Some Stats and Thoughts on Hitting My 2 Year Anniversary on HubPages

Woke Up this Morning to My 2 Year Anniversary email from HubPages

I think I'm perhaps still half asleep, and didn't really feel excited when I saw my 2 year anniversary email from HubPages, but being still half asleep could be the main reason not to feel like celebrating. I mean a two year anniversary, or any anniversary, for that matter, is reason to celebrate, isn't it?

Perhaps I'll wake up more as I work myself further into this hub. Writing does that. Wakes one up. And I have coffee in front of me now too. Tony brought me coffee. Bless him. It's my second cup of coffee this morning, actually. Hm, wonder how many cups it will take to get me wide awake? Perhaps the writing will wake me up more.

Tony and I were up until after midnight last night, at the computers, working mostly. We were waiting for the boys to go to sleep. We didn't really want to go to sleep before them, for fear that they would stay up all night playing their computer games. Can't be good for them. They had a friend over for the afternoon and night, who'd brought his computer with him. They'd set themselves up at the diningroom table, I fed them, gave them snacks, and made sure they stayed hydrated, and off they went, playing computer games left right and centre. It's school vacation now, they did well at school last term, and they had a friend over, so I allowed it. I do think it's better than running around the streets looking for trouble, too. The three of them are 13, 14, and 14.

My boys' friend's father woke us this morning, by ringing the doorbell. He wasn't early; we were just still asleep, in bed. My folks were already up (we live in a part of their house, paying them rent) and of course the boys were up too, at their computers.

Ten minutes after my boys' friend left, my boys left too, with their father, for two nights. I'm divorced. And waking up a bit now. And finding my place.

Then it was log onto our computers, and find my 2 year anniversary email from HubPages.

So, shall we dive into the stats then? My coffee's finished.

This is my 68th hub, but it will seem like it's only my 65th hub, because I very recently removed 3 hubs from HubPages.

I was not invited to join the HubPages ad program when some other hubbers were, so joined it when we were all able to. I can't even remember when that was, or how soon after we were all able to join the HubPages ad program, that I did join it. Let me go and look quickly and see if I can see (when I joined it.)

Yes, I can see. By going to your "my account" and then "earnings" and then "earnings reports" and then selecting "all time" and submitting (beneath "choose report type and date") you can see when you first joined the HubPages ad program, and how much it has earned you in total. (scroll to the bottom of the list.)

I first joined the HubPages ad program on the 10th of May 2011, it even tells me it was a Tuesday. That was 14 months ago.

In those 14 months the HubPages ad program has earned me just under $80. Yes I had a payout and received a payout when I reached $50 in earnings. Well, about a month and a bit later.

Prior to 10 May 2011 I was using only the Adsense part of earning on HubPages, sometimes also adding some Amazon ads to my hubs. I haven't done much with Amazon, yet, so haven't really earned much from Amazon, or when I have earned something ($1 or so some months) I'm not sure if it's from HubPages or from my own sites.

So what are my Adsense earnings in two years?

Before joining the HubPages ad program: about $38 (in about ten months)

After joining the HubPages ad program: about $19 (in about 14 months)

Why do I say "about?" Is that where I put the question mark when using inverted commas? I'm not sure. I say "about" (ha ha no question mark there) because (oh gosh, it doesn't need a comma does it? Then where do I put the comma in "about?") Aaargh, another question mark!

I say "about" because I'm using a currency converter to see what the dollar amount is, because I get my money from Google Adsense in South African rands - and the currency converter tool I used today says this is what the dollar amount is today, but the currency exchange rate constantly changes, so if you read this in a month's time, the conversion may not be exactly the same, but close enough anyway to call it "about."

So what are my total HubPages earnings in 2 years?

About $80, plus about $38, plus about $19 = eish (South African slang for "yikes!"), where is the coffee or calculater now?

= about $137

Still on Stats but the previous Capsule was getting a bit long

The earnings part of my stats is pretty much done, so what else is there, when it comes to stats?

The number of hubs I have on HubPages (this is the 65th). Not many, and I know without a doubt that my HubPages earnings would have been more if:

  • I'd added more hubs;
  • I'd linked to them more, from each other and from outside sites;
  • I'd commented on other hubs more;
  • I'd paid a little more attention to SEO;
  • I'd shared other hubbers hubs more, both internally and from outside sites;
  • I'd referred more readers to HubPages (using my referral link);
  • I'd referred more new users to HubPages (using my referral link)

So why didn't I do more of the above?

The money I've earned on HubPages is just a bonus for being addicted to the site and its community, and for spending time on HubPages, and for being active on HubPages. It's too far off into the future for me to make a substantial amount on HubPages, as this will take much harder work and tons of time. I don't yet have that time.

