HubPages Subdomain Change Followed by a Traffic BOOM


I remember joining HubPages back in late December 2010, having the aspirations of making buckets of money. My head was full of thoughts and topics that I wanted to put to paper and I assumed I could make heaps of money from any idea. I was a little naïve and didn’t know a thing about SEO, Traffic, Competition or if my article ideas were even worth the thought I gave them.

I made my first two Hubs, published them, and waited for the Hubber’s responses, traffic and for my bleeping ads to be clicked! I waited patiently for nearly a month, adding another Hub or two, until I finally got my first click! I remember it was E0.28 and although I originally thought I would have made countless more than this, I was actually very happy and excited. I think this was the point I realised that money just doesn’t fall in my pockets for nothing and that good things, however small, have to wait.

All of us here on HubPages, since before February 2011, have noticed the effects of Google Panda on our traffic, Adsense income and other income. Some of us here have had up to 85% of our traffic wiped out along with vast amounts of our Adsense income, I was one of those unlucky Hubbers, but my recent change to Subdomain has helped a lot, at least for now. Below I will outline my traffic and Adsense fluctuations and changes throughout my journey on HubPages.

January 2011

In January 2011, the page views boomed, in comparison to December’s page views. I know I only joined about week before the end of December but even compared to that week of December, my page views for January were a lot higher at about 1702 per month, compared to Decembers 30 page views.

I also had a 4000% increase in Adsense Earnings, which correlates with the increase in Traffic.

  • Traffic: 1,702 per month
  • AdSense: USD 11.33

February 2011 (Google Panda Release)

In February 2011, Traffic was down by about 8% but this didn’t affect my Adsense earnings which increase by 154%, compared to last month.

Here comes the Panda! On Thursday February 24, Google released a new algorithm, termed “Google Panda”, known as “The Farmer Update”, which had a major impact on article farms, hence the name, such as HubPages, eHow, and so on. Traffic began to drop dramatically, even down to 85% in some case, as well as Adsense and other earnings correlating to that 85% loss in traffic.

  • Traffic: 1,570 per month
  • AdSense: USD 17.43


March 2011

By this point I had been publishing many more articles, but unfortunately, Google Panda was manifesting and traffic had decreased by about 6% along with a massive drop of Adsense earnings by 40%.

  • Traffic: 1,472 per month
  • AdSense: USD 7.03

April 2011

Google Panda hit hard this month, with traffic down by 25% and Adsense earnings down by a whopping 26% in comparison to last month. These decreases in traffic and earnings occurred regardless on more article being published this month.

  • Traffic: 1,100 per month
  • AdSense: USD 1.85

May 2011

Due to the release of more articles, May had a traffic increase of 8%, compared to last month and a 162% increase in Adsense earnings.

  • Traffic: 1,191 per month
  • AdSense: USD 4.86

June 2011

Again in June, with more articles being published the traffic increased by 21%, but unfortunately Adsense decreases by 37%.

  • Traffic: 1,447 per month
  • AdSense: USD 3.04

July 2011 (Change to Subdomain)

Late July I made the change to the HubPages Subdomain and this was the best action ever. Overall for the month of July traffic was up by 30%, compared to last month and Adsense earnings were up by 116%.

  • Traffic: 1,895 per month
  • AdSense: USD 6.58


August 2011 (Huge Traffic and Adsense Increase)

August is when the subdomain change really took effect and traffic increased significantly as well as Adsense earnings! By the end of August, traffic was up by a massive 434% as can be seen in the graph below as well as Adsense earning which increased dramatically by 310%.

  • Traffic: 10,211 per month
  • AdSense: USD 26.96

Overall verdict of the HubPage change to Subdomain

The most ideal thing to do would have been for Google to remove Google Panda, this would have made most of our traffic boom exponentially along with Adsense earnings.

Obviously this hasn’t happened and may not happen ever, but HubPage’s way around this by giving us our own subdomain did help a lot as can be seen with many people's increase in traffic and earnings this month, as well as mine.

The traffic and earnings increase would be a lot higher if Google Panda was eliminated, but for now the change to subdomain is our best bet and will have to suffice.

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Suramya.K 5 years ago

This hub is an inspiration, rather than a traffic-revenue report. I also saw huge increase in revenue and traffic after the sub-domain change. Hope we can maintain it and keep it steady.


Iontach profile image

Iontach 5 years ago Author

Hey Suramya.K! Thanks so much for your lovely comment.

I sincerely hope we can maintain this too, fingers crossed. Funnily enough, I think i may have jinxed my luck as my traffic just took a major blow today! I need to unjinx what I've just done.



Barbara Kay profile image

Barbara Kay 5 years ago from USA

My traffic has had a similar pattern to yours. My earnings have zoomed this month. I hope it stays this way and then Hubpages will be seeing me write a lot more articles then I have been.

Don't worry, your traffic will rise after today. There are so many factors that effect page views.

Iontach profile image

Iontach 5 years ago Author

Hello Barbara,

Thank you for your comment :)

I'm glad to hear your traffic is up this months, I really do hope it stays this way. And yes i sincerely hope my traffic does rise after today, its a let down.



bjtutu profile image

bjtutu 5 years ago from Malaysia

I'm new to hubpage and I'm at similar situation at yours at the beginning, knowing nothing about SEO, how to transfer to subdomain etc. I'm still learning and hopefully going through some of the hubs will be able to help me out. I'm glad that you had outlined a full events happened to you. This is indeed a great hub especially for newbie like me. I don't have adsense account yet, but hopefully in future I'll get one and start earning like all the other hubbers. Cross my finger. Sincerely hope your traffic will keep on increasing for coming months.

Iontach profile image

Iontach 5 years ago Author

Hey Bjtutu! Thanks for the long comment. haha

Welcome to HubPages by the way, I'm sure you can see by now that it's a lot of fun.

If you're new to SEO you may want to check out the link I just posted here, in the comment. Plus I'm sure you have checked out Google Keyword Tool, that is great.

Yes I really did outline all my details, nothing's a secret now. lol

I really do hope you start earning soon. The key is keywords, topics that have a good amount of traffic and if your topics will have good, corresponding, Adsense Ads.

Best of luck!


ssat profile image

ssat 5 years ago

From nearly 2000 visitors to 10000 visitors per month !!! that's a huge change, I wish I could have that much traffic on my hubs.

Iontach profile image

Iontach 5 years ago Author

Hi Ssat,

Yes it seems great doesn't it! But honestly, right as I published this article, my views plummeted coincidentally. So no more 10,000 views a month for me anymore :(

Harry Santos profile image

Harry Santos 5 years ago from Metro Manila, Philippines

I don't understand at all. This is probably because we all got affected differently. I've been writing about how my traffic and especially my rankings got so impacted negatively by this whole subdomain change.

The only advantage I see is that we can now monitor our hubs using Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics. Other than that, I'm not so fond of the subdomain switch.

Iontach profile image

Iontach 5 years ago Author

Hi Harry! Thanks for your comment.

Yes we did all get affected differently, some good and some badly. As i keep mentioning in my comments here, my traffic disappeared, coincidentally, when I released this hub, so don't feel bad! I don't get that kind of traffic anymore.

We were able to use Google Analytics always. I've been using it since the start!



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