Hubpages: Secrets of the Maximum 100 Author Score

The Hallowed 100 Hubpages Author Rating

There is great concern amongst the Hubpages community about Hubber score. Many, many people have asked questions in the forums about it, how it is calculated, how to improve it, and particularly, how to achieve the hallowed 100 score. It seems to fluctuate for no apparent reason; it defies all logical analysis and explanation and also resists all attempts at manipulation.

What comprises a Hubber score is a mystery to us all. It is, you might say, as big a mystery as life itself. Well, the comparison is not exaggerated. You see, the truth is that your Hubber score is of far greater significance than you could possibly have imagined, and there are indeed mysterious, inexplicable forces at work.

Your Hubber score is not just an arbitrary number, nor an indicator of popularity, and certainly not a guide to writing quality. You have probably already remarked that some of the highest score Hubbers write some of the most dismal English prose imaginable. No the truth is, in fact, that your Hubber score is no more, no less than a direct indicator of your worth and the state of your evolution as a human being.

Yes, you see, the Hubgods at Hubpages central, operate under the direct control and guidance of the original Hubber, known only as “The One”; the creator of all things Hub. As a result, your Hubber score reacts to how you yourself are doing as a human being, that is, the quality of your Hub existence. If you are popular amongst your peers, create lots of Hublove, preach the Hubword wherever you go, work tirelessly and unselfishly to advance Hubworks then your progress will be swift and sure.

Hubscore and Your Hubolution Rating

So clearly, the 100 Hubber score individuals are far superior to the rest of us. If you look closely you will see that each of them has a little halo above their heads, and it is said that those who manage to consistently maintain a 100 score have in fact already ascended to Hub Heaven, but have decided to come back down to help us lesser mortals with our own personal ascension. They fulfil the same function as Bodhisattvas in the Buddhist faith, but are in fact known in the inner circle of Hubpages as “hubhisatvas”.

This is why 100 score Hubbers are always helpful and keen to give useful advice. They have agreed to assist the development of us lesser Hubbers so that we too might ascend into hub heaven. This is the sworn commitment of a 100 hubber score individual (or “hubhisatva”).

Many of the teachings of these great Hubber souls have been saved in the FAQs and archives of the Hubpages site. These wise words are collectively known as the “Book of Hub”, in reverence to the One Hub himself, the source and creator of Hubpages. You should consult these sacred texts frequently, and put into practice what they preach if you wish to accelerate your own personal evolution into hub heaven (this is known within the inner circle of Hubpages as your “hubolution”).

So to recap, your Hubber score is in fact your personal “hubolution” rating, and the closer you are to 100, the closer you are ascending into hub heaven. And remember that there are many “hubisatvas” here who are only too willing to help you advance along your path.

Be a good hubber, read and put into practice the sacred texts of the “Book of Hub”, spread lots of Hublove around, and your evolution will be rapid and painless. You might even become a hubisatva. At the rate that new Hubbers are joining the Hubpages community, we need as many as we can get!


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© 2009 sannyasinman

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NewYorker11 profile image

NewYorker11 2 years ago from New York

Haha, a funny and amusing article. I am a brand-new hubber, and my score just dropped in the first 5 minutes, for no apparent reason. Now I understand. Thank you, Sannyasinman!

Huntgoddess profile image

Huntgoddess 3 years ago from Midwest U.S.A.

ROFLMAO!!! Love it!!

Thanks so much. You made my day.

kjrzeek1 profile image

kjrzeek1 4 years ago from New Jersey, USA

Being new to Hubpages it is always nice to learn something. Thank you!

sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 5 years ago Author

Despite the secret knowledge revealed in this hub, I still can't manage to get above 95!

Lynn S. Murphy 5 years ago

LOL! loved it. one of these days i may just ace it.

2patricias profile image

2patricias 5 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

Love the humour here. Some days we score 100 - and some days (like today) we get not very nice comments about our bad grammar. I think that proves your point about high scoring hubbers sometimes producing 'dismal English prose'.

And can I explain how or why the 2Patricias sometimes get a high HubScore? About as much as I can explain why the sun shines. (How's my grammar now?)

odikngames profile image

odikngames 5 years ago

Great Hub, thanks!

Just About It profile image

Just About It 6 years ago from southern CA

Love it!

deldal profile image

deldal 6 years ago from Dallas, Texas

I came for elucidation and left with a smile on my face. Enjoyed your dedication to the written word.

isis_hopper profile image

isis_hopper 6 years ago from Philippines

I love your writing style too.

sannyasinman profile image

sannyasinman 6 years ago Author

chocofan - thanks for your comment. So glad you liked the hub.

Chocofan profile image

Chocofan 6 years ago from Beijing, China

Oh my gravy! I just had to go and have a look at your profile as I felt sure you must also be a Kiwi! Love your sense of humour!

As a complete newbie I was searching for an answer as to why the random numbers on my photo and my 'hub' - and well, now I know!

Thanks :)

jenniferhughs profile image

jenniferhughs 6 years ago

I keep aiming for hub heaven but not quite there yet. Fun reading, thanks.

2uesday profile image

2uesday 6 years ago from - on the web, I am 2uesday.

Enjoyed reading this, I like your writng style.

Gypsy Willow profile image

Gypsy Willow 6 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

I'm still a bit lost, why does my highest hub hover between 77 and 83? weird numbers.

Feline Prophet profile image

Feline Prophet 6 years ago from India

Hubisatva?!! Wonderful word. Alas, none of them are looking out for me...I've never reached anywhere near that hallowed score!

daytripeer 6 years ago

This actually makes sense now, but alas, I like my friends in low places and I always fit in better at the bottom. :-)

itakins profile image

itakins 6 years ago from Irl


I was ascending-I was beginning to see that most elusive of lights-and then-snatched by the heels from the(Homeric!) rapture-I have fallen abysmally-woe is me!

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