according to our results.  We never meet the company who is wanting to be marketed, but we still have a responsibility to that company to do a good job for them by taking their product and sticking it in front of the people who are the might-do buyers. 

We do that by doing our research, and then using digital means (optimising) our webpages so that the right ad pops up on the page that will be useful to the company (who is our client) and so that we can act like the bill-board poster which is placed in the right place at the right time.  We have to do all that research.

Finally, the only way that we are going to help that company is to make sure that as representatives of that company, even though no contract has been drawn up, we are doing the best job we can.  That means using the right images, using the right words, and otherwise doing well for them. 

That will pay off, and though we will never meet them, they will pay us in terms of adsense revenue.

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