Although I make more money from Adsense on some of my own sites, and more money from freelance work Tony and I do after having started doing freelance work working from home in early 2008 after Tony couldn't find a job (after a humiliating more than 100 job applications), we're still not making enough money to get our own car, our own place, get the kids into their own bedroom each, eat out more than 6 times a year, go away for a weekend, etc etc. Time spent on HubPages leaves less time for working on what already makes us more money, as we strive towards our goals.

More Stats

A little over 31 000 views so far

My most viewed hub, first published about 23 months ago. has received nearly 10 000 views. Out of my current 64 hubs (this one is no. 65) it's no. 32 on a list of which hubs have received the most comments.

My second most viewed hub, first published about 23 months ago, has received about 2 500 views.

My most commented on hub has received 91 comments (some of them mine), was published in mid April this year, 2012 (less than 3 months ago), and has received nearly 400 pageviews.

So far, I've had 55 people sign up and join HubPages after having gotten to the site by using my referral link. Together they have produced 73 hubs, which have received about 17 000 pageviews. I get the feeling some quit, while just a few produced a reasonable amount of hubs.

I've sent a little over 14 000 pageviews to HubPages, of any hub (not just my own), after people clicked my referral tracker.

So far this month, (6 and a half days) a link on my HubPages profile has sent 17 pageviews to my most profitable (from Adsense) own site. Last month (June 2012) that link on my HubPages profile sent 40 pageviews to this same site of mine, and it also received 18 pageviews from elsewhere on HubPages where I have a link to it. That site received a little over 27 000 pageviews in the month of June.

Do not be discouraged

My HubPages stats are only not so great because I haven't spent that much time on HubPages in the past two years. Many hubbers are doing really well on HubPages.

For now, for me, it's back to work. The day started out sunny (the bit I could see through sleepy eyes as I saw off my sons' friend, and then ten minutes later too, as I saw off my sons,) but while writing this, it turned overcast, and now it's raining.

I should feel more awake now, but instead I feel like crawling back into bed. I can't though, as work means money. Tony? Coffee please!

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Tony Flanigan profile image

Tony Flanigan 4 years ago from East London, South Africa

grmph.... coffee...?

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

Well, you brought it already - thank you, Tony :)

dwachira profile image

dwachira 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Stats gives us a hint of how we are performing in HP. Thanks that you shared this with us and congrats on your 2 years stay on Hubpages.

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

Great hub, it is interesting to see how other peoples stats add up!


newcalendar profile image

newcalendar 4 years ago

Thanks for this, I'm starting out and reading something like this helps me find where others have been going right and wrong with things. The one thing that is a constant confusion is backlinking for me, I'm still unsure how it works. Know of any articles that explain it well?

Millionaire Tips profile image

Millionaire Tips 4 years ago from USA

Good morning - congratulations on your two year anniversary. I wish you a bright future! Rain gives you an excuse to stay indoors and write more hubs!

bdegiulio profile image

bdegiulio 4 years ago from Massachusetts

Rise and shine Teresa. This was a great read. Congratulations of your 2 year HubPages anniversary. I always enjoy reading how others are doing. Keep on writing, you're doing great and we enjoy your Hubs. Have a great day. Bill

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

Thanks for the comments, all. @ newcalendar: a backlink is simply a link on another site that when clicked, takes the clicker to the site or page the link goes to. You want to leave links on other sites that go to your own sites or pages (or to your hubs on HubPages.) Obviously the more backlinks you have, the more there are to click, and the more visitors you can get to your own stuff. Another thing about backlinks is that if you leave your links on sites that have content that is related to your own content (your content on a site or page of yours that somebody clicking the link will be taken to), or if you leave links on sites that have high page rank themselves, and are good quality sites that get lots of their own traffic, your backlink counts a little more - it helps you get a better natural search result for the page you are linking to.

Backlinks can also be do follow links - these count more for the page that they are linking to than no follow links. Links are generally do follow if you don't do anything special with them, You generally MAKE them no-follow if for eg you have links on your site going to other peoples sites, and you do not want those links to be do follow links.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ bdegiulio - thanks, I'm up! :) Thanks for the compliments.

