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I am making money

I see many articles written on Hubpages earnings and traffic. I am surprised to see that people who have been on here for a lengthy amount of time, or have over a hundred hubs are making so little money and receiving such a small amount of traffic.

Hubpages seems to be working well for me so far. Although it took time to get to where I am, keep in mind that I only have 22 hubs published. The screenshots below are what I am currently dealing with.

How I am generating traffic

I think content is extremely important. What are people searching for? I saw a hub one time entitled, "How to open a door". No offense to the writer, it was actually a very well written article. My point is, how many people are really going to do a Google search for that?

Another way I generate traffic, is links in my articles. Lots of links. I push links back to my other hubs, as well as other hubbers hubs that are relevant to my article. I also make sure all of those links contain my referral tracking code. You can see an example HERE of one of my hubs that contain plenty of links. I try to keep most of them at the end of the article.

I try to use everything

I use links, referral tracking, Ebay capsule, rss feeds. All of this helps. I have never really seen anything about amazon that has helped, buy maybe it is working for other people. I like the Ebay ads since it adds a little to your over-all earnings. Notice below that the Ebay is not alot of sales for as many page views as there are, but it does help a bit.

It's fun

I really enjoy writing hubs and plan to write many more. I am confident that the traffic and revenue will continue to rise as I do so.

I hope this is an inspiration to new hubbers as well because it really does take time before your hubs start to generate traffic.

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robhampton profile image

robhampton 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida Author

Thanks Christy. I am hoping to become the next "dot com billionaire" soon. lol Seriously, thank you for the comment.

ChristyWrites profile image

ChristyWrites 4 years ago from British Columbia, Canada

Good for you Rob, you are doing well!

Karen Hellier profile image

Karen Hellier 4 years ago from Georgia


Well, thanks so much for the encouraging comments. I am very motivated because I would really like online writing to become my future career. I recently left my regular job so I can be available to go with my husband when he travels for work. I can bring my computer with us if this works out and continue to write from anywhere in the world. I don't think I would be this motivated if it wasn't for love!!!

TomRy profile image

TomRy 4 years ago from USA

That's great. Give me motivation to write more.

robhampton profile image

robhampton 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, Florida Author

Karen, I looked at your page, wow! looks like you will do very well on Hubpages. I was not nearly that far ahead of the game in my first 5 months. An early "congrats" for your future success!

Karen Hellier profile image

Karen Hellier 4 years ago from Georgia

Very good hub. I have been on Hub Pages for 5 months and while I am happy with my earnings progress so far, you are doing a lot better than I am. I need to go brush up on things like rss feed and referral tracking. Thanks for these great tips. Voted up, interesting and useful.

NateB11 profile image

NateB11 4 years ago from California, United States of America

Good tips! I've been thinking about using more links, looks like they're beneficial!

tipstoretireearly profile image

tipstoretireearly 4 years ago from New York

Thanks for explaining your tips for success on Hubpages. Interesting!

supermom_in_ny profile image

supermom_in_ny 4 years ago from NY

Congrats on your earnings! I enjoyed reading your hub. You have chosen the right topics to generate search engine traffic. Shared, voted up and useful! ;)

Millionaire Tips profile image

Millionaire Tips 4 years ago from USA

Congratulations on your success here. Those are really good earnings.

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