How Does Reddit Affect HubPages Views And Earnings?

How I Learned To Use Reddit

4 days ago, my page views were stagnating and, as a result, I was getting very little money from the HubPages Ad Program.

Then I discovered a website called Reddit. Reddit is basically a link-sharing site; anyone can sign up and post a link to anything they want very quickly and easily.

There is pros and cons to the site, which I will list below.


  • It is very quick and easy to sign up - you enter a username , a password, confirm your password and you're ready to go.
  • It gets you page views - If I look at my page views, I see that in the last 24 hours I have had 1,147 total page views. How many from Reddit? 761. Bearing in mind I only have around 20 hubs, I think 761 page views from a website in just 24 hours is quite good.


  • You can't post links too often - If you try and post a link to Reddit too soon after your last post, you will get a message saying "please wait 10 minuted before posting again. There is 2 ways to get aroung this:
  1. Get involved in the Reddit community. If you comment, rate and generally be active on the website then you will be allowed to post more often,
  2. Make multiple accounts. As I said, it is very quick to make a Reddit account, you don't even need to enter an email address. So you can make a new account whenever you want and post your hubs again. Obviously don't spam them. If you post 10 hubs in a minute people will start ignoring everything to do with hubpages,
  • It can be an unfriendly community - The Reddit community is completely different to the HubPage one; whereas in HubPages people are always friendly and willing to help out, in Reddit even the best hubs will get comments saying they're awful. You just have to ignore it and focus on the positive ones.


Personally I think the pros far outweigh the cons.

So, 66% of my page views have come from Reddit in the last 24 hours. One website, 2/3 of the views, more than Google and HubPages put together.

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What do you think of Reddit? 4 comments

Bedbugabscond profile image

Bedbugabscond 4 years ago from United States

I have the worst time trying to find the right subreddits for my inks. :(

Brupie profile image

Brupie 4 years ago

Yes, I think it is a great back link, my point is that if you want to maximize traffic, consider carefully where on Reddit you make your post.

jamiew12310 profile image

jamiew12310 4 years ago Author

Is Reddit an effevtive backlink do you think?

Brupie profile image

Brupie 4 years ago

It is important to understand what Reddit is and what it isn't. It is a big aggregator that members vote up or down, it is not just a back link. What this means is that the pool of posts is large and your post can disappear easily with little notice. The solution is to pay close attention to the sub-reddits. By choosing the category your Hub belongs in you can improve the impact of your post and get more bang for it.

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