Daughter Of Maat profile image

Daughter Of Maat 4 years ago from Rural Central Florida

Oh I love rain! It actually inspires my writing. Guess it's a good thing I live in Florida where the rainy season is 6 months of the year lol

Congrats Teresa! This was an interesting read to say the least! I love reading about other people's results on HP. Had to share it.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ Daughter of Maat - thanks; I love rain too - makes me feel a little sleepy, though - I find it's great weather to curl up with a "blankie" and my man and our little dog and watch a dvd and eat unhealthy snacks and drink hot chocolate - thanks for the share!

newcalendar profile image

newcalendar 4 years ago

Wow thanks for the answer! That's exactly what I've been looking for!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ newcalendar - you're welcome; glad my answer was helpful!

rfmoran profile image

rfmoran 4 years ago from Long Island, New York

Thank you. Voted up and useful. Your list of the things you would have done more of is especially helpful to me, having only been here 4 months.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

Thanks, rfmoran - if you have enough time, please use that list!

ashish04joshi profile image

ashish04joshi 4 years ago from India

Congrats Teresa on such a feat...this is indeed a motivation for a newbie like me.

hawaiianodysseus profile image

hawaiianodysseus 4 years ago from Southeast Washington state

What I love most about this Hub, Teresa, is your willingness to be honest about all facets of your HubPages progress in two years' time. Personally, I find it more valuable to know about things one can do better or more of as well as things not to do when it comes to grinding it out for the long term on HP. The success stories we see on the HP home page are wonderful, but they all seem to lack the personal challenges each of those premier members encountered along the way. I truly believe that you and Tony are like maybe a year or so away from being on that home page because: 1) You have the tech savvy; 2) you have unique voices that attract an eclectic fan base; and 3) you love each other, life in general, and interesting people and places passionately. Personally, as much as I admire and am in awe of those diligent Hubbers on the home page, I'd like to see some new faces up there. So I'll commit, along with you and Tony, to strive to make a difference in this community so that we can someday make it to the top! Best wishes and blessings to you and Tony and to all the other struggling, aspiring, and talented people in the HubPages community who are doing their very best! Congratulations on reaching your 2-year milestone on this--yes!--very addicting site!

Voted up, useful, awesome, and interesting!

Thundermama profile image

Thundermama 4 years ago from Canada

Really interesting hub and lovely conversational writing style. Thanks for sharing.

Paul Kuehn profile image

Paul Kuehn 4 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand


This is a very interesting and useful hub and I really appreciate your transparency. I've been on hubpages now for 15 months with a total of 91 published hubs. I've been getting more views lately with a total of 37K. My total earnings haven't been as high as yours. I was really on a roll with increasing earnings during the period April-June, but July has been very bad and I've taken a step backward with my CPM dropping drastically with increased number of views. Thanks for sharing three of my hubs. Voted up and sharing.

josh3418 profile image

josh3418 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

Thanks for the tips Teresa! I will be paying more attention to the list of what you wanted to do more of. I know what you mean about the time factor. You are not alone in that boat, in fact the boat is sinking because there are too many people in it. :) Great hub and congrats on your second year of hubbing, what an awesome milestone!

elle64 profile image

elle64 4 years ago from Scandinavia

Good hub- soory about the divorce, and keep writing, things will get better. Love and light. E

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ ashish04joshi - thanks; glad you found it motivating - and welcome to HubPages - 17 hubs in 4 weeks is good going - well done!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ hawaiianodysseus - wow, thanks for you long comment, and your very sweet words. Tony and I are really blessed to "know" you through HubPages. Our aspirations to succeed, financially, do not really include doing it via HubPages, but with people like you in the community of HubPages, HubPages will always be a part of our striving towards our goals. We wish the same for you.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ Thundermama - thanks for commenting and commenting and on my conversational style of writing. I find if I just put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and write as I go along, I write somewhat like I speak (especially when still half asleep!) - I appreciate that you commented on my conversational style of writing as sometimes (when speaking for eg, but I'm now saying my writing is much like my speaking) I feel I tend to go on and on, taking too long to get to the point, and worry it may bore people. But at the same time, it also means I can take one little idea that could sort of be covered in just 150 words, and I can turn it into a fairly readable 600 or more words - so perhaps I should stop worrying about how I speak or write, as this helps me write longer hubs or articles!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ Paul Kuehn - thanks for sharing your own stats with us in your comment on this hub. 37k hub views in 15 months is so much better than my 31k in 24 months - but, yes, you have more hubs than I do, and I would expect your views to be somewhat more. July is also not being kind to me - my overall Adsense earnings (from all my sites or place online through which I earn from Adsense) has also taken a knock. It is a little worrying. With all the P's at the start of Panda and Penguin, I wonder if we're not now being aimed at with quills from a Porcupine! (I know porcupines don't actually aim their quills - but it feels like it.)

