Should I Be Offended No One Is Copying My Hubs All Over The Internet?

As most of you know, I have been a member of HubPages since 2006 and have a gazillion hubs (most of which were flagged for infractions of the new duplication, too promotional, we just don’t want THAT, and every other policy that has come into effect). As I acknowledged at the time, I completely understand and hold no grudge against HubPages as they strive to morph into the latest and greatest version of HubPages. So while it disturbs me a bit about some of my hubs being unpublished what bothers me more is reading other Hubbers write that they are having their stuff copied all over the Internet. Really?!? Another team I didn’t get chosen for? Ugh! Should I Be Offended No One Is Copying My Hubs All Over The Internet?

I’ll admit that the hubs that are probably being copied “all over the Internet” are probably more useful than mine. These are the hubs about how to grow a healthy child (or plant) or about doing something technical that you should probably have an expert handle for you but if you’re going to go ahead and try there’s an electrician who has always wanted to write who is going to break down for you how to completely re-wire your house without electrocuting the cat or something like that. My hubs have run the gamut from wondering what the woman in front of me was thinking by wearing that outfit to the reasons why I could never be a male prostitute. Probably not the kind of content people are looking for “all over the Internet” or to plagiarize for that Masters thesis they’re writing. Still, I’m a sensitive soul, I’m a little offended.

It’s not to say that my hubs don’t get viewed, in fact they get viewed quite often. For example, the one I wrote about Gay Baby Names gets viewed a lot, so does one I did exposing another gay myth – public restrooms not so hot. Still, I haven’t seen them republished “all over the Internet” like some of my fellow hubbers and it feels like a club I’d like to belong to but don’t meet the criteria for or something.

I knew when I started writing that I wanted to make people laugh and/or rile them up. I knew I would never make it to “celeb” hubber status because I wasn’t writing about celebrities or the intricacies of the financial ruin of Western Civilization. As one “fan” wrote to me (Guru-C whom I just adore) Scott, If laughter is the best medicine, then you are the best Jewish doctor I know. The first time I found you, I laughed so hard, the table shook, and often when I'm reading your prolific pages, my husband sees me giggling and nods knowingly, "It's your doctor". Wishing you blessings. High praise indeed and I’m so thankful for those who read me on a regular basis here as well as on my website.

So just a small request to those of you who seem to better than Sherlock Holmes about finding copied content “all over the Internet” (this includes you, Hub Police)! If you find something of mine somewhere “all over the Internet”, please let me know. I don’t want to sue anyone. I’d just like to feel popular for a moment or two! Thanks!

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Paradise7 profile image

Paradise7 5 years ago from Upstate New York

Honey, if it makes you feel better, I'LL copy one of your hubs!!! Honestly, I've only had part of one of mine copied. I found it by accident (I was SO FLATTERED!) then it disappeared. Oh, well!

Look at it this way--that thrill is yet in store for you, to be plaguerized! (did I spell that right?)

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 5 years ago from Las Vegas Author

Paradise7 - HA!!! Thanks for the support and here's hoping I see myself copied (see how I got out of spelling plagiarism)!!!

Earth Angel profile image

Earth Angel 5 years ago

Hey Big Fellah!

So good to see you drop by HP and grace us with your presence and presents! Miss your humor! Things have been a bit dry around here since Giant Amazon drew their line in the California sand!

The only reason you are not being plagiarized is because your writing style is so distinct; no one would get away with it! Plus, you have that not-so-secret husband of yours that would put them in their place if they even tried!

Personally, I think you should start a business for all Hubbers with California addresses who were axed and need a new Nevada location! ;-)

Have you read some of the threads in the HP Forums that tout Las Vegas as the answer to all California/Amazon trials?!!

Haven't been over to Jack and Jill since they sent out all those emails apologizing for all their glitches! Hope things have smoothed out! That's where you may find all you Hubs being plagiarized! And you may find you are the most popular of all!

I send you all the best always, Earth Angel!

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 5 years ago from Las Vegas Author

EA - So I must be COMPLETELY out of the loop (no surprise there) about the CA Hubbers and all the trials and tribulations.

Thanks for the whole "writing style is so distinct" it built up my confidence today!!

Jacks and Jills is definitely a work in progress but they are on the cusp of something so fantastic that I'd be killed if I told you. I will let you know when the new and improved version comes on board. And as far as them stealing anything from me, they've asked and asked for original content too so no worries there. You may want to click over there at some point and see the "road trip" preview that is up - it's my best gal pal's and my answer to the Oprah/Gayle road trip!! Just a sneak peek but fun - so check it out and let me know your thoughts.

As always, thanks for reading and loving!!

feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago

Hello, somelikeitscott,

What about my predicament?

I blogged on a network similar to this one from about 2001 to 2009. And not only are many of the blogs I posted on that site copied all over the internet, they're ridiculed and ripped apart all over the internet ;-)

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 5 years ago from Las Vegas Author

feenix - Ha! I LOVE when people tell me how wrong/stupid/awful I am (usually spelled wrong)when they read my stuff. I say, just enjoy the people who write in at all. I call them the "Cheetoh's stained finger people!"

feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago


"Cheetohs stained finger people". I love it.

And why are most of the ones who spew attacks and insults poor spellers with atrocious grammar? Is it because they ate way too many lead-paint chips when they were toddlers?

somelikeitscott profile image

somelikeitscott 5 years ago from Las Vegas Author

feenix - could be the lead paint chips but I just think it's people who don't have the balls to confront people in their everyday lives so they hide behind screen names and spew their venom at people who write, like us. And I couldn't agree more - I did a whole video blog about how I never understand how the people who want to "wound" me with the word, "faggot" never seem to know how to spell it! You should see all the misspelled responses to the video - love it!!

feenix profile image

feenix 5 years ago


Oh, I've seen plenty of the great master pieces written by barely-literate ghetto-ites and hillbillies.

And if I had received a dollar every time some genius called me "niger", I would have a tidy little sum in the bank by now.

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