Adwords Secrets: How To Conquer The Formula And Make Adsense Work For You

You are the sales person for the company!
You are the sales person for the company!

A lot of people think that the secret to adwords is becoming an affiliate to adwords.  However this is a bit of a misnomer that we really should clear up.  I’ve seen the search results of what people are looking for!  The adwords secret is understanding what you are trying to do: and what you are trying to do is to become a representative of a company.  In short, you are their advertising specialist.

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Why an 'adwords affiliate' doesn't exist

There is no such things as an ‘adwords affiliate’ – nor is there likely to be. The reason why a person (that is someone with a product) would want an affiliate is because it is better in many cases to reward a whole army of advertisers with a substantial amount of profit to promote your product than it is to actually spend the money yourself.

Take me, for example. I have a little ebook floating around out there in cyberspace, and it contains a couple of links to an affiliated product. Now the normal game is that I am supposed to take someone’s affiliate link, lets say to a car ebook, and go and spend my time, money or both on promoting that ebook so that the ebook seller makes money, and in return for my time/money I get a wedge of the sale – typically 50-75%. Good money, but takes me effort.

So I came up with a bit of a wheeze of an idea. How about I create a product that I give away to a number of ebook publishers, and I allow them to sell it for whatever they want and keep 100% of the profit, as long as they don’t change any of the content. Not only that, but include the rights to that ebook so that the person who bought it can sell it on. And so on… You can see how in a very short space of time a number of people were selling my little book that took me about 6 hours to write. Cool huh?

Well not really. It meant that lots of people knew my name but I would have made no money, had I not taken the next step. I INCLUDED A LITTLE BIT OF AN AFFILIATE CODE IN THERE TO ANOTHER PRODUCT, which was almost completely unrelated! Oh yes I did. And you know what? Every couple of months or so someone goes to amazon and buys the suggestions in my ebook, or goes to clickbank and buys…and without any effort on my part that little ebook that took me just 6 hours of work makes me around £300 a year. Now that is cool! Because I don’t do any work for it and that ebook is going to be out there forever! Well, as long as the internet is, because I don’t own any of the websites… and some people are really promoting it big style.

Now I guess you could ask why didn’t I just put it up on clickbank in the first place? Well it costs money for a start. And I didn’t know how then. Perhaps if I did it again it would be a different prospect. But back to this whole adwords affiliate thing.

You wouldn’t be too far wrong with thinking that adwords is kind of like affiliate based. The people who buy adWORDS are those people who want to advertise their product. They go along to the adwords site, or to the google keyword tool, and find for themselves the best priced adwords that they can get traffic for. They are looking for advertising that will get them lots of traffic for only a few cents per click. The way it works is if their website pops up as an ad on someone else’s website and a potential customer clicks that ad, then they (the customer of adwords) pays that little click rate.

Why the Google adwords secret, then, isn’t very well hidden.

Ok, so what does the owner of the website where the ad popped up get? Ah, well they get a share of that click that was paid to Google – it is displayed as adsense! Google ‘senses’ what is on the page and displays appropriate ads to that page. Not really so much as an adwords secret is it? If you go and read about what adwords and adsense is at Google they will tell you it all, completely honest and open. I repeat, at risk of looking spammy, THERE ARE NO GOOGLE ADWORDS SECRETS! Please don’t go wasting your money on another ebook.

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