Reviewing The Performance of Your Pages

Reviewing the performance of your pages is one of the most important things to do. It becomes more important if the performance of your pages is not satisfactory.

You do not write just for expressing yourself, but for getting a huge readership. When you review the performance of your pages, you get to know which pages of yours are popular, and the performance of which pages is poor. Then you can find the reasons behind poor performance and can take necessary steps to improve the performance.

Where to Check Performance?

Checking the performance of your pages is easy, but it takes a lot of time.

The first step is to check the statistics of your pages.

To check the statistics, you can use statistics available from Hubpages at:

1. My Account > Statistics

2. My Account > Traffic Sources

3. My Profile> Stats

4. Hub> Stats

5. Google Analytics at My Account>Earnings>Google Analytics

Statistics at Your Account

You will see the list of all your Hubs, with the details like Hub score, Number of comments, page views for 1 day, one week, one month and forever, Slide Show Views and in the last column, the date of publishing.

What to check here?

Overall performance of the Hubs. Note the non-performing Hubs

Traffic Sources Statistics

Traffic Sources Statistics at My Account > Traffic Sources shows you where from the visitors came to your Hubs, and the percentage of visitors from the sources.

Statistics at Your Profile

Here you will see a graph of view per day right from start of your writing on Hubpages.

What to Check?

Graph. Is it ascending?

Individual Hub stats
Individual Hub stats

Individual Hub Stats

When you are logged in your Hubpages account and open any page, you will find a tool bar at the top. Click on Stats Button, and you will see the stats of that specific Hub. Also a Graph.

What to check?

Check the traffic sources. Which sources are sending more visitors and which are sending less? You can also find which keywords were used by the visitors to reach that Hub to search engines.

Also check the Hub Graph.

Google Analytics

Have you activated Google Analytics for your Hubs? It gives you a lot of data on the performance of you pages.

Steps to be Taken

Now, you have to study all these statistics. By studying all this, you will learn how some Hubs are performing well and others are not. Compare both types of the Hubs and try to find out the reasons. Then take necessary steps to make changes in non-performing Hubs.

Please read my other Hubs on related subjects which are helpful to improve the performance of your Hubpages.

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Darja1981 3 years ago

I will check my statistics right now.

jainismus profile image

jainismus 4 years ago from Pune, India Author


Thank you for reading this Hub and commenting on it.

mljdgulley354 profile image

mljdgulley354 4 years ago

My daughter was just telling me how to do the stats last night. This is great information.THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

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