Starting my Hubpages Challenge Again

Going HARD !

I have started my hubpages challenge again, I did start it and I had so many things going on that I couldn't get it done. I did about 30 articles I think. I am going to continue where I left off and do the rest of the articles in the next 30 days. I am not stopping this time, I have so much to get done this year and I am not stopping with it. I have to do it! There is no excuse, it is hard I know, but it is something I just have to do. I always like setting myself challenges and goals, and I don't like failing. I know a few people who have done the challenge and managed to get through it, so this time I have a plan. I am going to stick to that plan. I also have a new Youtube channel and I am going to be holding myself accountable for everything I do, and don't do. So, if you want to follow me at my Youtube channel then go here

I will also be documenting my journey on my writing blog writing hustler there is so much to get done that there is no excuse for sitting around and doing nothing all day. It is work work work, sometimes no sleep. But, hey that is how it has to be if you want to make it in life. So, here we go! Work mode!

I will be interested in speaking to anyone who has completed the challenge because even though I have not managed to complete it I am still seeing some good earnings from my hubpages. So, I know that when I do complete it I am no doubt going to see a substantial increase in my earnings. Especially if I write good quality content and promote it well.

So, I am wondering if anyone can tell me, what is the key to becoming successful on Hubpages? On any revenue share site for that matter? I have experienced some success with my Triond articles. If you are not signed up to Triond, I would strongly suggest you do sign up because it is pretty good too. Anyway, that is another article.

Thank you for reading and do stay tuned because I am going to be writing a lot of articles. I am also going to be uploading a lot of videos as well.

Oh, and for daily inspiration go here to Intrigue Media Groups self help site

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livingpah2004 profile image

livingpah2004 4 years ago from USA

Great work ethics! That`s how you achieve success. Keep it up.

intriguewriter profile image

intriguewriter 4 years ago from worldwide Author

Thank you for stopping by! Keep the faith and keep working hard. Nothing is impossible.

Edina Jackson

Intrigue Media Group

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