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I call home a little beach town in Southern California, and the overabundance of good food and solid nightlife there has given birth to a new concept in the restaurant for Iphone industry, the dedicated application for a single restaurant, courtesy of the guys at

I have two of their applications, The "Brixton Bar and Live Music"app and the "Pinkie's BBQ" (one of my favorite places to ruin a perfectly clean shirt) app. Both are superb little apps.

Now (granted) some may call this kind of specialized restaurant for Iphone application design a little obsessive, but remember what I said about food being an obsession? The Menusgomobile guys are great at website marketing as well, they know hoe to get the word out

For my money, apps work great and they keep me updated on specials being offered at two of my favorite little holes in the wall in the south bay area. Ease of use is fantastic and each app has of all the features you would expect from a specialized restaurant iphone tool.

Here's to hoping that starts expanding their business and I can get an update on my favorite Montreal Smoked Meat shop in Eastern Canada.

Sated...Thank You Restaurant for Iphone Apps

I've been all over a large portion of this lovely little green globe...and I've eaten a lot of meals, some were good, others...not so much.

I've eaten at legendary Jewish delis in Virginia Beach, partaken in not of this earth BBQ'ed spare ribs in the deepest recess of the Southern United States, been on a mission for the best Kebab in Brisbane, and had some of the most amazing smoked ham in a Spanish dump in Madrid that I wouldn't have otherwise thrown water on if it were on fire...all thanks to some good advice from my little restaurant for iphone buddies.

I owe the vast majority of my exquisite and savory exploratory experiences eating in foreign lands to the handy restaurant for iphone apps that I carry around in my pocket like a little magic book that knows just what I want, when I want it; and for that I will always be eternally blessed.

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Winsome profile image

Winsome 5 years ago from Southern California by way of Texas

Sounds like a handy little app. Nothing makes a part of the world come alive to you like a great restaurant experience. Thanks for the introduction. =:)

zapragartiast profile image

zapragartiast 3 years ago from Bandung, Indonesia

Is this app provide the largest restaurant in the world?

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