The content writing millionaire!

Are there any content writing millionaires out there?

 This is the second time I am asking this question but I have always wondered, well since I started writing online is it possible to become a millionaire from writing online, for such sites as Triond, Xomba and Hub pages. There are so many sites out there that you can write for and earn from advertising revenue or from page views but, has anyone made a substantial income from it. When I say substantial income I mean millions or even a million, there must be at least one person who has managed to break this barrier. When I first joined Triond I was under the illusion I was going to become a millionaire after a few months, I thought all I needed to do was put a couple of articles up and watch the money roll in, I didn't actually realise that I had to promote the articles and generate my own traffic in order to earn. Even when I did start promoting and putting a bit more effort into it I still didn't see very much money. In my first month I made about $5 which I thought was terrible! Until it hit me I made that $5 from 2 articles that I did a minimal amount of promotion for. I realised that if I put in double the effort and added more quality content I could double if not triple this figure, and low and behold the next month I made $20. Still not much I thought but this just made think, well it at least it does work. At least I am actually making some money from it.

When it comes to making money from this whole online writing thing content must always be king, I have found my biggest earners on Triond have been ones that mention the word Triond in the title and throughout the article, and articles on health. I am still not a millionaire from it but I know that it is possible with very hard work. Today is my first day publishing something on Hub Pages, I have been so focused on Xomba and Triond that I almost forgot about it, I know that I can publish at least 10 articles a week on Hub pages alone, and 10 articles a week on Triond. Hmmm how much money could I make from that ? I wonder! I have been working really hard with my writing lately and in my head I am already a content writing millionaire, I am already spending the money. I have bought a house so far, 2 cars and have booked a round the world cruise for myself and my son.

I have been writing for so long, stuck in the realms of hard copy that I almost forgot about the online writing market. I know that earning money online takes alot of hard work and time and effort but, when I see people on Xomba earning $1000 a day from that site alone I realise that it is possible to make a substantial living from writing online.

Watch this space as I will be detailing my online writing adventures on a daily, weekly and monthly basis! Happy money making!

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