Patkay profile image

Patkay 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Happy 2nd anniversary and thanks for the statistics. It is a good way to encourage others. Wishing you the best in your writing. Keep the hubs coming and the dollar will keep rolling.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ josh3418 - thanks for the comment and I like your mentioning of a boat - besides a boat being heavy with people, we can also look at it like we're all in the same boat together. We could all help each other - if we each lost some weight, or blew up a balloon, (or did both) to make the boat lighter, and helped each other do so, the boat would still have the same amount of people in it, but it would be lighter. (yeah, I'm kinda crazy, but it helps!) :)

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ elle64 - thanks, and love and light wishes for you too! The divorce was nearly 5 years ago, and it was a good move, so don't be sorry, but thanks for your thoughts and encouragement :)

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ Patkay - ah, thanks, Pat - always like to see you popping in at my hubs - I do hope the hub is encouraging to many, so thanks! And thanks for your encouragement to me too.

josh3418 profile image

josh3418 4 years ago from Pennsylvania


Yes the beauty of that analogy is that it can go both ways! Great observation, not crazy at all! We are a team! Keep up the great work here on HubPages!

Brett.Tesol profile image

Brett.Tesol 4 years ago from Thailand

I enjoyed this, as I liked the way that you just let your thoughts (and a little confusion) spill out onto the page ... a fun read.

Congrats on reaching two years! I'm not there yet, but not too far to go.

Thanks for SHARING, up, funny and interesting.

Lauryallan profile image

Lauryallan 4 years ago

Hey Teresa, congrats on the 2 yrs at HP.

I really liked this hub and it shows the truth about HP and how it;s not as simple as apple pie.

forlanda profile image

forlanda 4 years ago from US of A

Thanks for sharing your stats. It's good to know how others are doing in terms of effort and outcome.

rajan jolly profile image

rajan jolly 4 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar,INDIA.

Teresa congrats for completing 2 years on hubpages. Nice that some people like you share your stats which helps other realize that all the hard work does pay. Nice to read your points of view too.

Thanks for sharing. Voted up, useful and interesting. I wish there was a motivational button too, for hubs like yours.

Melis Ann profile image

Melis Ann 4 years ago from Mom On A Health Hunt

I found your hub interesting to read from top to bottom as the info you promised in the title was wonderfully surrounded by a personal picture of your day. You really created a picture in my mind! Good luck and congrats on the 2 years!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ Brett Tesol: "spill out onto the page." I like that. Thanks!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ Lauryallan; yep, not as simple as apple pie, and when I don't even know how to make apple pie, I'd say it's far from simple to get things to work out for oneself, on HubPages, or elsewhere. But if you don't even go out and buy the ingredients, you're gonna get nowhere...

Thanks for the comment!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

You're welome, forlanda; I too like to see the stats of other hubbers. Thanks for commenting.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

ah, rajan jolly, thank you for your lovely comment; your kinds words!

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ Melis Ann - enjoyed sharing my day with readers :) Thanks for your comment!

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 4 years ago from US

There is a close race on two of my hubs for 15,000. Very unlikely ones that I don't particularly like and one I rarely get comments. lol

I have made 0. I know you have worked at it, hope you turn more bucks this year.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

Thanks, Polly - I too hope I earn more bucks this year - I'm working on improving earnings elsewhere though, not so much on HubPages - Too much work to get my earnings up considerably on HubPages, and will take too long. That time can be better spent on improving what already works better for me, or even trying out new avenues of income. I enjoy HubPages though, so I'm sure that before I know it I will have been on HubPages for 4 years, and not just two. Thanks for the comment and for popping in.

billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

I'm late to the party so congratulations on two years. Great hub! I enjoy reading reflections from those who have been here.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

Thanks billybuc - it seemed to go so fast - I think you'll be there before you know it too!

Doodlehead profile image

Doodlehead 4 years ago from Northern California

You have become my favorite hubber. I don't know why, but I can guess. Your style is clear, you are down-to earth, and you write about your real life.

I am also very interested in South Africa, and investigated moving there, but since I am learning that there are killings going on, that frightens me.

carol7777 profile image

carol7777 4 years ago from Arizona

I think we are all interested in each other's hubs and how they are succeeding...Makes for hopeful reading. Thanks for sharing all this great information.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ Doodlehead - thank you - sorry, it appears to be at least 4 weeks since last I checked comments or was active on HubPages - and there you go and say I've become your favorite hubber and I take 4 weeks before I allow your comment through - apologies! I certainly can't mind if I'm no longer your favorite hubber, lol!

As for the crime in South Africa, yes, it's quite high, but I think every country has its problems, and South Africa is beautiful, is not always dangerous, and I so far don't want to live anywhere else.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa Author

@ carolzzzz - thanks for the visit and comment - it's great that people always have at least hope, and I hope my hubs give people hope.

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